Vigor: Erster Battle Pass mit Preppers Update gestartet

Mit dem Preppers Update ist auch der erste Battle Pass in Vigor an den Start gegangen.

Für das Free-to-Play Survivalspiel Vigor hat Bohemia Interactive das Preppers Update auf Xbox One veröffentlicht.

Mit dem Preppers Update wird im Spiel erstmals ein Battle Pass angeboten. Den Saison 1 Battle Pass levelt ihr durch alles, was euch im Spiel XP Punkte einbringt. Als Belohnung winken dann Skins, Baupläne, Booster und mehr.

Hier könnt ihr einen Blick auf die Belohnungen im Battle Pass werfen:

Im 9,54 GB großen Update stecken noch eine Reihe von Verbesserungen und Fehlerkorrekturen. Die Patch Notes geben Aufschluss darüber.

Preppers Update Patch Notes

Shooting & Weapons

  • Fixed: WeaponState – full auto fire shows unnecessarily when the player is killed during fire
  • Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 magazine clipping with left arm
  • Fixed: There are no bullets coming from PPSh-41 and PKM
  • Fixed: Shooting for too long lowers your weapon and you stop shooting
  • Fixed: State machine – Crash when finished action evokes another action
  • Fixed: Colt Python pushback to prevent wall-peaking
  • Fixed: Melee and ranged damage does not interrupt the application of healing consumables
  • Fixed: Melee does not work in waist-deep water
  • Fixed: Misaligned weapons in 1st person view iron sights (or scopes)
  • Fixed: RPK-74 reload animations desynchronization
  • Fixed: Unwanted delay present before player switches from weapon to consumable
  • Changed: Aim assist slows the aiming sooner than before when close to overlapping with character
  • Changed: Lowered stack sizes for all weapons
  • Added: HUD message which informs the player that ADS is only allowed in prone (KvKK 62, M60 E3, PKM)
  • Tweaked: PPSh-41 Recoil lowered slightly, readjusted stack sizes and weight



  • Fixed: Barricaded House planks no longer block interactions on the client when falling off
  • Fixed: Looting some containers can cause a crash on other clients
  • Fixed: Buried cache – Player is able to interact with the buried cache from a distance
  • Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has an interaction dot, for real this time
  • Fixed: Character is no longer stuck in looting pose when canceling interaction with buried cache
  • Fixed: Buried Cache no longer has dirt out visuals when not yet excavated
  • Changed: Loot in tutorial fixed
  • Changes: Airdrop and spawn fixes
  • Changed: Food placement
  • Tweaked: More loot attached to Tourists Rest point of interest
  • Changed: New buried cache photos for Grontheim
  • Added: Objective items in inventory are now displayed with special effect
  • Tweaked: Loot containers added to several locations, fuel removed from Cabin in the Woods point of interest
  • Tweaked: Interaction volumes tweaked to be intractable from all stances



  • Fixed: Leaderboard now shows all players correctly
  • Fixed: Unlocked Shooting Range Challenges went back to being locked if the player didn’t own the challenge weapon
  • Fixed: Shooting range could be reset after completion of a challenge
  • Fixed: Weapon In 1PV view becomes invisible at a shooting range after completing a challenge
  • Fixed: Targets remain in the shooting area if you take a challenge during an active one
  • Fixed: Friends in global Leaderboards now has their rank visible to each other
  • Fixed: Friends are now highlighted when browsing leaderboards
  • Fixed: Shooting Range Challenges – Cancelling a challenge by MENU interaction keeps the challenge loadout
  • Fixed: Shooting Range – Leaving during animation will keep character holding weapon
  • Fixed: When player is at the bottom of the leaderboard, he is no longer shown twice
  • Fixed: 3D character preview in wardrobe – smooth transition from main menu to submenu
  • Fixed: Generators now show correct „material“ icon
  • Changed: Shelter builder progress bar now shows more comprehensible values
  • Changed: Shooting range challenges HUD improvements
  • Changed: Shooting range challenges are now grouped per weapon
  • Changed: Gesture wheel on Customization > Gesture slot enlarged so long names fit better
  • Changed: Destroy action in Loadout UI can now be performed on any item
  • Changed: Assigned new photos to challenges
  • Added: Moving targets on Shooting Range
  • Added: Thematic sale labels added to both Stable and Exclusive shop
  • Tweaked: Position of the countdown in Shooting Range
  • Tweaked: Graphics of  Shooting Range challenges UI

Added Challenges:

  • Be the last player to leave the encounter
  • Craft X amount of weapons
  • Deconstruct X amount weapons
  • Heal a total of X amount of health points
  • Loot X amount of resource/item (just loot, not bring back to the shelter)
  • Be the first to interact with the buried cache
  • Deal X amount of damage to Players (team members excluded)
  • Kill X amount players, with a minimal/maximal distance of Y
  • Use X amount of consumables
  • Leave with the airdrop with 0 kills



