Grounded: Version 1.0 mit vielen Neuerungen veröffentlicht

Grounded hat die Game Preview verlassen und bringt mit Version 1.0 viele neue Inhalte ins Survival-Spiel.

Auf die Größe einer Ameise geschrumpft, hat das Abenteuer im Hinterhof von Grounded erst richtig begonnen. Entwickler Obsidian Entertainment veröffentlichte jetzt nach einer über zweijährigen Game Preview-Phase Version 1.0 für Xbox-Konsolen und PC.

Zum Launch des Survival-Spiels gibt es nicht nur einen ausgiebigen Trailer, der euch die Gefahren des eigenen Gartens oberhalb der Grasnarbe aufzeigt, sondern was für ein aufregendes Abenteuer ihr mit euren Freunden im Spiel erleben könnt.

Mit Version 1.0 hat Grounded auch einen neuen Hof im Osten, neue Geheimlabore, Schmuckstücke und zusätzliche Erfolge erhalten. Auch vor den neuen Kreaturen wie Motte, Zecke oder Schwarze Witwe solltet ihr euch in Acht nehmen.

Alle Details zum 1.0-Update für Grounded sind in den Patch Notes enthalten.

Version 1.0 Patch Notes


You can now „beat the game!“ The complete story and mystery of the backyard is now available to play and experience.

All Lines Fully Voiced

This includes full voice acting passes on previous dialogue that was missing voice overs as well as all of the new dialogue added in 1.0.

Story and Quest progress will be reset for saves made during Early Access.

  • A lot of the early dialogue and quests have been undergone revisions and thus the story and quest flow are now different. Story and lab content will need to be traversed again to progress the new story flow. You will be placed back at the starting ravine.
  • Don’t Worry: All inventory, player bases, unlocked recipes, milk molars, science purchases, and other unlocks will carry over and not be lost.



A huge sprawling and wild land full of towering household items and new angry bugs. Complete with explorable tunnel systems and new plants and resources to discover.






A large, dark, and dank zone under the Shed where the mystery of the backyard continues…



  • Starting a new game (or loading a save prior to 1.0) will start the game on a fully rendered intro cinematic.
  • You will also encounter other rendered cutscenes during the game that divulge more of the story and mystery.


  • The Glider slot is now the „Accessory“ slot.
  • There are now a variety of Trinkets to equip to the Accessory slot.
  • Some trinkets are lucky loot drops which you can find them many times over, other trinkets are unique items in the yard.
  • Most Trinkets will apply an additional status effect to your character that matches the Trinket.
  • Dandelion Tufts will still equip via this Accessory slot.


  • 9 new achievements added in 1.0 for you to unlock! Hidden ones include story spoilers.



  • Find the Orchid Mantis home in the flower planter in front of the Shed.
  • She must be lured out with a craftable treat: the Orchid Mantis Kebab.



New creatures for you to encounter in the upper portion of the yard!

  • Moth
  • Spiky Water Flea
  • Tiger Mosquito
  • Tick
  • Worker Fire Ant
  • Soldier Fire Ant
  • Black Widow
  • Black Widow Spiderlings


  • A new sour flavored candy exists in the yard: Wormholes!
  • Sour shards can be harvested from Wormhole candy and tools can be upgraded down this new flavor path.



  • New high tier weapons mimicking their magical-like counterparts.
  • You can craft a Staff out of each of the different candy shards you find in the yard, each with their own unique attack style. 3 in total!
  • Unlocked in a late game BURG.L chip.


  • 5 new Armor Sets
  • 2 additional headpieces
  • 9 additional weapons (not including staves)
  • 2 new shields
  • 2 new pet hat variants
  • 3 new arrow types
  • 2 new unique weapons to find in the yard
  • Loads of Trinkets to find
  • Flares


  • Fresh Storage
    • A smaller capacity storage container that keeps food from spoiling.
  • Tier 3 Building Set – Ash
    • The highest defense base building material you can find.
  • Pebble Path
    • For when your base needs a walkway.
  • Over 50 new Sign Frame drawings
    • A majority of these were added to already existing Sign Set unlocks to give you more Sign Frame options. More sign sets added to unlock these as well.
  • New Trap


