Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Umfangreicher Multiplayer Patch 1.01 veröffentlicht

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Konami hat zu Metal Gear Online einen umfangreichen Patch 1.01 veröffentlicht. Wir haben die Patchnotes für euch.

Heute am 10. November 2015 wurde ein umfangreicher Patch 1.01 zu Metal Gear Online veröffentlicht. Damit ihr wisst, welche Änderungen auf euch warten, gibt es hier die Patchnotes für euch:

[Bug Fixes]
– Fixed issue where matches in progress would not end properly when servers would go down for maintenance.
– Fixed issue where the respawn screen may have been shown multiple times depending on the network status.
– Fixed various causes of session disconnection that occur at the beginning of a match.
– Fixed issue where defenders who joined in the middle of a CLOAK AND DAGGER match could use stealth camo.
– Fixed issue in CLOAK AND DAGGER missions where weapon quick change would sometimes temporarily disable stealth camo for the infiltrating team.
– Fixed issue where party menu would not function properly after auto-matching.
– Fixed issue where the "KO effect" would not vanish from the screen, even after waking.
– (PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4 only) Fixed issue where SELECT MATCH host list would not be displayed properly depending on network status.
– Fixed issue where firing sway/recoil would not spread properly when using the walker gear's Gatling gun.
– Fixed issue where certain fonts would not display properly.
– Fixed issue where battle log would sometimes not display.
– Fixed issue where incorrect stats would result from joining a match in-progress.
– Fixed issue where character level would sometimes revert to Lv. 0.

[Auto-matching improvements]
– You will now be matched with players of similar level to your highest character level. If you have ascended, you will match with players at your highest level before ascending.
– It is now less likely to join a host with poor network connection.
– Adjusted auto-match day/night balance

[SELECT MATCH Adjustments]
– Search filters in "SELECT MATCH" will be now saved.
– The "ANY" option has been removed from the search password options.
– (PlayStation®4 only) Host list will been randomized with every refresh.

[Menu Improvements]
– Additional delay has been added to the Mission Results screen to allow more time before host proceeds to the next match.
– Spawn screen wait time has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
– Your team's role in a match ("Attackers", etc.) will now be displayed in the upper left of the Spawn Screen.
– Adjusted ranking screen so that you can switch between the top players and your own personal ranking.
– Disabled character level display in the iDroid while offline.

[Mission Rule Adjustments]
– Adjusted CLOAK AND DAGGER missions so that if all remaining members on a team are put to sleep or incapacitated, that team will lose.
– Adjusted CLOAK AND DAGGER so that if a player on the attacking team kills themselves, stealth will no longer be disabled.

[Loadout/Equipment Adjustments]
– The "E.LOCATOR" is now only available for the Scout class.
– Machines guns and launchers are now only be available for the Enforcer class.
– Shotguns are now only available for the Infiltrator class.
– Level-based equipment rewards have been adjusted as follows:

?Lv.23 : WU S333 –> G44
?Lv.30 : RASP TB-SG –> WU S333
?Lv.35 : SERVAL AMR-7 –> C-4

?Lv.17 : E.LOCATOR –> Sz.-336 SMG
?Lv.23 : AM D114 –> FB MR R-LAUNCHER
?Lv.30 : DECOY –> HAIL MGR-4
?Lv.33 : FULTON CANNON –> AM D114

?Lv.10 : KABARGA-83 –> M21 D-MINE
?Lv.20 : RASP TB-SG –> KABARGA-83
?Lv.30 : UN-AAM –> LLG-MINE
?Lv.37 : HAIL MGR-4 –> RASP TB-SG

* As a result of these changes, custom loadouts will be reset during the maintenance period following the update patch.

[Character Ability Adjustments]
– Overall movement speed has been increased.
– Mobility has been re-balanced to allow faster travel between objectives.
– Infiltrators have had health and stamina decreased.
– Enforcers have had health and stamina increased.
– Scouts have had health increased.
– Scouts can mark targets more quickly while using binoculars.

[Weapon Adjustments]
– Firing sway for Machine Guns has been reduced.
– Weapon sway has been reduced overall when aiming in first-person view.
– Damage inflicted by the Walker Gear's Gatling gun has been reduced.
– Walker Gears and Anti-Aircraft Emplacements now take more damage from certain weapons
– Weapon damage of certain weapons has been adjusted for better balance.
– Weapon weights for certain weapons has been adjusted for better balance.
– Damage value on the ISANDO RGL-220" has been significantly reduced.
– Reduced ammo count on "ISANDO RGL-220"
– Max carry for "E.LOCATOR,""STUN GRENADE," and "SLEEP GRENADE" has been reduced.
– The throwing arch of the Empty Magazine has been made invisible to enemies.
– The noise radius made by Empty Magazines when they land has been expanded.

[Item Adjustments]
– Max carry amount of "C.BOX" has been increased.
– The weight of certain items has been adjusted.

[Stealth Camo ?STEALTH CAMO.PP? adjustments while using the STEALTH CAMO+ Ability]
– Stealth camo is temporarily disabled when taking damage
– Battery life has been reduced, and battery will take longer to charge.
– Marking time for cloaked players has been reduced.
– Cloaked players detected with NVG will be marked in less time.
– Movement speed while in stealth has been reduced.

[CQC Adjustments]
– Range for CQC grabs has been narrowed.
– Icon for CQC grabs is no longer displayed.
– Non-lethal damage done by CQC hits and grabs has been reduced.
– 1-hit CQC knock-outs are now exclusive to Infiltrators with "CQC STEALTH+" Lv.2 or higher.
– The increase in CQC choke speed in "CQC STEALTH+" Lv.1 or higher has been amplified.

[Fulton Adjustments]
– Fulton speed when using "FULTON+" Lv.2 or greater has been slowed.
– Collision detection when using "FULTON+" Lv.3 has been improved.
– When a player fultons an enemy, the fulton balloon and the enemy attached to it are now invincible to the player's teammates.

[Buddy System Adjustments]
– Time required to establish a buddy link using the link action has been shortened.
– Link action will succeed regardless of the direction your character is facing, as long as you are in range.
– The buddy gauge will now clear at the beginning of each round.

[Noise Adjustment]
– The distance that noise travels when dashing, diving, using empty magazines, and knocking has been extended.

[Other Adjustments]
– Players can't be marked while invincible immediately following a respawn. – An adjustment was made so when a player dies from a Walker Gear explosion, the player that made the Walker Gear explode is credited with the kill.
– When a player kills an enemy that is passed out or asleep (by another player), the player that knocked the enemy out is credited with an assist.
– (PlayStation®4 only) When in Remote Play with the PlayStation®Vita, the system menu can now be opened by holding the OPTIONS button.
– (PlayStation®4 only) It is now possible to join another player's match via their PlayStation®4 profile screen, if it is a non-password protected match.


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  1. Thorgal 560 XP Neuling | 10.11.2015 - 20:06 Uhr

    Noch was… der aktuelle Patch bringt mit einem Trick Quiet nach bereits abgeschlossener Mission 45 wieder zurück. Einfach Mission 11 nur 7 mal wiederholen und sie ist wieder da. Wurd in mehreren Foren bereits bestätigt.

    Dafür wurden einige Möglichkeiten entfertn, bei denen mal Fuel gut farmen konnte. Statt 7500 bekommt man nun nur noch 75 Fuel.

    Auch ein neuer 8. Waffenrang ist dazu gekommen mit neuen Waffen… als hätte man nicht schon genug. Ich habe schon gut 435 Stunden im Spiel aufm Buckel und noch lange nicht alle Waffen entwickelt.


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