ARK: Survival Evolved: Update v772.11 auf Xbox One eingetroffen

Für ARK: Survival Evolved ist ab sofort das Update v772.11 auf der Xbox One verfügbar.

Das Open World Actionspiel ARK: Survival Evolved hat auf der Xbox One ein neues Update erhalten. Darin werden vorwiegend die Modelle einiger Dinosaurier im Bereich der Texturen und Animationen überarbeitet. Auch Balance-Änderungen wurden vorgenommen.

Patch Notes für ARK: Survival Evolved Update v772.11

Dino TLC – Argentavis!
– Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
– Can carry two creatures
Right Stick – grabs/releases creatures with beak
Main grab – grabs/releases creatures with claws
– Health regen buff from consuming corpses
– Saddle acts as a mobile crafting station
– Reduced the weight of various resources by up to 50% (Obsidian, Metal, Metal Ingot, Polymer, and Stone)

Dino TLC – Parasaur!
– Receives a sound tweak and some new abilities:
– Alarm mode
Can be put in turret mode and check for nearby threats
Notifies you audibly and visually when threats are present
– Scare small creatures
Right stick when ridden – scares away small/mid creatures
Toggle for alarm mode to have it automatically do it
– Scan
Can trigger a scan (secondary attack) when ridden
Scans for nearby threats
Notifies you visually when threats are present

Dino TLC – Raptor!
– Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
– Pounce
Secondary attack to pounce on a target
Pins small targets to ground for short period
Press Main attack to bite repeatedly
– Pack Buff
Activates with right stick when 2 Raptors (with a max pack size of 6) are together
Increases damage resistance
Increases movement speed
Increases attack speed
Lasts 15s

Dino TLC – Sarco!
– Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
– Idles with mouth open now
– Death roll
Grabs its target and rolls dealing damage and disabling them
– Lunge
Can lunge towards a target in front of it with right stick
– 180 attack
Can spin in place to attack foes behind it
– Walkable
Allows friendly humans to walk on and stand on its back
Useful in water, you can move them to surface and use as a raft
– Swimming depth
Maintains its current depth when swimming
Can lurk just below the surface
– Piranhas Flee
Piranhas flee when they encounter a Sarcosuchus
Includes nearby ally Sarcos for players

Dino TLC – Spino!
– Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
– Water buff
Given when in water
Bonus movement speed
Bonus turning radius
Bonus attack damage
Bonus healing
Persists for short period after leaving the water
– Added Biped/Quadruped toggled with secondary attack
Stronger attacks
Can turn in place
Faster movement speed
– Prefers prime fish for taming

Dino TLC – Trike!
– Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
– Ram
Charge up for short period
Longer it’s charged, the faster it goes
Cripples target when hit
Knocks small dinos away while charging (charge a group of dodos to see)
– Rivalry buff
Given buff when nearby to large carnivores
Increases damage output slightly
Decreases damage taken slightly
Increases health by 10%

– Enabled item transfers and the vanilla-version of aberrant creatures to be moved to Aberration servers. This means that you’ll be able to take over your regular Spino to an Aberration server.
– Ragnarok update
Streaming bounds fix to help with memory
Fixed multiple holes, bugged beacons, and floating foliage.
Better lighting around LL dungeon
Building within the Ragnarok Puzzle cave prevented.
– Hole fixes for
The Center
The Island
– Fixed an issue where Griffin feather colours appeared to be default in single player.
– Moschops is now rideable!
– Moschops harvesting effectiveness reduced by approximately 30%
– Fixed a PvE bug causing non-allied dinos to rapidly lose their food under specific circumstances
– Multiple fixes for Chick Hat placement
– Quetz c4 bomber exploit fixed
– Fixed Otter weight limit working properly
– Fixed Sarco not fitting through dino gates
– Players can no longer be handcuffed to toilets
– Corrected the glowtail egg weight
– Paracer Platform Saddle is now in Aberration Supply Crates
– Moschops dossier updated

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  1. Eisbaer803113 3515 XP Beginner Level 2 | 27.04.2018 - 14:39 Uhr

    Ich finde das Spiel Megaschrott. Vorallem Neulinge haben null Chancen, ständig wird man niedergemacht und am Anfang weiss man auch gar nicht was man überhaupt machen soll. Mir fehlt ein Tutorial.

    • -SIC- 55855 XP Nachwuchsadmin 7+ | 27.04.2018 - 18:24 Uhr

      Der Einstieg ist nicht ganz leicht, das ist aber eher genretypisch.
      Spiele ein paar Stunden allein, dann gehts schon.

  2. -SIC- 55855 XP Nachwuchsadmin 7+ | 27.04.2018 - 18:22 Uhr

    Lade gerade einen fast 30Gb großes Update runter, das wird es wohl sein.
    Hab jetzt ne ganze Weile wieder The Long Dark gespielt und fange jetzt wohl mal wieder mit Ark an.


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