Bless Unleashed: The Spear of Salvation Content-Update bringt neue Dungeons und Quests ins Spiel

Mit dem The Spear of Salvation Content-Update für Bless Unleashed wurden neue Dungeons und Quests ins Spiel gebracht.

Mit „The Spear of Salvation“ ist das neuste Content-Update für Bless Unleashed sowohl auf Xbox One als auch PlayStation 4 verfügbar.

Dieses neue Update beinhaltet den völlig neuen Dungeon „Nightspire – Entropischer Abstieg“, das neue Versteck „Vergessene Kanalisation“ und die neue Herausforderung in der Arena „Dünentyrann“.

The Spear of Salvation führt weiterhin auch elementare Waffen ein, die den Schaden an Feinden erhöhen. Weitere Iterationen dieses neuen Elementarsystems werden in zukünftigen Updates hinzugefügt.

Zu den weiteren Aktualisierungen gehören die Fortsetzung der epischen Geschichte von Bless Unleashed, eine neue Fischereimechanik und ein neues Klassenstufensystem, bei dem die Spieler neue passive Fähigkeiten für ihre Klasse freischalten.

Wer sich nach zusätzlichen Belohnungen sehnt, der kann sich ab heute den neuen Bless Pass – Strange New World holen. Spieler können sich damit zusätzliche Belohnungen verdienen, indem sie wöchentliche Missionen erfüllen.

Dazu haben wir für euch die Patch Notes sowie einen Trailer:

The Spear of Salvation Patch Notes


  • Added new Ivory Dunes region
    • 40 Campaign Quests
    • 24 Sidequests
    • 10 Regional Quests
    • 1 Invasion Quest
    • Added 2 tameables – Stray Camel and Oasis Axe Beak
  • Added new Fishing system
    • Fishing areas in South and North Sperios
    • New recipes and items
    • Fishing Tool Merchant in 10 regions
  • New Deathtail Sovereign field elite
  • Added Madaan Reputation Merchant
  • Added Mastery Crafting
  • Added Crafting Promotion quests
  • Added SP Shop system
  • Added new mounts
  • Added new quests
  • Added new estate decorations
  • New attendance system
  • Added Elemental Damage
    • Elemental damage is not affected by the target’s defense
    • Some NPCs will deal elemental damage
    • Some NPCs are weak against specific elements and will take additional damage



  • The goal of defeating elite monsters for most Invasions have been separated into an individual phase



  • New 5 Player Lair
    • Forgotten Sewers
  • New 5 Player Dungeon
    • The Nightspire – Entropic Descent
  • New 2 Player Arena
    • The Dune Tyrant





  • Decreased the Fury gained from combo attacks from 4 > 3, and decreased Fury gained from Skill attacks from 5 > 4
  • The duration of Bloodleech has been decreased from 15 seconds > 10 Seconds. And extended time from upgrading has been changed to 5 seconds > 3 seconds



  • Changed the effect of Peregrine Strike to knock back
  • Changed the daze effect of Unrelenting Will(Peregrine Strike’s Passive) to when a successful final attack has been landed, the target will have their movement speed reduced by 25% for 4 seconds.



  • Firebomb: Increased the cooldown time from 8 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Arcane Flash: When flash has been used repeatedly, the cooldown time for the skill will increase by 5 seconds
  • The Daze effect of attacking after using the Amplify skill has been changed to decreasing the target’s movement speed.
  • The Blind Executioner: Changed the stage 3 of the Meteor Skill (Immunity to most disruptions skills). For 3 seconds, a Protective Shield will be granted which any next attack will be nullified. The protective shield can be applied every 24 seconds.



  • Smiting Fist’s knockback effect has been changed to upperdown.



