Bless Unleashed: Neue Quests mit Frühlings-Update spielbar

Ladet euch das kostenlose Frühlings-Update herunter und spielt neue Quests im Online-Rollenspiel Bless Unleashed.

Bandai Namco Entertainment gab bekannt, dass das brandneue Frühlings-Update für Bless Unleashed jetzt live ist.

Mit dem neuesten Update können Spieler neue Episodenquests erforschen, auf die automatische Wegfindung zugreifen, eine neue Antiker-Waffe freischalten, an Angelturnieren teilnehmen und sich durch zeitlich begrenzte Herausforderungsmodi für Dungeons kämpfen

Zu guter Letzt können Spieler auch Abyssal-Dungeon, Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption, abschließen. In der neuen, herausfordernden Abyssal-Version dieses Levels von Rutus Mines müssen sich die Spieler tief in die Rutus Mines wagen und erforschen, wo seit langer Zeit kein Mensch mehr hineingegangen ist, und Geheimnisse lüften, die dort warten.

Schaut euch auch dazu den Trailer an und werft auch einen Blick in die Patch Notes zum Update.

Frühlings-Update Patch Notes


Added new Side Story quests involving Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista, and Mokoro

Added new Dungeon Guide quests

Added new Regional quests

Added 15 Ancient Weapon quests

  • Upgrade and unlock quests are created for each class


New Arena: Black Disaster Under the Sand

New Abyssal Dungeon: Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption


Added new item Ancient Weapon

  • The Ancient Weapon is a weapon that gradually progress through stages of upgrade and unlocking
  • Upgrading and unlocking can be done through Ancient Weapon quests
  • An Ancient Weapon that has been fully unlocked is a S rank, and will have new effects that have never existed before
    •   Double option and option effect
    •   Rainbow Runes
  • When a weapon is successfully unlocked, the weapon’s appearance will change and a special animation will play
  • Added new material items required to upgrade and unlock Ancient Weapons.

Added Ancient Weapon material rewards to each battlefield faction’s Consumables Merchant

  • Kragnite Fragment
  • Pure Magic Shard


Updated the Dash tutorial

Added new tutorials

  • Moving World Map Icons
  • Adjusting Camera Distance
  • Customizing Controls
  • Path Guiding
  • Side Story Quest
  • Quest Tracking
  • Invasions


Added path guiding system that shows the shortcuts to quests

Added character beauty system – use an item to change your character’s hair, or entire appearance

Added an input delay when ending a dialogue conversation to prevent rolling forward unintentionally

Save/maintain a certain amount of chat records when moving regions/channels

Locked character slots are now displayed in the Character Selection window

Stats are no longer reduced when equipment is damaged due to enhancement failure

  • Damaged equipment must still be repaired before it can be enhanced again

Added matchmaking favorite system

  • Add a dungeon that you use often to your favorites and it will be displayed at the top of the dungeon list

Added battlefield and arena merchants to the Outlaw Village

Improved telepost usage fee

  • Traveling to a telepost from the world map now requires gold instead of Star Seed
  • Fee differs depending on level
  • Reduced the gold fee required when interacting with the telepost by around 50%

Added dyes and contracts as subcategories to the Marketplace

Added the new default ‘Praise’ emote

Increased the limit for how many materials can be stacked

  • Normal materials: 50 -> 100
  • Special materials: 10 -> 20

Added detail to the text displayed when the taming QTE is called

Players will not be affected by Resurrection Sickness if they choose to resurrect at a Soul Pyre after dying in the field, however a certain amount of gold will be deducted.

  • The amount of gold deducted depends on the player’s level.
  • Gold is not deducted if one dies as a result of PK from another player

Modified the level-up reward given in mail and reward box from a resurrection potion to a recovery potion

Modified the amount of stamina consumed by dashing while out of combat

Reduced the amount of stamina consumed by evasion

The Marketplace can now be accessed from the character selection screen

The Welcome Screen is now visible in the character selection screen

Added a shelter, and allocated bridge guards on the way from the crossroads in front of Carzacor gate to Castra Magnus

  • The shelter will appear until the campaign quest to enter Carzacor city is complete

Removed all character motions when using the „Card:“ items

Adjusted player character animation lengths for mining, chopping, sitting, standing, and eating

Changed the level at which players may first obtain Sealed Chest Key and Abyssal Chest Key

  • Sealed Chest Key: 20 -> 17
  • Abyssal Chest Key: 35 -> 30


Added Timed Dungeon content

  • Every week, the dungeons that can be entered on a particular day of the week are determined Difficulty level differs from existing dungeons, but one can obtain materials and epic/legendary embers required to obtain Ancient Weapons
  • Matchmaking – can enter the dungeon from the Timed Dungeon tab
  • Rewards can be received once a week for each dungeon

