Rocket League: Update 1.54 macht goldene Kürbisse handelbar

Spieler können mit Update 1.54 goldene Kürbisse in Rocket League untereinander handeln.

Im aktuellen Update 1.54 für Rocket League hat Entwickler Psyonix einige Fehler im Spiel behoben. So können die goldenen Kürbisse nun mit anderen Spielern gehandelt werden. Die Mothership Pro Reifen haben unter anderem eine Namensänderung erfahren und die Performance der Season 8 Rewards Boosts wurden optimiert.

Update 1.54 Patch Notes


Mothership Pro Wheels

  • The Wheels will remain in every player’s inventory, but the name will change from ‘Mothership Pro’ to ‘Mothership’
    • These Wheels will maintain a ‘Common’ rarity designation
  • If you redeemed a Mothership Pro code on your account, you will receive a new white-colored ‘Mothership Pro’ Wheel with ‘Limited’ rarity status
    • Code holders will also keep the Common ‘Mothership’ Wheels
    • If you received a code from attending the RLCS Season 5 World Championship, but have not redeemed it yet, the code will now unlock this new white Mothership Pro in your inventory going forward


  • Optimized Season 8 Reward Boost performance
  • Fixed a bug preventing correct UI from displaying for spectators at the end of a match
    • [Steam] This issue was addressed in a previous update
  • One-frame input delay between jump and directional input has been fixed
    • [Steam] This issue was addressed in a previous update
  • Golden Pumpkins are now tradeable


  • New ‘Mothership Pro’ Wheel is not tradeable, but can be added to the trade window
    • Any trade involving the Mothership Pro Wheels will fail

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