Agents of Mayhem: Xbox One X 4K Enhanced Upgrade mit 1440p und mehr Details als PlayStation 4 Pro mit nur 1080p

Image: Deep Silver

Agents of Mayhem auf der Xbox One X bietet nicht nur mehr Details, sondern auch die höhere Auflösung.

Die Xbox One X-Version von Agents of Mayhem erhält ein umfangreiches 4K Enhanced Upgrade und deutlich mehr Details als die PlayStation 4 Pro-Fassung des Spiels. Dabei wurden die Reflektionen und Grafikdetails aufgewertet. Außerdem löst das Spiel mit 1440p auf, während die PS4 Pro lediglich auf 1080p kommt.

Agents of Mayhem Patchnotes


  • All Agent vehicles are now equipped with a weapon that fires a circular shockwave, affecting nearby vehicles and people. It can be activated with: PS4 – Circle button, Xbox/PC gamepad – B button, PC keyboard – Q key.


  • PC: Agents of Mayhem now supports CPUs without SSE 4.1/4.2 such as the AMD Phenom and Phenom II. While the game should now run on these CPUs, they are below minimum requirements and we do not offer technical support.


  • There is now clearer audio/visual warning when the current agent is at low health. Squadmate icons also show low-health, so you can better decide which agent to swap to.
  • LEGION takebacks of Outposts no longer loses previously completed Relic Trading Companies or Gremlin Meetups.
  • A countdown timer on the map now shows when LEGION’s Outpost takeback offensive will start.
  • LEGION can now only retake a maximum of 3 outposts, always leaving at least one in player control.
  • The SQUAD menus now indicate unspent skill points via a green “+”, and new core upgrades via a core symbol. The DEPLOY menus indicate new skins via a shirt icon.
  • The contracts list now uses icons to show the different goal types. They are also now sorted by Agent name, so all contracts for an agent are grouped together.
  • Joule’s damage has gotten a buff
  • Agent-specific contracts now only require that agent to be in your current squad. You no longer have to be directly controlling that agent.
  • LEGION lieutenants that appear in the open world (Ariadne, Hammersmith, etc.) now drop fleurs when defeated so you can revive downed specialists after the fight.
  • The shard-finding upgrade now solely uses 2D map distance instead of taking altitude into account.
  • The maximum number of simultaneous Hate Machines in the open world has been reduced to 3
  • One of the random load-outs for the Pride Bot was borderline impossible to beat. Its stats have been reduced.
  • Moving platform elevators on MAYHEM controlled Outposts no longer need to be hacked again.
  • After loading into the Ark, the agent can move immediately, instead of having to wait for the current animation to finish.


  • Fixed long delays in mission conversations that could occur during driving objectives. This was most noticeable on the PlayStation 4.
  • Braddock’s agent vehicle is no longer set to the default after finishing her personal mission.
  • Fixed dialogue in Braddock’s personal mission that could repeat depending on how Hauser took damage.
  • Rama’s unlock mission now displays the “call vehicle” tutorial even if the Agent vehicle is already spawned.
  • Fixed possible infinite load screen when entering the VR section of Red Queen.
  • Objective icons for the Heaven Sent “Go to Planetarium” objective now work correctly if the marked mission vehicle is ignored.
  • Objective icon on Red Card’s vehicle is now correctly removed if his personal mission is aborted.
  • Opening the SQUAD menu during an Agent mission no longer has a chance to crash the game


  • Fixed pedestrian spawning issues that could cause them to suddenly appear out of nowhere
  • The hack icon for the Master Programmer Outpost can now be completed even if the boss fails to appear
  • Fixed the long delay between hacking the antenna at the first LEGION Outpost and getting the completion screen.
  • Hate Machine, Drop Pod Launcher, and Ice Barrage no longer silently clear LEGION alert level when destroyed.
  • The Gravity Dominator will no longer pick up vehicles that are important to other gameplay, such as the target of “destroy vehicle” or in Hollywood’s Personal mission.
  • Floating chests are now correctly aligned with the ground.


  • Failing a Wreck Room challenge while the mission briefing objective is displayed no longer hangs the game.
  • Fixed hangs caused by returning to the ARK in unusual circumstances, such as right before the entire squad dies.


  • Pausing right as a cutscene ends no longer hangs the game
  • Gremlin Tech status effects are now correctly applied to Joule’s turret when the “Haute Couture” elite tech is used.
  • Rama’s bow now behaves correctly if the menu is opened while the bow is in a drawn state.
  • Agent “arrival in Seoul” voice lines now correctly play after teleporting in to the city.
  • Poison Gas in LEGION lairs now renders correctly if you leave the room and then return (instead of being invisible and still causing damage.)


