Jurassic World Evolution: Dr. Wus Geheimnisse und Update 1.5 erhältlich

Für Jurassic World Evolution ist ab sofort der DLC Dr. Wus Geheimnisse sowie das Update 1.5 erhältlich.

Heute bekommt euer Dino-Park in Jurassic World Evolution ein Update spendiert. Mit Update 1.5 gibt es unter anderem neue Verhaltensmuster, Tag/Nacht-Zyklus, Futter-Zuführung mit höherer Kapazität und mehr.

Außerdem ist auch der kostenpflichtige DLC Dr. Wus Geheimnisse im Microsoft Store für 14,99 Euro erhältlich. Im neuen DLC wird die Jurassic World Evolution-Kampagne um neue Missionen und eine zusätzliche Jurassic World-Story erweitert.

Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC

  • Added new story missions
  • Added new island locations for Dr. Wu’s facilities
    • Muerta East
    • Tacaño Research Facility
  • Added new dinosaurs
    • Ankylodocus
    • Spinoraptor
    • Stegoceratops
    • Olorotitan
    • Troodon
      • Added Troodon venom bite attack against dinosaur prey
      • Troodon hunts can be non-lethal
  • Added dig sites and research for new dinosaurs
  • Added comfort gene genetic modification
    • Each dinosaur genome now has additional comfort gene slots
      • Stress genome slots allow modifications to the dinosaur’s stress thresholds
      • Habitat genome slots allow modifications to the dinosaur’s habitat requirements
      • Social genome slots allow modifications to the dinosaur’s social and population requirements
    • Added new UI state for dinosaurs engineered with unobtainable comfort, social or population needs
      • Added support for comfort bars for impossible to satisfy dinosaurs, new property „impossible“ will turn them red and add „???“ to the bar
  • Added new story based and progression research unlocks
    • Improved marketing increases ticket values
    • Improved marketing increases photo valuations
    • Improved lawyers reduce losses through guest fatalities by dinosaurs
    • Improved construction makes building construction cheaper
    • Hatchery Insurance research item that will give an increasing percentage refund if incubation fails
    • Feeder resupply cost reduction
    • Fourth tier hatchery upgrades for incubation speed and success rate
    • Improved transport team speed
    • Advanced Storm Defence Stations added
    • Indominus rex camouflage gene added – It is applied using the new researched gene and activates on:
      • Hammond Creation Lab exits
      • Hunts
      • When it panics
      • When in forest
      • Small chance when idle
  • Added new achievements

Free Update 1.5


  • Added group behaviour
    • Dinosaurs with social groups will try and form a social group
      • Dinosaurs capable of contesting leadership have an Alpha
        • The leader is the dinosaur with the highest prestige
        • Certain dinosaur species can challenge the current leader to a leadership contest, if their prestige is higher than the current leader.
      • Dinosaurs that cannot contest will congregate in suitable social groups with a leader
    • Group factors are determined per species
    • Members of the group will try to follow their leader
    • Groups can merge if their member count is less than the maximum social size
    • Members of the group will try and sleep if their leader does so
    • The current needs of group members can be influenced by the Alpha’s current needs
    • Alphas indicated in the dinosaur UI (for dinosaurs that can battle for leadership)
    • Groups will look for suitably sized areas to form up
    • Try to limit group members idle roaming too far from their leader
    • Group size can be affected by the alpha’s social gene modifications
    • Group members will try and graze when their alpha does
    • Group members only socialise with other members of the same group
    • Group members try to flee towards their leader
  • Sleep behaviour added
    • Dinosaurs can sleep if they are healthy and happy


  • Dinosaur with specific gene modification
  • Sell a dinosaur with a specific gene modification
  • Get a dinosaur to a target infamy rating
  • Sell a dinosaur with a target infamy rating


  • Added higher capacity tall herbivore feeder
  • Added higher capacity standard herbivore feeder
  • Added higher capacity carnivore feeder

Day/Night cycle options

  • Available automatically in Challenge and Sandbox modes
  • Unlocked alongside the preset options by five starring the campaign islands
  • Available by default on the Secrets of Dr. Wu islands
  • Added a cycle duration option

General Fixes and Tweaks


  • Fixed incorrect UI image for the Bar
  • Fixed existing incubation speed increase upgrades text to show the correct improvement values (the actual values have not been changed)
  • Fixed guests on the hotel roof not correctly facing the attraction they want to look at


  • „Attractions“ is now „Guest Facilities“ in ‚Make money from attractions‘ contracts
  • Added contracts for photographing sleeping dinosaurs
  • Shelter Coverage contracts will no longer ask for >95% coverage as an objective


  • Added venom resistance for each dinosaur
  • Further optimisations for the dinosaur needs flood fill
  • Fixed dinosaurs not always being able to eat after a hunt
  • Stopped dinosaurs sometimes playing the HCL Exit animation when loading into a save file
  • Prevent editing terrain underneath ragdolled dinosaurs, to avoid physics and other knock-on issues
  • Enabled cycling between dinosaurs when the dinosaur is selected but the info panel is not open
  • Added the current number of species, the target number of species and the target total dinosaur rating to the management screen
  • Dead dinosaurs no longer contribute towards the visibility percentage, visibility counts or visibility contracts. However, their negative prestige is still taken into account
  • Changed the display of habitat area requirements:
    • All comfort area values are now shown on a non-linear scale on the needs tab
    • All bars now have the same scale (0-35,000), so the current habitat areas should show the same for all nearby dinosaurs
    • The minimum required area is now displayed in the dinosaur’s bio, rather than the „ideal“ value, which was really just the displayed scale
    • None of this should affect habitat satisfaction in existing parks (unless dinosaurs with comfort genes are released)
  • Stopped dinosaurs eating from food that is being carried away by a transport helicopter
  • Rebalanced carnivores so dinosaurs have to be visibly hungry before they’ll eat prey
  • Reduced instances of dinosaurs walking through fights as they begin
  • Fix for rare bug where the cause of death shows as „Died from healthy“
  • Further dinosaur audio polish
  • Various animation fixes and polish


  • Fixed some cut off occurring on music being played
  • Balanced various music types lengths


  • Screen space reflections improvements for PC


  • Fixed sandbox money resetting when loading a save file


  • Cleaned up template missions (contracts) from the game database when starting/loading a career
  • Added a save limit reached warning when there isn’t any available space for a new save
  • Various stability fixes


  • Added double click for sell and extract fossils on PC
  • Added double click to save and load menus for PC
  • Fixed side panel not getting an update in rare timing bug in laboratory
  • Fixed failed mission fanfare showing wrong division symbol
  • Remember the active tab when cycling between dinosaurs or buildings
  • Prevent weird situations where it’s possible to pause the game and bring up a UI prompt at the same time. e.g. when adding a new ranger team
  • Allow Help screens to be shown from the pause menu even if a hatchery exit sequence is currently in progress
  • Prevent various shortcuts from being usable when they’re not supposed to be
  • Management bar mouse hit now works as expected when the prompt is up
  • Added a keyboard binding for activating the notification button
  • Fixed being able to show the Cancel Research dialog box at the same time as the research is completed


  • Pitch the camera upwards after leaving the first person monorail view, to avoid the camera sometimes coming to rest inside the monorail track
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes passing through things
  • Fix a case where the camera could end up under the terrain after exiting a helicopter well outside the park bounds
  • Various audio updates and fixes

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