Dangerous Driving: Update verbessert Grafik und Ladezeiten

Zu Dangerous Driving steht das Fully Comp Update 3 zum Download bereit. Hier gibt es die Patch Notes.

Dangerous Driving hat auf allen Plattformen ein Update erhalten. Das Fully Comp Update 3 aktualisiert das Spiel auf die neueste Version der Unreal Engine, was eine bessere Grafik und schnellere Ladezeiten mit sich bringt.

Die weiteren Änderungen könnt ihr euch in den offiziellen Patch Notes durchlesen:

Here are the main changes included in this update:

  • Host of improvements to physics and collisions including:
    • Improve collision after a Takedown to reduce the likelihood of the player car intersecting the road and spinning rapidly, before being reset to the track
    • Reduce the likelihood of player car going underneath a rival and being forced through the road
    • Reduce the likelihood of getting launched into the air as a result of ramming a rival
    • Reduce the likelihood of being spawned facing the wrong way after a collision
    • Improve collision with barriers to address the situation where the player car gets lifted up or stuck and being spun around
    • Improve the consistency of collisions with traffic – traffic is now always fatal (we have slightly reduced the amount of traffic to accommodate this)
  • Improvements in joining online games – to reduce the number of network errors being returned when trying to join a game; we have also added some extra tools to analyse where and why the failures are happening
  • Restore the in-Garage ticker showing the car stats and mileage (went missing in the last update!)
  • Fix for Wrecks not getting cleared up online – we are investigating making this a player selectable option in a future update
  • Fix an issue at the U turn on the Hypercar Class Shakedown event where players get stuck in a crash/respawn /crash loop
  • Improve how player is reset on track after a crash
  • Save Sensitivity options – previously reset each time the game was relaunched
  • Remove reset on the right stick camera movement. It will instead reset when you crash or restart
  • Fix for Pursuit vehicles taking each other down and ending the event early
  • Upgrade to latest Unreal Engine for improved graphical performance and faster load times

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  1. Amortis 0 XP Neuling | 22.06.2019 - 10:46 Uhr

    Wenn man weiß im welchen desolaten Zustand sich das Spiel befindet ist das auch mehr als nötig. 👍🏻

  2. churocket 110660 XP Scorpio King Rang 1 | 22.06.2019 - 11:46 Uhr

    Ist mein Style das Spiel nur war oder ist der Zustand mehr als Schlecht dafür gebe ich nicht so viel Geld raus 🖒


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