  • Class Level can be unlocked by completing the New Power quest
  • Stats improve as Class Level increases
  • Class Level determines your maximum amount of Class Points
  • Once Class Level is activated, players can upgrade passive skills with Class Points
  • Players can purchase CP Tickets and CP Reset cards from the SP Merchant
  • Within „Class Passive Effect“ under Main Menu > Skills > Class Skill, players can invest their Class Points to improve the passive they want
    • CP Tickets can be used to obtain Class Points
    • The Class Points invested in a passive can be reset by using CP Reset Cards
    • The number of CP Reset Cards required increases the more you reset



  • Artful Disguise (Artisans Skill)
    • Cooldown time: Changed from 10 minutes to 5 mins
    • Upon using the skill, 30% of the HP is instantly restored and based on the transformation, the effect can last additional 5 minutes.
  • Training Dummy
    • Gathering Speed is increased by 10%
    • XP obtained from gathering increased by 50%
  • Fake Chest
    • Gathering speed is increased by 10%
    • Additional 5% XP earned from Crafting
  • Tree
    • Gathering speed increased by 10%
    • 10% increase in HP recovery from Gathering
  • Bush
    • Gathering speed increased by 30%



  • Improved UI that displays the Union reward in the Arena/Battlefield results window
  • Improved the graphic displayed for marketplace items based on enhancement and rarity grade



  • The difficulty of Estate Taming Quest has been greatly reduced
  • Decreased number of objectives and increased number of totems in Gnoll Wastes’s quest, „Totem Suppression”
  • Expanded quest area for the Navarra regional quests “The Harpy Queen’s Brood” and “Flowers of Navarra”
  • Adjusted design of Crusade quest icon to differentiate from the Invasion quest icon
  • Added quest after Bag Expansion quest has maxed out that allows any left over Bag Pieces to be exchanged for Skill Points



  • Merged the inventories for Grocer and General Goods Merchant
  • Removed a General Goods Merchant from the Gnoll Wastes – Azos Patrol Camp, Tristezza – Rift Survey Camp and Border Checkpoint, Beoran – Arduun Forest Faceless Subjugation Camp, Eidolon Forest – Oscarta Digsite and Rabin Village



  • Changed the appearance of the Jungle Warrior
  • Changed the Ribus Turtle monster from Aggressive to Non-Aggressive
  • Monsters below level 3 in the early regions will no longer scale level



  • Added new equipment with elemental damage and elemental defense



  • Guild XP can be obtained from Matchmaking by organizing a party amongst same guild members
  • Changed standard offline time for the transfer of Guild Master from 7 Days to 15 Days



  • Deactivated the “Master of Evasion” and “Master of Simon Says” achievements in the Temples of Lies dungeon



  • Changed accumulated player time for Attendance.
  • Daily – 1/2/3/4/5 Hours > 10/30/60/90/120 Mins
  • Weekly – 10/15/20/25 Hours > 150/300/450/600 Mins
  • Changed the forced update of Attendance for inactive users from 90 Days to 30 Days



  • Increased the amount of paid bag slots from 100 to 150
  • Beginning from round 3, a vote to surrender option is available by opening the World Menu



