Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Patch 1.4 ab sofort erhältlich

Patch 1.4 für Hood: Outlaws & Legends ist ab sofort erhältlich.

Das Update 1.4 ist ab sofort für Hood: Outlaws & Legends erhältlich und bringt eine Reihe von Änderungen und Fehlerbehebungen. Freut euch auf Änderungen an den Attentaten, Verbesserungen im Matchmaking, Reduzierung der Wartezeiten, sowie eine Reihe von Fehlerkorrekturen.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes


  • Assassinations can now be interrupted if damage to assassin exceeds a certain threshold (read more here) TLDR: most basic attacks interrupt it now.


  • Players can now exit stagger/stun more consistently through dodging/blocking, to reduce situations where players would get stunlocked


  • Players on EGS can now invite players on Steam to their group.
  • After the end of a match, players are moved back to the hideout, but remain in their squads. This should reduce matchmaking times because before, players were leaving the automatic queue in order to return to the hideout, which had a negative impact on queue times.
  • Rank is no longer displayed in the lobby.


  • Improved ability to interact with winch when standing close to it
  • Added feedback alert for when an enemy team reaches a new winching notch


  • „…The Ballad Unfolds“ and „…The Ballad Ends“ trophies can now be unlocked. It won’t be automatically unlocked for those who already fulfilled the requirements. This fix is coming in the next update.


  • Fixed challenges that involve tagging

Voice Chat

  • [Xbox One, Xbox Series] Fixed mute not applying when a user had been muted via their gamercard during gameplay.


  • Fixed Ctrl appearing when trying to bind a key to Right Shift or Alt Gr
  • Added missing home spawn icon on Citadel for both teams
  • Tweaked some texts in the post-match screen for clarity
  • Fixed the respawn timer sometimes appearing blurred as if in the background

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the tag not being removed for enemy players when a Marianne used her ability after getting tagged by an AI
  • Fixed collision pushing mechanic forcing characters to rotate in certain instances
  • Fixed visual effect of Gold coins falling out of chest when it was dropped
  • [Xbox One, Xbox Series] Fixed black screen when returning to Hideout
  • Fixed Tooke’s weapon disappearing if he used his ability right after climbing down a rope

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  1. TCW Sam Vimes 33510 XP Bobby Car Geisterfahrer | 08.06.2021 - 14:38 Uhr

    Das mit den Meucheleien ist top. War echt nervig dabei zuzuschauen wie dein Teampartner gemeuchelt wird und du kannst so gut wie nichts machen. Muss ich mal wieder rein schauen, auch gerade mit dem Matchmaking…


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