Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Patch Notes und Playlist-Update der Woche veröffentlicht

Für das neuste Update zu Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wurden die Patch Notes veröffentlicht und die Playlist wurde aktualisiert.

Auf Xbox One ist für Call of Duty: Modern Warfare das zuvor schon angekündigte Update eingetroffen. Es hat eine Größe von 18,40 GB.

Im Update enthalten sind nun die fünf Zusatz-Slots, damit ihr mehr Loadouts abspeichern könnt. Den neuen Crossbow könnt ihr euch verdienen, bei der ihr in einer Herausforderung 5 Kills in 25 verschiedenen Matches mit einer Marksman Rifle mit Reflex Optic abschließt.

Während mit dem Update zahlreiche Fehlerkorrekturen und Verbesserungen vorgenommen wurde, hat Infinity Ward auch die Karte Krovnik Farmland vorübergehend aus der Rotation entfernt, damit dort noch Fehler beseitigt werden können.

Das wöchentliche Playlist-Update fügt dem Spiel den Modus Capture the Flag hinzu und entfernt Shoot House 24/7, damit dafür Shoot the Ship rotieren kann. Die Karte Aniyah Palace ist hingegen in die Rotation zurückgekehrt.

Patch Notes


  • Playlist Update: Added Capure the Flag and Shoot the Ship (Removes Shoot House 24/7) playlists! We also added Aniyah Palace back into rotation
  • 5 additional loadout slots!
  • New Weapon – Crossbow! Unlocked by using a Marksman Rifle with a Reflex Optic, get 5 kills in 25 different matches!


  • In some cases, players could hit an invisible kill trigger in a bush that would cause them to die instantly while near A Flag on Port. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit on Aniyah Palace
  • Temporarily removing Krovnik Farmland out of rotation while we work on a few bugs
  • Fix for a bug that could lock a PC player’s FOV at 60 until they respawn while in Ground War
  • The “Stand Together” calling card (3 Wins in Team Deathmatch) was being awarded even though this calling card is earned by default. This has been adjusted to the “Redemption” calling card.
  • The Daily Challenge for getting “10 Claymore Kills” was awarding the “One Shot” spray which is unlocked by default. This has been adjusted to the “Soft Serve” spray.
  • Fix for an issue where the playlist filter would not switch game modes, even with multiple modes selected
  • Adjusted the damage threshold for “Get X Kills while Injured” challenge to make it a bit easier to obtain
  • Various out-of-map exploit fixes
  • Fix for a few graphical errors that could occur on Ground War maps
  • Infected: Fixed a bug where the Nuke effects and audio will interrupt and overlap the final killcam if called in after death of the final survivor
  • Fixes to the Recent Players list appearing incorrectly on Xbox
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to capture the Hardpoint while in the hotel on St. Petrograd
  • Adjusted the obituary to remove the oldest items first
  • Fixed a bug that would reset Voice Chat settings after the application was hard closed
  • Fix for a bug that allowed player collision. This has been fixed
  • Players can no longer cancel their recovery state when sliding, but will always incur the standard fire delay (visually the player will still respond)
  • On Shipment, players are able to set Care Packages on spawn points, causing players to die instantly when spawning in on these points. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Elite Xbox One controller had a slight bounce back with the analog sticks
  • Fixed a bug that could give players invincibility
  • Fix for some Officer Progression emblems not displaying the correct rarity
  • Fixed an issue that would lock Operator missions despite having the correct Battle Pass Tier

Field Upgrades:

  • Fixed a bug where using the ‘Stopping Power Rounds’ Field Upgrade with an empty C4 slot would cause the C4 detonator to appear before reloading with the Stopping Power Rounds
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations while manipulating the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Recon Drone to fly into geo if C4 was thrown onto it
  • Fix for Stopping Power Rounds not applying the correct damage boost to headshots

Trophy System:

  • Increased protection radius
  • Decreased the radius and the damage taken by trophy explosions
  • Fixed a bug where the explosion damage and effects wouldn’t trigger for the third explosion


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Cruise Missile to kill players while out of bounds on Shipment


  • Fixed a bug where the 1mW Laser would not appear equipped on the 1911 pistol while in the Gunsmith menu
  • M4A1 Blueprint „OG“ ADS position moved forward; the viewmodel or gun’s position relative to the  camera or player’s eye is moved forward more, so it blocks less of the line of sight
  • Changing the magazine capacity from 45 to 50 for the RAM-7 extended magazine.
  • Increasing the bullet penetration of the MK2 Carbine
  • Less horizontal recoil on the initial bullets of the FN Scar-17
  • Changed the way stats are displayed for stocks to be more consistent with other attachments (this is for the graphs only, not the actual stats)


  • Domination: Flags must be neutralized before being captured again. Settings for neutralization timing are now available in settings
  • Decreased charge time on the Trophy System
  • Headshot multiplier damage has been clamped; torso and headshots are now the same
  • Removed lightweight boost and decreased charge time on Dead Silence

COD Caster

  • Reworked minimap visuals (removed outside map background, removed minimap frame)
  • Improved readability of the killfeed and nameplate colors
  • Improved the quality of the colored arrows shown under players when using the Aerial Camera
  • Data View feature has been temporarily removed


  • Tweaked parts of the Battle Pass UI in order to better support higher Aspect Ratios
  • Fixed an issue with the sound effects on the Support Helo
  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

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  1. toul81 1080 XP Beginner Level 1 | 23.01.2020 - 12:42 Uhr

    18 gb dann multiplayer Paket 2 nochmal 9 gb und koop nochmal 16 gb viel zu viel gb für zu wenig bekommen

    • Phonic 51790 XP Nachwuchsadmin 5+ | 23.01.2020 - 13:11 Uhr

      Wollte ich auch gerade noch schreiben. Finde das ist schon doof gemacht! 3 Updates einzeln zu ziehen anstatt einfach ein Paket draus zu machen

  2. EviL Rancor 5350 XP Beginner Level 3 | 23.01.2020 - 13:13 Uhr

    Gibt doch massive Probleme mit dem Update bis hin zur Löschung aller Ränge! Es wird aber wohl daran gearbeitet

  3. Mike Myers 33120 XP Bobby Car Schüler | 23.01.2020 - 13:16 Uhr

    Hoffentlich läuft es dann auch wieder auf meiner Box. Habe extrem mit Grafikfehlern und abstürzen zu kämpfen

    • ExeFail23 540 XP Neuling | 23.01.2020 - 15:21 Uhr

      Abstürze zwar nicht, aber Grafikfehler habe ich auch auf manchen Maps, immer am unteren Bildschirmrand, zb wenn ich im Lüftungsschacht bin usw.

  4. Dean Deathmatch 3775 XP Beginner Level 2 | 23.01.2020 - 15:43 Uhr

    Ich vermute mal das in dem Update schon die nächsten Maps und Missionen vorhanden sind die zur kommenden Session 2 veröffentlicht werden. Aber das ist natürlich reine Spekulation meinerseits 😉


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