Surviving the Aftermath: Fünf neue Quests und Fehlerkorrekturen für Xbox One und PC verfügbar

Für Surviving the Aftermath sind fünf neue Quests und Fehlerkorrekturen auf Xbox One und PC verfügbar.

Ein zweiter Enhancement Patch für Surviving the Aftermath wurde auf Xbox One und PC veröffentlicht.

Der Download für das Update hat auf der Xbox One Konsole eine Größe von 2,4 GB.

Inhalt des Patches sind die Behebung einiger bekannter Fehler. Entwickler Iceflake hat dem Survival-Spiel zudem fünf neue Quests spendiert.

Enhancement Patch 2 Patch Notes


  • 5 new quests have been added to the game.


  • Fixed an issue with the upgraded Ranch building that caused saves to be broken when loaded. The following could be observed when the problem occurred: pop up alerting you that the Gate had been built would reappear, vehicles in your Garage would go missing, Fog of War would reappear all around your colony.
  • Changed the Gate and the Campsite upgrading to happen at the push of a button like other building upgrades instead of being instant, so they are not easily missed anymore.
  • Updated the button that can be used to view the colonists working at buildings. Before this button was a small “i” button in the top left corner of the colonist portrait. It now has a new icon that is much larger and easier to click on and it is positioned on the bottom of the portrait.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons the colonists were holding to disappear after saving and loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the colonists to not gather meat from animal carcasses.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented colonists from repairing some buildings such as the tent in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the entire colony to become stuck if a resource was at the edge of the colony map.
  • Fixed the issue that caused some of the Founder’s edition content to not be visible to the players, who purchased it.
  • Made a minor adjustment to the visual growth of trees to help the game performance.
  • Made a back-end adjustment to the way the game handles the wild animals in your colony to improve the game performance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a small UI issue when the info panels were moved in the colony view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Societies button in the colony view to only work when pressed with the cursor on the left side of the button.
  • Fixed issues with the new Tech Tree, which allowed you to start researching some techs without having to first research the tech in front of it.
  • Balanced the amount of ideology-restricted techs to ensure they are all more equal to each other.
  • Adjusted the panel that shows what items to select for a building (such as the Seed selection on fields or the Animal Selection for the Ranch) so that the icons are now more centered.

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