NHL 20: Gameplay-Verbesserungen und Fehlerkorrekturen per Update erschienen

Ein Update für NHL 20 nimmt am Sportspiel Gameplay-Verbesserungen und Fehlerkorrekturen vor.

Electronic Arts hat ein Update für NHL 20 herausgegeben. Das Update nimmt sich einiger Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen im Bereich Gameplay an. Außerdem wurden zusätzliche Kommentare hinzugefügt und einige Teams haben neue oder alternative Jerseys erhalten.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed a rare case where the puck could stop dead when passed or shot around the boards
  • Various interception logic tuning
  • Reduced player ability for pickups outside skaters field of view (1 hand behind the back pickups) so they do not play as often and as unrealistically fast
  • Defensive awareness attribute made more effective and tuned the windows in which players can intercept pucks within their field of view
  • Improved player head tracking of the puck
  • Players tuned to have less balance/preparedness when pivoting or backskating with the puck
  • Fixed the issue where holding pass would negate spins from working which opened up holes in skating blends
  • Fixed an issue where slapshots in the defensive end would target your own net instead of the left stick direction
  • Further improvements to covers for pucks underneath the goaltender
  • Fixed a case where the goalie would continuously lose the puck when performing a between the legs cover
  • Fixed a few cases where the puck was able to slip past the goalie unintentionally while they were tight to the post
  • Increased the amount of stick contact on legs/skates needed to cause a trip


  • Added additional commentary
  • Added consensus skip to Play of the Period replays

World of CHEL

  • Turned off Canal outdoor rink from EASHL Drop-in 3v3 and 6v6
  • Fixed an issue where top clubs in Threes Eliminator stopped receiving points when near the top of the leaderboards
  • New content added to World of CHEL which is to be revealed through the Chel Challenge card. Tune in regularly to see what exciting new stuff you can earn

Art – Equipment


  • True Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet


  • Fixed an issue where Users would sometimes crash playing against certain Squad Battles teams
  • Fixed an issue where Users would sometimes earn negative Skill Rating for a Win in HUT Rivals

Art – Jerseys


  • Anaheim Ducks Alternate
  • Boston Bruins Alternate
  • Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series
  • Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series
  • Dallas Stars Winter Classic
  • Nashville Predators Winter Classic


  • San Jose Barracuda Alternate

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  1. maxl01aut1977 8800 XP Beginner Level 4 | 31.01.2020 - 08:42 Uhr

    Wie ist das neue NHL?
    Bin etwas schockiert das es hier keinen einzigen Kommentar gibt.
    Ich war ja von der Vorjahresversion ziemlich angepisst und hab mir das neue nicht mal mehr angesehen.


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