Elite: Dangerous

Roadmap für 2018

Frontier hat die Roadmap mit geplanten Elite: Dangerous Inhalten für 2018 bekannt gegeben.

Während eines Twitch-Livestreams hat Frontier die Roadmap mit geplanten Inhalten für Elite: Dangerous für 2018 enthüllt. Demnach werden alle vier kommenden Updates kostenlos für Elite Dangerous: Horizons-Besitzer sein. Nachfolgend erhaltet ihr einen Blick auf die besagte Roadmap.

2.4 and Beyond Roadmap for 2018

Q1 Update

Will bring new core improvements, expanding the narrative, and some of the new features. This update is a stepping stone for a much larger update that will arrive in Q4 of 2018:

  • Engineering – Every time we craft an upgrade, it will always be better than the stats we already have (and more).
  • Crime&Punishment – Authority ships will be buffed to much better support the concept of criminality across human space.
  • Trading – We will have access to much better trade data, so we can make much more informed decisions.
  • Wing Missions – Challenging wing missions that we can take on with friends as a team.
  • Planetary Tech – Revisiting the shaders and graphs that produce the planets, bringing out the contrast and details for a much more detailed look, and adding a wider variety of colour variation.
  • Narrative – The narrative of the Guardians will be continued. And we’ll be able to unlock a personal narrative as well. A few of the things we’ll be able to unlock.
  • Galnet Audio – We’ll be able to listen to GalNet news while flying our ships – Mirror.
  • New Ships: The Chieftain – Ship built by the Alliance in partnership with Lakon; and The Krait – Ship from the original Elite (Original).

2 x Content Updates

New ships, new missions, new scenarios & progressing the narrative that we can engage in.

Q4 Update

  • Squadrons – New organizational structure for player groups. We’ll be able to create our own squadrons. We’ll have tools to manage the membership and hierarchy in them.
  • Fleet Carriers – Squadrons will be able to purchase their own fleet carriers. These are large, mobile, dockable vessels that will act as a base of operations for squadrons. We’ll be able to refuel, rearm and respawn at them.
  • Mining – Improvements to the way we detect and extract resources. A miner’s toolkit of modules and capabilities, for more options, variety and choice when we’re in deep space. Trying to invoke the feeling of Wild West prospecting through jeopardy (crises, unforseen challenges to get the rewards) or through the concept of ‚hitting the motherlode‘ (deep core blasting, an entire special asteroid for big rewards). Trying to make mining a fully fledged feature.
  • Improved Lighting Model – Will benefit the planetary tech as well as space.
  • Planetary Update – Improvements to the scatter rocks system, by adding a bigger variety of sizes and scales to them. Localized ambient effects for fog and vapour.
  • New Planetary Environment.
  • Exploration Improvements – More activities and tools focused on how we find stuff in the galaxy. This affects missions, commodities, other resources.
  • The Codex – It will log our discoveries and will also act as an encyclopedia, giving more depth and context to the things we find. And also possibly hinting at other things that we might be able to find out there.
  • New phenomenons, new anomalies for us to find in the galaxy.
  • New ship
  • New Thargoids


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  1. Jogo79 0 XP Neuling | 08.10.2017 - 17:12 Uhr

    Absolut gutes Spiel. Ich hab das damals auf dem C64 wie verrückt gezockt und für damals war Elite wirklich seiner Zeit voraus. Bei Star Citizen kann es noch ziemlich lange dauern? Das Projekt ist zu Ambitioniert, wer weiß was am Schluss uns bevorsteht. Da gefällt mir die Entwicklung von ED wesentlich besser. Ich freu mich auch schon auf die Neuerungen!

  2. Bonny666 30250 XP Bobby Car Bewunderer | 09.10.2017 - 10:18 Uhr

    Geil, habe schon 700 Std. auf dem Tacho. Die lege ich bestimmt nochmal drauf 🙂


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