  • The “Hardcore Gamer” achievement can now be completed by replaying missions at difficulty 7+. You no longer need to be at that difficulty the first time through, and Agent missions are no longer counted towards the achievement.
  • The “Hello Ladies” achievement for unlocking all vehicles now works correctly on PC (previously fixed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in patch v1.04.)
  • Team skin achievements (e.g. “Three’s Company”) are awarded the first time the skins are equipped (instead of having to remove them, then put them on again).


  • The Relic Trading Company completion screen now reflects the additional income from the “Madigan Bank Investment Portfolio” agency upgrade.
  • Fixed various issues with “NEW” icons displaying incorrectly or not displaying at all.
  • The agent roster grid no longer overlaps other UI elements when more than 12 agents are unlocked.
  • When joining new connected contracts, the progress meter shows the correct completion percentage instead of always showing 0%.
  • Agent missions no longer have duplicate text in their descriptions on the map and mission log.
  • Added messaging if the target in “Acquire Vehicle” is destroyed or the captive in “Hostage Rescue” dies.
  • The messages after destroying LEGION Tracking Equipment no longer overlap.
  • Red “required kill” triangles now show on the city map
  • Gremlin Meetups after the initial tutorial visit now remind you to return later for more Gremlin Tech.
  • Fixed the Global Conflict timer being displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances
  • Onscreen text now reads “COMPLETE” instead of “TASK COMPLETE” when finishing an open world activity.
  • Usage of the new Agent vehicle shockwave weapon is now part of the tutorial for Heaven Sent: Down to Earth.
  • The Vehicle Bay and Squad Load-out screens now give info about where to find vehicle and Agent skins
  • Corrected the description of Intel on the Inventory screen in regards to how it is earned


  • Render particles are now at full screen resolution instead of half-resolution
  • Highest LOD of all meshes are used regardless of distance
  • Higher resolution shadow maps
  • Higher quality volumetric fog
  • Increased the maximum cap on spawned peds from 40 to 60


  • HDR Support (Already exists for PlayStation 4 and Pro)
  • Renders always at 1440p instead of 900p (hardware will scale up to 4k or down to 1080p depending on type of display)
  • Higher resolution cubemaps for enhanced reflections

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  1. de Maja 223569 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Bronze | 13.11.2017 - 16:04 Uhr

    Naja, ob das Spiel dadurch schöner wird.

    • ArkaVik6802 56045 XP Nachwuchsadmin 7+ | 13.11.2017 - 16:23 Uhr

      ich glaube, bei dem Spiel können die mit 8K kommen, ich würde es mir nicht holen. Ich finde das Spiel sowas von sinnlos, da lasse ich die Finger von.

  2. ChrisXP27 124155 XP Man-at-Arms Silber | 13.11.2017 - 16:06 Uhr

    Sehr gut. Werde mir das Spiel Aufjedenfall mal Gönnen wenn ich die Blockbuster Spiele durch habe.

  3. Testave 54120 XP Nachwuchsadmin 6+ | 13.11.2017 - 16:13 Uhr bald ?

    • Muldarn 37725 XP Bobby Car Rennfahrer | 13.11.2017 - 16:24 Uhr

      Ein Artikel mit den ganzen vergleichen würde reichen.

      • HungryVideoGameNerd 144310 XP Master-at-Arms Silber | 13.11.2017 - 17:09 Uhr

        NEIN! Allein aus trotz den ganzen medien und hater spackos schön jeden jeden titel einzeln vor die fresse knallen ?

  4. GehirnSirup 80365 XP Untouchable Star 1 | 13.11.2017 - 16:33 Uhr

    Da bin ich mal gespannt wie lange Sony sich das gefallen lässt das Microsoft die bessere Auflösung und mehr Details immer hat.

  5. Spongebuu 86745 XP Untouchable Star 3 | 13.11.2017 - 16:53 Uhr

    da haben die Devs wohl keinen Bock sich groß mit dynamischen Auflösungen oder tollem checkerboarding für die Pro abzugeben 😉

  6. Bibo1GerUk 21100 XP Nasenbohrer Level 1 | 13.11.2017 - 17:55 Uhr

    Und auf beiden Konsolen kaum Käufer 😀

  7. Commandant Che 77040 XP Tastenakrobat Level 3 | 13.11.2017 - 18:21 Uhr

    Da mir das Spiel überhaupt nicht gefallen hat, obwohl ich die Saints Row Reihe sehr sehr gerne gespielt habe(!), ist es für mich eher uninteressant und wie „de Maja“ frage ich mich, ob das das Spiel wirklich schöner macht.
    Die Grafik war ja schon sehr „durchwachsen“.

    • Ash2X 257690 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Silber | 13.11.2017 - 18:59 Uhr

      Ich denke wenn der Preis stimmt kann man über das Spiel diskutieren…ich denke da kann noch etwas gutes drin versteckt sein.Für nen Zwanni.