  • 6 New Mutations
    • 1 new „class“ mutation.
    • A mutation reward has been added for successfully defeating the Assistant Manager.
    • A mutation reward has been added for collecting gold cards.
    • 3 more mutations related to new content.
  • Coaltana Recipe Unlock Challenge
    • The Coaltana recipe unlock method has changed and is no longer a simple pickup you can sacrifice your body to easily unlock. A challenge must be completed in order to acquire it.
    • Because of this change, the Coaltana recipe has been removed from your known recipes list when loading a pre-1.0 saved game. You must complete the new method of unlocking the Coaltana recipe to get it back.
  • Better Item Management
    • Items now remember what slot they were last in and will attempt to return to that slot when being added to your backpack via unequipping or picking up a death backpack.
    • You can now Hot Deposit to all nearby storage containers. This can be done using the new „Hot Deposit Nearby Storage“ action in the Executables radial or by pressing „N“ using keyboard controls.
  • Super MIX.Rs
    • 3 Super MIX.Rs added across the upper yard which are harder but give extra Raw Science.
  • More SCA.Bs
    • More SCA.B schemes have been placed in the yard to find.



  • Faction payback attacks note what creature faction is attacking.
  • The cooldown of days between payback attacks has been reduced as it was tuned high for the Home Stretch update.
  • The minimum number of creatures that participate in attacks has been slightly increased, as it was tuned too low for the Home Stretch update.


  • Weapon / Armor Upgrades
    • Stone of Toughness has been renamed to Quartzite. Rock of Style has been renamed to Marble.
    • Tough Nugget has been renamed to Quartzite Shard. Style Nugget has been renamed to Marble Shard.
    • The tier naming convention has been changed from N/A, Cool, Rad to Brittle, Sturdy, Supreme.
      • I.E. Brittle Quartzite, Sturdy Quartzite, Supreme Quartzite. Brittle Marble, Sturdy Marble, Supreme Marble.
    • An additional crafting step has been added to the weapon and armor upgrade process; you must now process the Quartzite and Marble in to usable upgrade resources.
      • Quartzite → Whetstones. Processes at a 1 to 1 ratio.
      • Marble → Armor Plating. Processes at a 1 to 1 ratio.
      • You’ll still unlock alternate crafting methods for each tier of upgrade resource as you progress through the game, but now you’ll be crafting whetstones/plating instead of Quartzite or Marble.
    • Tier 3 crafting recipes for creating Supreme upgrade materials have been added into the late game.
  • Milk Molars:
    • All Mega Milk Molar stack size upgrades have been increased from +3 to +5.
    • The Hunger Drain and Thirst Drain upgrades have been combined into a single purchase upgrade.
    • A new personal upgrade to purchase has been added: „Healing“. The more this is increased, the more health you receive from healing items.
    • All personal Milk Molar points have been refunded when loading a save from Game Preview / Early Access so you can apply your points to the new categories as you see fit.
    • There are now enough Milk Molars and Mega Milk Molars placed in the yard to fully max out your character.


  • Additional creatures can now be pissed off by the Waft Emitter:
    • Fire Ants
    • Black Ox Beetles
    • Bombardier Beetles
    • Charcoal Larva
    • Tiger Mosquitos
    • Wolf Spiders


  • Natural Explorer now requires more POIs to unlock each tier
  • Javelineer now also increases damage dealt when throwing spears


  • New jump animations for the player.


  • Playthroughs are now limited to 10 manual saves max. Game Preview saves and auto-saves do not count towards this limit.
  • Xbox users can now swap profiles at the Main Menu.


  • BURG.L’s conversation camera has been adjusted for better framing with various player / wall collision scenarios.
  • Improved existing in-game cutscenes.


  • New music track that occasionally plays while in the Grasslands.
  • Dropping or throwing items on various surfaces will now have correct audio play based on the surface type.
  • Teens will remark about things in the yard more.


  • New options for adjusting the size and opacity reticle have been added.


  • Defeating the assistant manager now awards a unique mutation.
  • Auto-saves now trigger right before any MIX.R is activated, any boss fight is manually triggered, or any Payback base attack begins.
  • Creature stat scaling when multiple players are fighting a creature will no longer decrease if one of the players goes away while that creature is still in mid-combat.
  • You will now see the „Gas Hazard“ warning icon on your HUD while in the middle of a Stink Bug gas attack or inside of the radius of any gas arrow attack.
  • You can no longer hurt yourself when throwing an item.
  • Throwing weapons does more damage on hit than before.
  • Spears now have their thrown damage scale up in several ways
    • Higher tier spears have a default higher thrown damage
    • Weapon upgrades affect thrown damage
    • Javelineer now additionally increases thrown damage of spears


  • Pets that are stored at a Pet House will no longer show a Pet icon when you are away from them.