Added Fishing Competition content

  • Fishing Competition begins every Monday at 05:00(UTC)
  • The fishing competition begins again each week
  • Users are given a rank according to whoever catches the largest fish from among the eligible fishes, with rank rewards given to those ranked #1~#20
  • Users who participated in the competition will be rewarded with participation rewards according to the size of the fish caught from among the eligible fishes


Combos for all classes have been changed from using 3 buttons to 2 buttons

  • Combos are now made up of [Basic Attack] – [Powerful Attack] instead of the previous [Basic Attack] – [Powerful Attack] – [Finishing Attack]. The [Finishing Attack] is removed
  • There are no changes to the composition or performance of the combos
  • Some of the combo related UI have been modified

Modified so that if an attack creates multiple hits, the elemental damage is spread out according to the number of hits

Added a system message when using Class Point items without unlocking Class Level content


Fixed an issue where Berserker class did not receive any PvP damage when the Centurion’s Command ‚Guillotine‘ skill was upgraded to level 3

Fixed an issue where Berserker class could freeze after using the ‚Overpower‘ skill

Fixed the issue where, when the ‘Seize’ skill is used near a friendly NPC, the Berserker would face the NPC and execute the skill

Fixed an issue where the ‚Blood Frenzy‘ ability could activate twice


Frost Bomb projectiles can now hit the target multiple times

  • Reduced the amount of damage dealt because the attack can be made multiple times with the multiple hits

Fixed an issue where the Centurion’s Command ‘Blizzard’ skill would not apply certain equipment options

Fixed an issue where the Crescent Moon’s increase attack damage buff would be suppressed by lower/weaker increase damage effects


Changed ranger auto reload rule to activate 1 second after all arrows have been used

Changed effect of the enhanceable Mark:Vampiric Mark from the Night Wind and Centurion’s Command blessing

  •  Before: Recovers HP by 1% of damage, and a third party may also receive this effect
  •  After: Recovers HP by 1.4% of damage, and this effect is only applied to oneself

Fixed an issue where Erupting Arrows elemental damage was being applied abnormally


Changed the usage mechanism of the priest’s Judgment and Shield of Faith.

  • Players could previously move while holding these skills, but now they are charge type skills where players cannot move
  • Can be charged up to the third stage (Will automatically cast at the first stage if one presses then releases the skill key)
  • The range of the Judgement skill increases when charged up to the third stage (Second stage 9m > Third stage 12m)
  • The range of Shield of Faith is increased, and the shield is applied even to the priest itself when the Shield of Faith skill is charged up to the third stage. (Second stage radius 8m > Third stage radius 12m)

Corrected an issue where the Crescent Moon passive effect ‘Banishment’ can be activated twice at a very low probability

When a Protective Shield is applied to a target, and a stronger Protective Shield is also applied, the stronger shield will replace the weaker shield


Modified so that when the Crusader wears a shield, monsters can see the Crusaders a little better

  • All Crusader shield items have an 80% increased Aggro acquisition amount

Changed the Sundown Strike combo to a new combo

Modified so the 1st strike on the X combo triggers faster

Modified combo damage

Reduced Burning Blade charge time

Modified so Bravery isn’t consumed by skills. Now all skills are controlled by cool time

If the player has Bravery when using Class Skills, they can use Bravery to apply additional effects

  • Guard: AoE damage & HP recovery
  • Shield Throw: HP recovery on hit
  • Zealot’s Fire: When Zealot’s Fire is maintained, HP recovery with constant probability
  • Piercing Shield: HP recovery on hit

Counterattack and Shield Wall skills will resist high-level interrupts such as push or knockdown

  • You can still be knocked over or pushed back by powerful attacks

The Crescent Moon Daring Assault skill now grants a protective shield that can block one attack

The Night Wind Counterattack skill has been changed from an Immune effect to a Lifesteal effect

Fixed an issue where Crusaders were able to use the ‚Guard“ skill when equipped with ‚Impervious‘ even the guard gauge was depleted

Fixed an issue where the push effect in certain combos were applied incorrectly

Fixed an issue where when an Ippin Crusader uses Guard while moving, the Guard motion was not shown


Added Guild Depot function

  • Supply guild members with specific items using Guild Gold or Master Tokens
  • In order to recharge each depot’s items, the guild grade requirement must be met
  • All guild members may use Guild Contribution Point to receive items recharged at the depot
  • The number of times one may obtain the recharged supplies are limited per month/week/day


Added costume to Battlefield Season end reward

Added Battlefield supply equipment

Added merchants that sell battlefield supply weapons within the battlefield

  •  Effect of these equipment are only activated within the battlefield

Combined battlefield channels into one

  •  Original: free (lv20~27) , free (lv28+) , low-level (Apprentice~Veteran), high-level (Ace ~Legend)
  •  New: free (lv28+)

