Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Kompaktes Update ausgerollt, Patch Notes bekannt

Infinity Ward stellt ein neues Update zu Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare bereit. Wir zeigen euch die Änderungen.

Der Entwickler Infinity Ward hat ein kleines Update zu Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare freigegeben. Dieses liefert euch ab sofort Verbesserungen zu Waffen, einige Map-Fixes und mehr.

Die Patch-Notes zeigen euch alle Neuerungen:

General Fixes

  • T.H.O.R.: Thunderclap adjustments: Narrowed the area at which each missile can automatically acquire a target. The target will need to be within the reticle for the missile to automatically seek the enemy out.
  • Added counters to scorestreaks that fire tracking missiles. If the player is in Phase Shift, using Active Camo, or has Hardwired, these missiles will not track them. This pertains to all versions of the Trinity Rocket (except Warhead variant), AP-3X: Lockdown, T.H.O.R.: Thunderclap, and Shock Sentry: Catacomb missiles.

Weapon Updates

  • Auger – Fury: Spread now becomes increasingly tighter the longer you fire
  • Volk – Side to side recoil has been toned down slightly
  • RVN – Ranges have been slightly reduced, but fire time between bullets has been reduced as well
  • VPR – brought the shortest damage range in slightly
  • Trencher – Bumped some aim down sight sway values back towards SMG characteristics. Still should feel closer to ARs in this regard however
  • Titan – Adjusted the FOV on the Epic Scout’s default sight to provide a larger view and enhanced default zoom
  • HVR Gemini –Hip fire accuracy improved slightly
  • Various map fixes
  • Prep for upcoming weekly featured mode: R&R Moshpit (Search and Rescue/Reinforce)

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  1. Hero Nr 2 32600 XP Bobby Car Schüler | 30.05.2017 - 15:08 Uhr

    Da fällt mir auf bzw. ein, ich habe des CoD:IW nich nicht einmal in der Konsole gehabt.. Dafür aber des MWr häufiger.. 👌👍


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