The Long Dark: Survival Modus erhält kostenloses Hesitant Prospect-Update mit neuer Region

Der Survival Modus von The Long Dark hat das kostenlose Hesitant Prospect-Update mit neuer Region und mehr erhalten.

Spieler von The Long Dark haben für den Survival Modus ein neues Update erhalten, welches Entwickler Hinterland „Hesitant Prospect“ nennt.

Das Update enthält unter anderem mit Ash Canyon eine neue Region, die schwer zugänglich ist und euch vor neue Herausforderungen stellt.

Weiterhin wurde Darkwalker als permanente Herausforderungsmodus hinzugefügt.

Im folgenden Video erzählt euch der Creative Director des Spiels mehr über das neueste Update. Die Patch Notes haben wir natürlich auch für euch.

Hesitant Prospect Patch Notes


  • New Region: Ash Canyon
  • New Challenge Mode: Darkwalker
  • New UI: Region Selection Menu
  • New Gear Items: Crampons and the Technical Backup


  • [General]  Fixed an issue that caused the game to hang when loading, while a third party overlay (IE Steam, Nvidia overlays) was active.
  • [General] Fixed a potential hang that could occur when launching the game.
  • [General] Post Unity 2019 upgrade optimization.
  • [Audio] Fixed an issue that prevented wildlife audio from playing.


  • [Enviro] Fixed various floating or clipping objects found throughout the world.
  • [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas Players could become stuck on terrain.
  • [Enviro] Fixed misaligned texture on the Park Sign found in Milton.
  • [Lighting] Optimized indoor light volumes to help remove seams in dark areas.


  • [Map] Improved how icons are sorted when in close proximity on the Map.
  • [Map] Added missing icon for the Mystery Lake, Carter Hydro Dam exit.
  • [UI] New Region Selection Menu.
  • [UI] Tuned the Crafting menu to approve the general quality of life.
  • [UI] Update the States Menu to be more visually clear.
  • [UI] Added more Loading Icons on the Load Screens.
  • [UI] Localization pass and bug fixes.
  • [UI] Improved the Russian description for the Hunted Part 2 badge.
  • [UI] Fixed Gear items not appearing correctly when viewed Inspection mode, while the HUD is disabled.


  • [General] Fixed an issue that could cause the Spray Glyph option to appear in Survival Mode games.


  • [EP3] Fixed an issue that could cause the game to lock-up, when answering a phone call.


  • [Darkwalker] Fixed the incorrect death message appearing when killed by natural causes.
  • [Darkwalker] Fixed an issue that caused the Spray Paint cap to appear at an incorrect offset, when spraying a Glyph.
  • [Darkwalker] Improved how the Darkwalker tracks the Player after transitioning to a new Region.
  • [Darkwalker] Added ropes to some climbing points in Broken Railroad and Pleasant Valley.
  • [Darkwalker] Fixed an issue that caused some localized Tool Tip text to be cut off.
  • [Darkwalker] Added missing subtitles.
  • [Darkwalker] Fixed an issue that prevented the audio stringer to play correctly, when the Darkwalker appears while inside an interior.
  • [Darkwalker] Ward fires now go out once the ward has expired.
  • [Darkwalker] Wards placed on the outside of an exterior now expire correctly, while inside.
  • [Darkwalker] Interiors now prevent players from placing a ward fire while one is already active.
  • [Darkwalker] No longer able to remove a banish glyph, once placed
  • [Darkwalker] Fixed an error that would cause a dialog to appear in-game, if the player left, then returned to a region with an active ward fire.
  • [Hunted Pt 2] Fixed an issue that would cause the Old Bear to disappear, if the player transitioned at a very specific point in the Old Bear’s animation.


  • [Enviro] Fixed an issue that caused some waterfalls to appear black.


  • [Xbox] Intro video can appear corrupted when playing with HDR enabled. This does not appear to impact any other part of the game.
  • [All] Ash Canyon time explored is currently not tracked and does not appear in the journal.

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