Changed the [Escape Notice] text in battlefields and arenas


Removed Resurrection Sickness Potion from the shops, and modified sales price to 10,000 gold

Added new S rank weapon item

  • This item can be obtained from the Timed Dungeons

Added repair tools that can repair S rank items, and Paetion Weapon Sigil that can perform Master Enhancement on S rank items

Added S Grade Equipment Recipes and S Grade repair tools to the shops

  • [S Grade Equipment Recipe]
    • Monster Hunter
  • [S Grade Repair Tool]
    • Limited Time Merchant
    • Monster Hunter
    • Uncharted Region Merchant
    • Smuggler Merchant

Added 2 new Superior Panaceas (Increases attack power, increases defense)

  • Superior Panacea of Blades
  • Superior Panacea of Stoneskin

Added Attack Speed weapon and necklace item rewards to the below content

  •  Campaign Quest
  •  Side Quest
  •  Regional Quest
  •  Crusades
  •  Dungeon Chests
  •  Monster Hunter
  •  Warrior’s Talent Shop

Changed where the 4th Hero: Crescent Igor Blessing Memory Fragment is dropped

  • It can now be found from the Bloodband Captain in Asgra Village in the Padana Ruins


Tristezza, Padana, Kannus Mountains, and Kannus Valley are no longer PK zones.

  • Removed Corrupted gatherables from these regions

Changed the location of 1 Navarra Treasure Chest

Added teleposts to 3 areas in Navarra (Navarra West Barrens, Roughclaw Territory, Ragemane Entrance)


The Smuggler Merchant now appears in Zenkala and the Ivory Dunes

Removed the Weaponsmith, Metal Armor Merchant, Leather Armor Merchant, and Cloth Armor Merchant from the following regions:

  • Tristezza
  • Padana Ruins
  • Zenkala
  • Eidolon Forest
  • Ivory Dunes

Removed the Weaponsmith from Kannus Mountains

Removed the Metal Armor Merchant from Ostium

Adjusted locations and quantities of multiple NPCs in Sperios

  • Industrial District
    • Removed extra alchemy stations, spinning wheels, forges, and shaping workbenches so that only one of each are left
    • Moved the spinning wheel and forge to in front of the Artisans‘ office
    • Moved the Marketplace Manager and Mailbox to Stellare Road
    • Removed the Weaponsmith, Cloth Armor Merchant, Leather Armor Merchant, Metal Armor Merchant, and Master Enhancement Artisan entirely
  • Stellare Road
    • Now has the the Marketplace Manager and Mailbox
    • Now has the Fishing Tool Merchant
  • Commercial District
    • Moved the Fishing Tool Merchant to Stellare Road
    • Removed the Limited Time Merchant that was next to the Star Seed Exchange
    • Moved the Star Seed Exchange, Cartographer and SP Merchant to the Grand Plaza
    • Moved the Marketplace Manager to where the Star Seed Exchange used to be located.
    • Moved the Outfit Designer to south of the Commercial District
    • Removed the Master Enhancement Artisan entirely
  • Grand Plaza
    • Now has the Star Seed Exchange, Cartographer and SP Merchant
  • Administrative District
    • Moved the Sen and Vos’Elan Battlefield Merchant to the round space on the 1st floor of Sorza Palace so that they are now facing opposite of each other.
    • Also moved the arena merchant to the round space on the 1st floor of Sorza Palace

Adjusted locations and quantities of multiple NPCs in Navarra:

  • Luxury District
    • Removed the Limited Time Merchant
    • Moved the Guild Registrar to in front of the Veteran’s Club
  • Common Marketplace
    • Removed Mailbox
    • Removed Master Enhancement
    • Reduced amount of Crafting Workstations (2->1)
  • Horse Market
    • Changed location of the mailbox and Mount Merchant

Adjusted locations and quantities of multiple NPCs in Carzacor:

  • Carzacor Harbor
    • Moved Fishing Tool Merchant to South Bridge Soul Pyre
  • Carzacor Plaza
    • Removed Mailbox
    • Moved the Marketplace Manager to in front of the City Hall
    • Now has the Cloth/Leather/Metal Armor Merchants
  • Carzacor Stores
    • Moved the Cloth/Leather/Metal Armor Merchants to the Plaza
    • Remoted the General Goods Merchant
    • Removed the Master Enhancement Artisan
  • Ancient Amphitheater
    • Moved the mailbox to outside of the amphitheater

Moved the location of the Courier at Marco’s Farmstead to opposite of the Wolf King

Changed location of the Attacked Deliveryman at Marco’s Farmstead so players will not be attacked by hostile monsters while in a conversation

