Gears 5: Patch Notes zu Title Update 3

The Coalition hat die Patch Notes zu Title Update 3 für Gears 5 und Operation 2 bekannt gegeben.

Heute erscheint das Operation 2 Update für Gears 5. Die Uhrzeit der beiden Starttermine haben wir euch schon verraten, nun gibt es noch die Patch Notes zum Update:

Gears 5 Patch Notes zu Title Update 3

  • Added weapon Bloodsprays to your victims’ death screens in versus
  • Movement adjustments to improve strafing including increased acceleration and a minor reduction in the delay from roadie run to shoot
  • Updated visuals on the spectator HUD used in private versus matches – now includes a mini-map with numbered player icons
  • Added “Reduced Buffering” option for PC players that can reduce input lag when frame-rate is consistently much higher than your monitor’s refresh rate
  • Fixed an issue that could cause only a single map to be featured in the front end
  • Fixed HUD locators being clamped to corners of the screen when they should have been positioned along the bottom
  • Users are no longer able to use a Breaker Mace to kill players in elevated low covers with the Heavy attack
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players searched for cover on the other side of cover they are facing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players roll directly into covers when performing an ADS “Back-A”
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to hitch after performing a cover slip+roadie run at certain angles
  • Fixed an issue where aim adhesion tracked enemies through low cover
  • Melee’ing with a grenade no longer causes the character to ignore player collision on friendlies
  • Fixed an issue that could cause all fortifications and weapons to be displayed when Emile joins in progress
  • Fixed an issue where weapon skins occasionally didn’t display on certain maps in Versus and Horde
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where sometimes split-screen Co-Op players experienced disabled melee and shooting until weapon swap when conducting an active reload with the Overkill
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where players can restart after wiping in Survivor
  • Fixed an issue where store updating forces the player to reboot the title to see new items
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the Shock Grenadier mutator also damages nearby Swarm
  • Fixed an issue in Escape when a player joining in progress into the safe room could cause the next chapter to load indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where DBNO players get revived with less than full health
  • Fixed an issue so that there is now blood splatter on the camera during pistol executions
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the Poison Juvies mutator could continue to cause damage after poison puddle disappears
  • Execution previews now play
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes banners didn’t appear on the MVP screen, if the MVP is on the losing team
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where some players’ Ultimates did not display as full on TAC-COM
  • Fixed an issue where some players using the combination of a Controller and a Mouse get incorrect adhesion/friction
  • Fixed the issue where Mouse and Keyboard in the Arcade Deathmatch weapon purchase menu the input to repeated continuously
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the players “best time” sometimes displayed as “—” even though the user is placed on that Hive
  • Fixed an issue in PC where players attempting to install the Ultra-HD Texture pack sometimes got stuck at 70%
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where Jackbot is occasionally unable to interact with the button that turns the forge on
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where joining in progress occasionally enabled the user to see items that are not allowed to be purchased by that character
  • Fahz Horde buff: Exploit Weakness – removed the constraint that it has to happen during the ultimate. Previously you would get extra damage to weak spots during the ultimate only, now with this card equipped you get it all the time
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes


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  1. Z0RN 316340 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Gold | 11.12.2019 - 13:54 Uhr

    Endlich mehr Blut bei der Handfeuerwaffen-Exekution. ??? Ne Spaß, also ein paar sinnvolle Änderungen sind dabei, wobei mir vom Movement anscheinend ein bisschen zu sehr zurück in Richtung Gears 4 gepatcht wird.

    Am besten ist, dass jetzt mein Bloodspray beim Gegner im Screen eingeblendet wird. Sowas find ich mega.

    • Robilein 393785 XP Xboxdynasty Veteran Platin | 11.12.2019 - 14:00 Uhr

      Da passt wieder das LOL oder PAWG Bloodspray. Finde ich auch genial??

      • xGREENx 1480 XP Beginner Level 1 | 11.12.2019 - 15:28 Uhr

        Mir gefällt es nicht, keine Lust in meinem Bildschirm nachher ein „Forza“ „Sea of Thieves“ oä stehen zu haben.

    • xGREENx 1480 XP Beginner Level 1 | 11.12.2019 - 15:26 Uhr

      Wie verschieden doch Geschmäcker sind, mir gefällt das mit dem Blood Spray überhaupt nicht. Mir gefiel es schon so nicht und jetzt wird es noch schlimmer!
      Ansonsten bin ich mal gespannt wie Operation 2 wird, aufgrund des immer noch defekten Rangsystems hab ich seit Wochen keine Runde mehr gedreht.

  2. scott75 59600 XP Nachwuchsadmin 8+ | 11.12.2019 - 14:29 Uhr

    Ich kenne nur Intimspray ? Blood ist aber auch gut , falls ich mal ein Schnitt am Finger haben sollte ?

  3. BONZE BLN44 14000 XP Leetspeak | 11.12.2019 - 14:35 Uhr

    Bin ma gespannt wie es sich dann spielt. Hoffe es wird einiges wirklich verbessert. Aber heute werde ich nocht nicht reinschauen weil wie heisst es so schön : Never play on patch day?


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