Slime Rancher

Mochi’s Megabucks Update Trailer

Ladet euch jetzt das neue Slime Rancher Mochi’s Megabucks Update herunter und schaut euch den Trailer zur neuen Zone an.

Sllime Rancher-Fans dürfen sich ab sofort das neue Mochi’s Megabucks-Update herunterladen. Mit dabei sind zahlreiche Verbesserungen, Bugfixes und eine neue Zone.

„Das Mochi’s Megabucks-Update ist da! Dieses Slime Rancher Update lädt euch ein, das Nimble Valley zu erkunden: eine neue Zone, in der die extrem seltenen Quecksilberschlämme zu Hause sind. Über das Tal ist nicht viel bekannt, abgesehen davon, dass es im Besitz des einzigen Mochi Miles ist. Arbeitet für Mochi und seid ein erstklassiger Rancher!“

Darüber hinaus wurde ein Patch veröffentlicht, der zahlreiche Verbesserungen vornimmt. Sämtliche Änderungen könnt ihr hier überprüfen. Folgend die Bugfixes für Slime Rancher:

Other Changes:
– Added 3 new gadget sites to Moustache Island. If you’re asking yourself, ‘what’s Moustache Island?’ don’t worry, it doesn’t actually exist.
– Ogden’s Retreat and Mochi’s Manor can now be recolored separately from Beatrix’s home ranch.
– Special chroma packs are unlocked by starting Ogden’s and Mochi’s missions. Mochi however has declared that depending on how you look at it, there is now only one chroma pack available.
– Added pop-up text whenever you earn or spend newbucks.
– On-ranch tutorials are now only on Beatrix’s ranch, and not Ogden or Mochi’s expansions.
– Locked the framerate to never go above 120Hz to prevent GPU overheating issues(this is ignored in VSync mode).
– Added option to disable the very limited mouse smoothing that is on by default.
– Upgraded Unity engine version.
– Gave the newbucks icon a facelift.
– Improved the way we are storing profile data: now you can have different options on different computers.
– Improved scrolling on map while using a gamepad.
– 5-Day Rush achievements have been adjusted to better suit Rush Mode.

– Fixed a possible bug related to gold slimes fleeing improperly.
– Fixed a bug related to tangle vines and dervish whirlwinds that could sometimes result in launched slimes and other items.
– Fixed stuck spot in Dry Reef where players with no jet pack could get wedged.
– Fixed spot in Overgrowth where chickens could get stuck behind a tree. It was likely a secret hideout for chicken scheming so YOU’RE WELCOME.
– Fixed a minor offset in the vac rotation.
– Fixed bug where market reported all prices as having risen on game load. Thanks, Mochi.
– Fixed bug where oasis music was sometimes not playing properly on game load.
– Fixed the garden tutorial getting stuck if you planted a crop before the tutorial prompt.
– Fixed bug where Rush Mode was sending rancher intro emails.
– Fixed bug with diet readout for gold/lucky slimes and gordos.
– Fixed bug where it was possible to keep receiving radiation after teleporting while in rad auras.
– Fixed bug where silos were showing pink slime icon on empty slots.
– Fixed bug where doors in the Ruins would disappear from our reality if you look at it from a certain angle.
– Fixed bug where slimes could sometimes eat things beyond a corral barrier while Beatrix sleeps.
– Fixed bug with kookacrackers not playing their particle effects.
– Fixed bug where the Hobson journal glow would block the vac.
– Fixed bug where Range Exchange crates would sometimes launch their contents aggressively on break.
– Fixed issue with slime spawning taking into account chicken density. Thanks, BOb.
– Fixed damage hit flash so that it flashes again, because pain shouldn’t be ignored.
– Fixed bug where fire slimes in ponds sometimes did not despawn properly.
– Fixed bug where fire slimes in water did not become extinguished.
– Fixed bug where gold slimes could create plorts due to touching gold plorts. There should be a lore reason for this so gather round and let me tell you the epic tale of Game Balance…
– Fixed timing bug related to getting newbucks from crates/exchange such that logging out at the wrong time doesn’t cost you newbucks.
– Fixed small gap along edge of Grotto floor.
– Fixed bugs related to restarting tutorials on game load.
– Fixed bug where extractors sometimes were not fully destroying themselves when complete.
– Fixed a particular type of ivy being used in the world that was insufficiently thick. Oh yes, you knew this update was going to be good.
– Fixed gamepad navigation on Load/Save Error Screens.
– Fixed „Requires“ label missing in the Fabricator UI.
– Fixed bug where the Quarry central cave was incorrectly being treated as part of the ranch.
– Fixed bug where low-res version of honey slimes had the wrong crest.
– Fixed bug on loading a game with max energy capping at 100 initially before refilling.
– Fixed some incorrect lighting in some small sections of the world.
– Fixed bug where disable-gamepad option was not saving properly.
– Fixed misspelling of “omelettes.” It is now spelled “fancy egg taco.”
– Fixed bug on restoring default screen resolution on Linux.
– Fixed some minor issues with water rendering.
– A bunch of other miscellaneous small optimizations.

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