Hardcore Modus als kostenloses Update für Xbox One und Windows erhältlich

Für Everspace ist ein kostenloser Hardcore Modus für Xbox ONe und Windows erhältlich.

Für den Space Shooter Everspace hat Entwickler Rockfish Games das Update 1.2.2 veröffentlicht. Darin enthalten ist unter anderem ein Hardcore Modus, der für Xbox One und Windows kostenlos ist. Weiterhin gibt es neue Herausforderungen und der Endsektor sowie die finale Schlacht wurden überarbeitet.

Everspace Patch Notes für Update 1.2.2

New Features

  • Added Hardcore Mode
  • Added new device: Drone Disassembler
  • Added new device: Target Decelerator
  • Added new consumable: Plasma-Powered-Jump
  • Added a spectator camera that can be activated during Action Freeze mode
  • Added two new gamepad schemes that switch the mappings of thrust and hover


  • Don’t allow energy consumption mod on energy discharger
  • Outlaw Snipers can no longer be affected by Mainframe Override
  • Outlaw Drone Carriers will no longer override player drones
  • Outlaw hangars will no longer spawn ships if there are too many outlaws present already
  • The ARC-9000 will no longer damage friendly units
  • Improved Gunship turret accuracy
  • Increased Gunship Loadout B Light Missile amount from 10 to 20
  • Increased dark matter spawn chance around black holes
  • Slightly increased G&B freight container loot chance
  • Adjusted sector 2 environment colors to look less like sector 5
  • Set LOD scaling to less agressive values
  • Hardcore runs now also count towards the „Fast and Fragile“ and „Slow and Sturdy“ achievements
  • Buffed Gunship: Starts stronger (more hitpoints, more armor, more energy regeneration, increased boost) but ends up with same values as before when fully perked
  • Slightly reduced enemy accuracy on „Hard“ difficulty
  • Increased HUD visibility when sensors are damaged
  • Slightly reduced Okkar Drone burst duration
  • Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
  • Destroyed ships no longer deal collision damage while tailspinning
  • Show message when fuel limit is reached
  • Show current cooldown of devices, secondary weapons ammo and consumables amount in selection wheel
  • Increased Temporal Anti-Aliasing sharpness
  • Added a „fully mined“ indication sound
  • Used a special warning sound for silo missiles
  • Initial loading time is much shorter now


  • Add more safety to preventing Okkar Forces from jumping in during cutscenes
  • Fix Okkar Gunship MK2 occasionally hitting itself with own projectile
  • Fixed player wrecks neither having names nor any loot
  • Fixed missile warnings sounds and hud markers still being present after missile lifetime expired
  • Fixed flashback videos not correctly fading out when watching and skipping in hangar
  • Fixed G&B freighters sometimes having no loot at all
  • Fixed player jumping out of cutscenes if jump beacon was targeted beforehand
  • Fixed unspent credits warning sometimes showing even though there were no perks available to spend credits on
  • Fixed incorrect display of modded turret attributes
  • Fixed some mods not working properly on missile turret
  • Hopefully prevent Ancient Wardens from teleporting outside of level bounds
  • Fixed Mine Cluster recharging Okkar Corvette shields
  • Fixed drones occasionally straying too far from drone owner
  • Fixed Sensory Overload enhancement sometimes not uncovering everything
  • Made some minor adjustments in the Polish translation
  • Fixed a bug where the Ancient Warden would not blind the player
  • Fixed Admiral Gorc codex entry not unlocking
  • Berserker enhancement: Do not interrupt jump focus when boosting, reset kill timer when destroying shield generators
  • Fixed player drones having full health after each jump regardless of any perks
  • Fixed wrong ship banking values in Action Freeze Mode leading to jumpy contrails
  • Fixed Okkar Corvette Energy Discharge firing if player is cloaked
  • Fixed Okkar Frigate not dealing collision damage when destroyed
  • Prevented opening the pause menu while the player is jumping via jumpgate
  • Fixed a bug where clones would not spawn again if once killed and then exited out of the run and continued
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when selecting previous consumables if there is an empty slot at the end
  • Fixed Okkar Corvette Mk2 plasma cannons not becoming friendly when Corvette gets mainframe-overridden
  • Fixed Missile Turret device not all stats being displayed
  • Fixed thermal beam not being affected by sound fx volume settings
  • Fixed wrong Gunship device slot amount showing in perks screen
  • Fixed „Scanning…“ message occasionally not being removed
  • Fixed Okkar forces and Warships jumping in with Low Profile Glyph equipped during story missions
  • Fixed fuel being restored after a jumpgate jump when having the Fuel Conservation glyph equipped
  • Fixed teleporter device wall hack
  • Fixed very last mission not progressing correctly
  • Fixed Predetermination glyph incorrectly removing all jump suppressors

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  1. JAG THE GEMINI 30215 XP Bobby Car Bewunderer | 07.12.2017 - 16:17 Uhr

    Ach ja Everspace…. Das hatte ich ja garnicht mehr auf dem Schirm. Dabei fand ich es auf PC eigentlich ganz cool….

  2. Senseo Mike 10080 XP Sandkastenhüpfer Level 1 | 07.12.2017 - 19:25 Uhr

    Das soll doch auch ein 4K Enhanced Game werden.
    In meiner Liste taucht es aber noch nicht auf.
    Vielleicht kommt ja noch was, wäre schon cool!

  3. Irvinie 2355 XP Beginner Level 1 | 07.12.2017 - 22:44 Uhr

    Schön das sie den Hardcore-Modus kostenlos mit einem Update liefern. Das ist eine schöne Geste.

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