  • Map has a new art style.
  • Map has better feeedback for when map marker has been toggled on / off.
  • Improved map panning on Gamepad.
  • Any save made during early access will display a warning noting the save is from Early Access and has a chance of not working properly (much like the old „Ancient Save“ warning).
  • Game Preview / Early Access elements removed.
  • The Player List now asks for confirmation before kicking a player.
  • The load screen has a new animated loading graphic.
  • Dragging and dropping items in inventory / container screens with the mouse is less visually janky.
  • Respawning will now have the game do a quick fade from black.
  • Survival Quests that have a key control attached to it will show a button backing behind it.
  • Improved gamepad navigation of the Data page using gamepad.
  • User-generated strings are now filtered for profanity while playing in multiplayer.
  • Languages in the language dropdown are now shown in the current language as well as their own language.
  • Lab resource surveyors are now unlocked when found, instead of when the lab POI is unlocked.


  • Food items found in labs or chests no longer spoil before you find them.
  • Husky weed takes fewer chops with stronger weapons.
  • Daffodils have new art.
  • Rose bush has new art.
  • You can no longer save scum to get better loot.


  • Drowned creatures no longer drop loot. This includes gold cards. (No cheese!)
  • Flying creatures will start flying if they fall off something.
  • Scarabs will burrow sooner after fleeing from the player.
  • Creatures will no longer take items from dropped backpacks.
  • There are no more Burrowed Larva near the Oak tree.


  • Larva no longer randomly roam the starting grasslands during the day and stay closer to their home territories.
  • Wolf Spiders sleep through nights 1 and 2 on a new game.
  • A tutorial popup explaining how to swap First / Third person camera will trigger during gameplay.
  • The „Build a Lean-To“ Survival Quest will point you to the nearest Clover and Sprig to help you find those resources since night will be shortly approaching.
  • Kid case now has a light on it so you don’t spawn in pure darkness if you spawn there.
  • New tutorial quest for crafting a torch on the first night or entering into a dark cave will show you where the nearest Sap is since that is the hardest resource to find.
  • Block tutorial now triggers shortly after equipping your first weapon you can block with. Tutorial now mentions Perfect Blocking as well.


Major Fixes

  • SCA.B themes are properly saved and restored for clients.
  • Antlions should no longer launch the player (or other bugs) to the moon with their burrow strike.
  • Players who join a game after a non-repeatable boss is defeated will unlock the mutations associated with defeating said boss.
  • Dew drops on grass will now be correct after loading a saved game.
  • Game works on Win 7 and Win 8.0 again.
  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese will now use appropriate Chinese fonts.
  • Fixed random crashing on Xbox One and Xbox Series S when loading into the yard.
  • Loading a save made while incapacitated no longer causes a soft lock.

Shared Worlds

  • You will no longer sometimes load into a Shared World as if the game was a New Game due to a save download failure.
    • The player will receive a „Failure to Host Game“ message instead and stay at the Main Menu.
  • You will no longer see that you are hosting your own world and not be able to load it if you happen to have a crash while playing and then try to rehost the world again.
  • Preventing crashing that could happen when interacting with the Shared World system.

