Apex Legends: Wattsons Zäune und mehr per Update geändert

Im Battle-Royale-Spiel Apex Legends wurden die Änderungen an den Elektrozäunen der Legende Wattson rückgängig gemacht.

Für Apex Legends wurde ein neues Update veröffentlicht, mit dem die Elektrozäune der Legende Wattson wieder die Spieler verlangsamen, wenn sie hindurch schreiten.

In der Arena wurden weiterhin Strafen für das Verlassen eines Matches eingeführt und die Beuteverteilung von Rucksäcken überarbeitet.

Auf der Xbox Series X ist das Update knapp 10 MB groß.

Alle Details zum neusten Update von Apex Legends verraten euch die Patch Notes.

Apex Legends – Patch Notes

10:00 AM PT Server + Client Patch:

  • Restored slow effect when players run into Wattson fences
  • Valkyrie changes:
    • Added a short input delay after using Valkyrie’s ult to prevent players from accidentally activating – then immediately canceling – their ult by accident
    • Fixed an exploit that let players record stats in the firing range while using Valkyrie
    • Fixed an edge case that allowed her ult to be activated shortly after using a jump pad
  • Arenas changes:
    • Penalties for abandoning games have been added to Arenas. This is similar to the abandon penalty applied in Ranked BR games. You only get the penalty if you were in a full squad when you left (this doesn’t apply if you were partied with the leaver – you’ll still get penalized in that case). This update will activate a warning for players who are about to leave a game in-progress. The associated penalties will follow shortly after.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to unlock upgrades without having enough materials to do so
    • Hop-up Upgrades for the Bocek bow are now as follows: Level 2: Shattercaps. Level 3: Deadeye’s Tempo.
    • Fixed various Arenas bugs and errors
  • Loot adjustments:
    • Adjusted the logic for loot items being spawned on the ground as opposed to being placed into loot bins. This should cause backpacks to spawn more evenly on the ground as opposed to being spawned almost exclusively in loot bins.
    • Slight increase in spawn rates for Level 2 Evo armor. The starter kit changes introduced in Season 9 had caused them to be lowered by more than expected.
    • Miscellaneous stability fixes.

Late Afternoon PT Playlist Update:

  • Re-enabling Valkyrie in the firing range
  • We’re temporarily increasing survival XP earned in Arenas. This is a placeholder fix to offset the fact that the buy phase currently isn’t being taken into account for „survival time“. In a future patch we’l adjust the survival time calculation to include the buy phase and return the survival XP earn rate to its previous level.

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  1. snickstick 235900 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Bronze | 25.05.2021 - 16:02 Uhr

    10 Mb für nen Update??? Bei Cod wären es mindesten 100GB gewesen 🙂 🙂 🙂


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