Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: Update mit zahlreichen Hotfixes veröffentlicht

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel und Borderlands: The Handsome Collection haben ein Update spendiert bekommen, um zahlreiche Fehler zu beseitigen.

Xbox One und Xbox 360 Spieler können sich über neue Updates zu Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel und Borderlands: The Handsome Collection freuen. In der folgenden Auflistung seht ihr alle Verbesserungen.

Xbox One Hotfix für Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Addressed an issue where the user could encounter a progression blocker near the gate leading into the Cortex in the Sub-Subconscious.

Movement speed bonuses from Aurelia’s “A Backhand to Remember” skill are now accurate to the description.

Scavs behind glass will no longer reappear and remain idle after the player has killed them when progressing through Titan Robot Facility.

Gwen’s Other Head can now be used in the grinder.

Multiplayer clients are now able to see one of the Vault Symbol when attempting to discover it in the Nexus.

Addressed certain “Cult of the Vault” symbols not displaying properly for clients.

The mission "Picking up the Pieces" undiscovered description will now appear under the correct map area when viewing the mission log in game.

Nisha’s Desperado and Celestial class mods will no longer cause the "Bottled Courage" skill to only work while in Showdown.

Hyperventilator Ozkits will now show correct comparison arrows for movespeed and fire rate bonuses when comparing with another Hyperventilator kit.

Fixed an issue where the RPG reward item is not available if the mission “Space Slam” is taken as soon as it is available.

The blue loyalty reward pistol (Smasher) and shotgun (bullpup) can now be used in Grinder recipes.

Miscellaneous performance optimizations.

Addressed an issue where kraggons could fail to spawn in the mission “Lost Legion Invasion”.

Generic Scavs will no longer fly around erratically during their ragdoll sequence after death.

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