Other Fixes

  • You can no longer instant craft all items in a processing building queue by canceling the item currently in production.
  • Scrolling the map with gamepad is more smooth and reliable.
  • Using Quickshot properly syncs the arrow portion of the crossbow reload animation.
  • Pupa, gum, koi scales, and sunken bones no longer count toward the Rock Cracker mutation.
  • Zipline Wall Anchors can no longer overlap each other.
  • Visiting the Four-leaf clover area no longer keeps a green overlay on your screen.
  • Fixed Ants going on a weevil murdering spree and leaving noses everywhere.
  • Clients see dew drops again after joining a saved game.
  • Ants no longer loot dead pet gnats, causing potential item loss.
  • Spiders and other large bugs should no longer phase through soda can openings during attacks.
  • Saves made in the Hedge lab no longer say „Unknown“ as the location.
  • All parts of the shed deck can now be built on.
  • The cursor will no longer jump to the end of the Storage/Pet name input box after typing.
  • Replacing doors with walls and vice versa can no longer cause the walls to stop supporting.
  • Half-screen interfaces will correctly display the target object when playing in Arabic.
  • You will no longer gain negative reputation towards ants when exploring empty cave systems that have nothing to do with ants.
  • Fixed issue where you could not navigate the Share with Friends menu if all of your friends were already on the Shared World Shared With list.
  • The Crafting recipe list properly sorts recipes by tier.
  • The Crafting menu no longer shows the „Missing Ingredients“ element if you have all of the ingredients for the selected recipe.
  • Wide Interaction can no longer be used to interact through lab walls.
  • When starting building placement, the player will stop crouching.
  • When the player holds Ctrl when starting building placement, the placed building will now snap correctly.
  • Dropped player backpacks will no longer bounce infinitely on bounce webs.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen when a creature destroyed a Garden Patch that no player was nearby.
  • UI Blurring properly works with HDR.
  • „Go To Entry“ will show the correct gamepad control when hovering a „Recipe Used In“ on the crafting screen.
  • Read To Me will no longer narrate speech-to-text chat messages.
  • Read To Me will no longer redundantly read quickchat messages.
  • Read To Me will now read harvestable and interactable interactions more reliably.


  • When a controller disconnects, you can continue playing using a new controller.
  • Renaming a save immediately after making it works on Xbox and Windows Store builds.

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  1. DonPapa190 33180 XP Bobby Car Schüler | 28.09.2022 - 14:38 Uhr

    Das Spiel ist in der Preview schon spaßig gewesen. Freue mich auf den Storymodus!

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    Endlich der Storymodus. Nachdem ich das geniale Deathloop beendet habe, werde ich damit starten.

    • NeoPhoenix 11345 XP Sandkastenhüpfer Level 1 | 28.09.2022 - 19:43 Uhr

      Robi, bitte überdenke deinen Fehler. Einen Loop kann man nicht beenden, das sagten selbst die Entwickler. Es sei denn da draussen gibt es noch was anderes, allein die OP Waffen und deren Aurüstung zu farmen.

      Ich hab Grounded beim letzten grossen Update neu starten müssen, somit im Kreativmodus und die Erfolge sind dadurch einfacher zu bekommen, danke an die Devs.

      Wie sieht es mit Flight Sim und Co aus? Wie kann ich dich erreichen? Du bist in meiner Liste, aber nie Online?

      • Robilein 755785 XP Xboxdynasty All Star Silber | 28.09.2022 - 20:14 Uhr

        Damit meine ich die Hauptstory, klar. Bin immer fleißig online🤔🤔🤔

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    Ich spiels ja schon seit dem ersten Tag.. und freu mich so dass es endlich fertig ist..

    Und der Trailer haut voll rein 👍💪💪🤣

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    Habe es mir auf die Platte geschmissen. Freue mich schon riesig auf den Storymodus. 🥰

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      Hat leider keine deutsche Synchronisation, aber das Menü ist deutsch und auch die Untertitel. Wäre schöner wenn es auch synchronisiert wäre.
      Es macht aber trotzdem irre viel Spaß.

    • dancingdragon75 157870 XP God-at-Arms Onyx | 28.09.2022 - 16:53 Uhr

      Deutsche Synchro ist aber nicht so nötig wie man sie in GTA zb gerne hätte..
      Untertitel sind hier deutlich entspannter zu lesen..

      • NeoPhoenix 11345 XP Sandkastenhüpfer Level 1 | 28.09.2022 - 19:45 Uhr

        Dann schau dir mal Death Stranding auf dem PC Game Pass an. Solch Syncro sollte jeder Spiel haben und Rockstar hat das allemal oder man schaue alle Arkane/ Bethesda Games an.

        Man ist nur zu faul zum Mehraufwand

  5. xxspawnxx 5735 XP Beginner Level 3 | 28.09.2022 - 16:55 Uhr

    Es gibt aber jetzt nur ein Update auf 1.0 und kein neuer Spieleclient zum Laden oder?
    Dann könnte man die Erfolge nochmal absahnen 😉

  6. W3rn3rs3n 60380 XP Stomper | 28.09.2022 - 17:29 Uhr

    Hat gestern mega Spaß gemacht zu dritt mal wieder reinzuschauen. Wird auf jeden Fall weitergespielt.

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    Ist die Kampagne für Einzelspieler oder ist die für Multiplayer?


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