  • Added the option to remove the Third Eye Believer’s Robes effect obtained during the Tristezza Campaign quest „The Great Ritual“
  • Fixed a bug where subtitles were not appearing on the Kannus Mountains cinematic
  • Fixed a bug where the Bag Merchant in the Kannus Valley Skaa Refugee Camp was displayed as a General Goods Merchant on the map
  • Fixed a bug where the combat time is incorrectly displayed after one defeats the 2nd boss Reebi in the Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary
  • Fixed the issue of some dungeons where the UI displayed upon immediately killing the boss and the Exit UI would simultaneously overlap and display together.
  • Adjusted the returning distance for Varr the Violent
  • Fixed the issue where during the Brotherhood quest, the Federation monster that changes factions was not able to be locked-on.
  • Changed the Ranger’s Gift of Valor Blessing, Parting Shot, to push the target instead of knocking them down
  • Fixed the issue where the UI that appears after completing a dungeon and the end layout were not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed the issue of certain Ancient Treasure Chests being spawned in the incorrect area in Tristezza
  • Fixed a bug where the NPC located in the second slot of the estate’s level 5 Animal Pen is buried in the ground
  • Fixed bugs regarding Manastone Roisa’s combat area in Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption
  • Fixed a bug where a player can continue to inflict and take damage from the boss even while outside of the combat area by using specific methods
    • Fixed a bug where the boss does not reset due to the above situation
  • Removed the bursting effect that occurs after stepping on 3 blood pools in Savantis Mausoleum – Altar of Blood
  • Fixed a bug where the defeat times for the ruin managers (Reebi, Grogula, Badawi) in Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary are shown differently right after they are defeated, and in the completion layout
  • Daze Effect
    • Added explanation to the Crusader and Berserker’s combo attack
    • Added explanation in the tooltip for the ranger’s unique skill Peregrine Strike
  • Fixed a bug in the Arena: The Cursed Knight where the effects show the boss to be coming up from being buried in the ground
  • Fixed a bug where the reward chest for clearing the Savantis Mausoleum – Lich’s Respite dungeon spawned in unreachable places by moving the chest close to the Soul Pyre
  • Fixed a bug where the priest continues to attack even if they were hit by the Bone Dragon’s beryl breath skill and turned into the beryl state while using the Retribution skill
  • Modified the spawn location of an Ancient Treasure Chest that was located in an unreachable location near a river in Beoran
  • Fixed so that the Mailbox can be interacted with before the visual loading is complete
  • Fixed a bug where the effect is not applied if one uses an item that displays a motion (lunchboxes) while in an area where lots of delay occurs
  • When an emote is used while another is in progress, the emote in progress ends.
  • Fixed a bug where the zone volume of the Dimensional Rift, and Rift Survey Camp in Tristezza was overlapping
  • Red Basin exclusive elixir effects are removed upon exit.

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  1. LukQoar 4820 XP Beginner Level 2 | 20.11.2020 - 17:04 Uhr

    Es hieß die deutsche Sprache wird nachgereicht für das Spiel… Ist sie mittlerweile da?

    • ibims 34910 XP Bobby Car Geisterfahrer | 20.11.2020 - 17:21 Uhr

      Ich weiss jetzt nur nicht ob Untertitel oder auch dubbed

  2. serevo 2760 XP Beginner Level 2 | 20.11.2020 - 17:26 Uhr

    Ich fand den Anfang gut. Dann aber glaub ich um lvl 20 rum oder so würde es zum extremen Grind.

    • Ash2X 233720 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Bronze | 21.11.2020 - 09:14 Uhr

      Jepp – der Bereich von Level 16 bis 20 oder so hat mich auch geschafft. Da gab es nur „bringt quasi nichts“ und „bringt nichts weil die Gegner viel zu stark sind“.

    • ibims 34910 XP Bobby Car Geisterfahrer | 20.11.2020 - 19:20 Uhr

      eigentlich nicht, mann muss nur zeit investieren.
      ist wie bei neverwinter. im grunde kann man alles ingame sich erspielen, es dauert halt nur.

      • Affenknutscher 84260 XP Untouchable Star 2 | 20.11.2020 - 20:04 Uhr

        Ich persönlich halte nicht viel von Free to Play Mmoprg’s bin halt immer WoW und FF 14 Spieler gewesen.
        Da bezahle ich lieber 12-13 Euro monatlich aber habe keine Einschränkungen und kann das ganze Spiel genießen.

        • ibims 34910 XP Bobby Car Geisterfahrer | 20.11.2020 - 22:18 Uhr

          sagt auch keiner was gegen, aber pay2win ist nunmal was anderes

    • Hey Iceman 530720 XP Xboxdynasty MVP Silber | 20.11.2020 - 20:29 Uhr

      Irgendwie müssen sie ja die Programmierer und Server beahlt werden(Aktionäre darf man auch nicht vergessen)
      Blossmanche spiele können es besser als andere.Bei WOT habe ich gern am Anfang was bezahlt bis sie leider Gierig wurden 🙁


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