Changed the location of the Gnoll Wastes NPC Black Wind Arlehiho to help prevent it from becoming stuck in trees

General Goods Merchant no longer sells Potion of Recovery II, but will sell other potions instead


Reduced the amount of monsters in Carzacor’s The Crawling Labyrinth

Reduced the recognition range of the Faceless Minions located near Marco’s Farmstead

Reduced the amount of wolves located near the main road near Marco’s Farmstead

Removed the bandits found on the way from Marco’s Farmstead to Carzacor

The HP of the Thug that appears in the quest ‚An Angry Crowd‘ in front of Carzacor’s gate has been reduced by 30%

Reduced the HP of normal field monsters in the areas from level 1 to 28

Increased the chance of field monsters dropping equipment by 30%

The Spider Queen’s skill ‘build a nest’ can no longer be blocked

Adjusted the balance of the following monsters that appear in Carzacor’s main quests.

  • Ghost Assassin: Reduced HP by 20%
  • Geistwarden: Reduced attack power by 20%

Added Gamila, a field elite monster in the Ivory Dunes, and added a related quest

  • Gamila can be fought after clearing the main quest Decisive Action

Added a Bloodband Captain elite monster in the Padana ruins, and added a related quest


Reformed structure of Prestige Quests and added 9 new regional quests

Adjusted quest goals for the Comrades of the Returned King campaign quest

Removed three campaign quests related to using recipes, crafting, and enhancing at the Carzacor Ancient Amphitheater

Changed the level required to do the Carzacor quest ‘Defend the Food Wagon’ from 5 to 9

Increased the quest reward for the Episode quest ‘Defend the Food Wagon’ and Regional quest ‘Cutting off the Escape Route’

When performing the ‘Random Inspection’ quest in the Ivory Dunes, if the player kills the Madaan Guard, it is now reflected in the quest progress

Reduced the difficulty of some goals in the 3rd and 4th campaigns

  • Due to this character achievements that have the same goal may also have had their difficulty lowered to match


Modified so that a reward popup does not appear when salvaging a fish

Changed fishing biting time from 0.5 sec -> 1 sec

Modified so that the Learning to Fish quest can be accepted and completed all over the world

  • The quest can now be accepted from the Fishing Tool Merchant

The fish required for regional quest completion must now be caught to qualify

  • A fish purchased from the market will not count for quest completion


Added new estate technicians and production

Expanded some parts of the estate map due to the additional estate decorations

Modified so that if one closes the game while in the estate, they are moved to the estate’s starting point upon reconnection to the game

Fixed the issue where hiring workers were prohibited if objects or NPCs were present in the vicinity

Greatly increased the basic chance of taming and the chance of taming by estate decorations


Adjusted lighting in a number of dungeons and the Red Basin

Fixed an issue where on occasions, member of a party would enter a dungeon with the wrong party

Fixed an issue where players do not receive any damage from the Toy trap set by the player

A protective shield effect is displayed even if the protective shield was obtained as an equipment effect

When a character first enters a new region for the first time, the time of day for that region is now set to a specific time

  • The local time of day will not change until it matches server time
  • Once the two times match, the time of day will move forward as normal

When installing a feast food, each person can only use it once. An effect will display when it’s used

If one logs out or dies while performing the Gnoll Wastes campaign quest Black Sun Ritual to defeat the Blackflame Warden, the quest is no longer failed

Fixed an issue where treasure chests couldn’t be acquired in the instance field in the Carzacor Harbor

Fixed an issue where the grade and price of some accessory items were incorrect

  • Necklace of the Corrupted – epic -> rare
  • Necklace of the Tempting Flower – legend -> epic
  • Processed Windknot Necklace – legend -> epic
  • Horde Necklace – epic -> rare
  • Desert Song Ring – epic -> rare
  • Ring of Avarice – uncommon -> rare
  • Ring of the Twisted Eclipse – legend -> epic

Fixed an issue where the boss Carnixia in the dungeon Nightspire – Entropic Descent resets, the entrance would not open

Fixed an issue where the Priest’s Protective Shield was being distorted

Fixed an issue for the boss Ivisella in the dungeon Rutis Mines – Halls of the Dead, where if the summoned seeds are left alone and not stepped on, summoned monsters do not appear


The displayed entry requirements for the Timed Dungeons ‘Temple of Lies’ and ‘Kobold Lair – Infernal Kitchen’ are incorrect.

  • The requirement is shown in-game as level 43, with a GS of 1422, however the player will actually need to be level 35, with a GS of 1250 to register for matchmaking and subsequently enter.
  • If the player’s level and GS meets the actual requirements to enter the dungeon, the padlock will be displayed but the ‘entry’ button will also be shown, allowing the player to enter the dungeon.

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