Killer Instinct: Season 3

Der Gebieter von Halo angeteasert, Kim Wu enthüllt und Patchnotes zu Update 2.13

Killer Instinct: Season 3 scheint ein richtiges Aufgebot beliebter Cross-Over-Charaktere zu bekommen. Nach Rash von Battletoads folgt nun Arbiter aus Halo. Dazu kommt Kim Wu.

Festhalten Leute! Der Arbiter prüdelt demnächst in Killer Instinct: Season 3. In einem ersten Teaser wird der Kämpfer bereits angekündigt. Dazu folgen Spielszenen von Kim Wu und Patchnotes zum Update 2.13, das bereits ausgerollt wurde und den neuen Combo-Assist-Modus beinhalten.

Der Gebieter Teaser für Killer Instinct: Season 3

Kim Wu Trailer

Update 2.13 New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • *Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when challenging an Aganos Shadow in Shadow Lab
    • *Fixed an issue where going straight from CPU vs. CPU into Shadow Survival would cause issues with other single player modes
    • *Fixed an issue that would prevent the lockout HUD from appearing when an incorrect break attempt was made immediately after the end of a previous lockout
    • *Fixed an issue where stage lighting on Alchemical Lab would appear washed out
    • *Fixed an issue where TJ Combo’s neck would appear stretched when hit by Shadow Jago’s Ultimate
    • *Fixed an issue where resetting character position in Practice Mode during Shadow Jago’s Annihilation would cause the character models to become flipped
    • *Fixed an issue where the rain effect on Devil’s Landing was visible during Shadow Jago’s Ultimate
    • *Fixed an issue where projectiles were visible during Shadow Jago’s Annihilation
    • *Fixed an issue with Shadow Jago’s ground shadows flickering and disappearing on certain stages
    • *Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent audio from playing during a match after watching a Shadow Replay
    • *Fixed an issue where the Shadow Jago’s “Surge” meter would overlap with Omen’s meter lockout UI
    • *Fixed an issue where Shadow Jago would appear as “N/A” under “Best Character” on the Ranked Leagues Leaderboards
    • *Fixed an issue where Shadow Jago’s sword would clip through his pants in character customization
    • *Fixed an issue where Shadow Jago’s chain would clip through his chest in character select

System Changes:

  • *Corrected an issue that could cause a sweep reaction to hover in place in a specific situation, leading to an expensive but safe counter breaker attempt and some weird looking animation.
  • *Timer Lockout changed from Red to Gray
  • *Counter Breaker Lockout changed from Red to Purple
  • *Punish UI has been added

Character Changes:


  • *Corrected the position of Thunder’s throw vulnerable box at the end of Instinct Forward Dash to eliminate cases where he is thrown while crossing through someone, leading to flipped or broken throw animations.

TJ Combo:

  • *Fixed a bug that allowed TJ to use negative edge (button release) to perform Roller Coaster (DF+MP) and Superman Punch (DF+HP).
  • *Fix a bug causing Powerline cancel into Knee to be breakable on Medium instead of Heavy.
  • *Fixed a bug preventing the opponent from losing meter if you used Shoot Toss to grab them out of the early frames of a Shadow Counter attempt.
  • *Fixed a bug that could cause TJ to whiff HP or HK auto doubles after an Instinct Cancel from Powerline or Spinfist by scooting him closer to his opponent.


  • *Fixed a bug preventing the opponent from losing meter if you used Mantis to grab them out of the early frames of a Shadow Counter attempt.

Kan Ra:

  • *Fixed a bug that prevented Kan-Ra from doing two Linker Shadow Swarms in a row.


  • *Added missing Kara Cancel windows into the Shadow Form move, making it much easier to perform on command.


  • *Removed force block boxes from Wall Summon moves that did not belong.
  • *Adjusted attack boxes during Peacemaker moves to ensure more consistent behavior at all Chunk levels.
  • *Fixed a bug that prevented the Peacemaker from breaking when performing a Linker Shadow Natural Disaster, Linker Shadow Pulverize, or any Ender.
  • *Fixed a bug preventing the opponent from losing meter if you used Peacemaker Grab to grab them out of the early frames of a Shadow Counter attempt.

Shadow Jago:

  • *Dark Catastrophe (Dashing Dark Fury) now has differences in travel distance and height based on the strength chosen.
  • *Fixed a bug letting him get out of the end of his backdash 5 frames earlier than expected, which also caused him to wiggle a bit at the end.
  • *Fixed a bug causing the damage from Annihilation to be a bit higher than the UI was reporting. The damage now matches (as closely as possible) the damage that was being reported previously, and reports accurately.
  • *Fixed an issue that prevented Shadow Jago from doing Shadow Darkstalking twice in a row.
  • *Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong landing animation to play after Shadow Dark Fury.
  • *Fixed a bug causing Air Endokukens to auto correct to face the opponent.
  • *Fixed a bug preventing the opponent from losing meter if you used Annihilation to grab them out of the early frames of a Shadow Counter attempt.
  • *Fixed a bug preventing crouch blocking opponents from going into Stagger when hit with Dark Demise Axe Kick.
  • *Fixed a bug causing his Drift linkers to play a face-hit reaction on the opponent instead of a leg-hit.
  • *Fixed a bug that could cause TJ Combo to mirror when going into Last Breath after getting KO’ed by Annihilation.
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