  • Fixed: Pinky finger clipping on Pistols and Scorpion
  • Fixed: Typo in Portuguese localization that resulted in the text not being displayed at all
  • Fixed: Weapon magazine was disappearing too soon and not synced with the left hand
  • Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed
  • Fixed: Maschinengewehr 3 position was slightly adjusted so it doesn’t clip with the left arm
  • Fixed: Threat and team killer marker didn’t disappear when the marked player left the level
  • Fixed: Health post-process shouldn’t be visible in the spectator anymore
  • Fixed: Insurance markers are once again correctly displayed on all relevant items
  • Fixed: Hand interacting with a magazine looking off during reload animation of M1 Carbine
  • Fixed: Hand pose when grabbing the radio during the tutorial cutscene
  • Fixed: When using the PKM, it’s chamber door is not animated when empty casings are ejected from the weapon
  • Fixed: Hand is not interacting with a magazine while reloading Zastava M72
  • Fixed: PA md.86 Magazine reload animation was playing twice
  • Fixed: Hand was not interacting with the magazine during reloading of Luger
  • Fixed: Holding of rifles was not correct when the character is in deep water
  • Fixed: PKM – Wrong grip when looking down with the gun
  • Fixed: Localization – Spanish Language: Rubik’s Cube – Background Gradient Shorter Than Text
  • Fixed: Localization – Spanish Language: Button Tool Tip Is Not Centered On Map
  • Fixed: Display name of Vz.52 rifle now starts with upper case letter, making it consistent with other weapons
  • Fixed: Encounter notifications that are received while in spectate mode are no longer displayed in the shelter (or possibly even new encounter)
  • Fixed: Healing progression wheel is visible when using consumables in prone
  • Fixed: Spectator Target Name did not refresh when the Spectator Target changed
  • Fixed: The chamber door for empty ammo casings was not animated
  • Changed: Airdrop parachute falling – visual improvements
  • Changed: New photos for Buried chase
  • Changed: Additional text displayed next to „Invite Friend“ action in Game Menu no longer mentions Shelter while the player is in Tutorial
  • Changed: Leave area message is now displayed in the upper half of the screen
  • Added: Missing recoil animations (PH_M82 / ZA M76) Check if its to be released in 1.2
  • Added: Wounded post-process effects
  • Added: Missing RPK-74 Hands reloading animations
  • Added: Shortcut button to details panel of the exclusive shop to buy HC when the player doesn’t have enough
  • Added: New option that allows the player to change the color of their crosshair to one of predefined colors (White, Aqua, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Magenta)
  • Added: Colour palette table which serves for defining different colors based on the player’s color vision deficiency setting
  • Added: New options for players with color vision deficiency. Players can now optionally select one of 3 modes (Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia) as well as strength of the selected mode
  • Tweaked: Added missing chambering and weapon fire animations



  • Fixed: Movement network refactor. This should fix multiple bugs, such as characters bugging out on ladders, position desync, also some occasions of the character getting stuck in prone near objects
  • Fixed: Crouch/Standing transitions with sidearms makes hand overlap with the body
  • Fixed: Transitions running sideways with the rifle had the wrong ending pose causing some sliding (Stand to Prone)
  • Changes: Fall damage updated
  • Added: Transitions running sideways with the rifle (Prone to Stand)
  • Tweaked: Gesture animations polish



  • Fixed: Shooting range target plays multiple bullet hits at the same time
  • Added: Sound for stamina male character
  • Added:  New music for loading to Brodalen Bridges
  • Added: Sound layer for more boosters bought
  • Tweaked: Heartbeat volume lowered
  • Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Trainstation
  • Tweaked: Ambient sounds in Brodalen Bridges
  • Tweaked: Volume up on water bullet hits



  • Fixed: Encounter Hint ‚Player Near Airdrop‘
  • Fixed: Encounter Hint ‚Other Player has picked up the airdrop‘
  • Fixed: Daily challenges – UI does not refresh when opened, the countdown goes below 0
  • Fixed: HUD message informing the player about possibility to hold/release breath is now correctly displayed in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Translation of „Team killer“ in the French localization
  • Fixed: Taking another challenge during an active one keeps the challenge loadout
  • Fixed: Threat player does not become a team killer after killing his teammate
  • Fixed: Consumables – Healing continues during interaction (and looting UI)
  • Fixed: Low Health Post Process remaining in Spectator
  • Changed: „Leave Team“ action in Game Menu is now activated on hold (used to be press)
  • Added: Plugged in the new health post-process (Hit, Miss and Damage indication)
  • Added: Unique Spawn in Shelter after Tutorial — radio lady & achievement
  • Added: New Credits category and names of employees

11 Kommentare Added

  1. eruvadhor 68935 XP Romper Domper Stomper | 12.12.2019 - 14:30 Uhr

    Einfach nur toll das Update und das Game. Ich liebe dieses Spiel !!! *.*

  2. Kenty 46565 XP Hooligan Treter | 12.12.2019 - 14:49 Uhr

    Lol, Schutzanzüge in verschiedenen Farben/Styles, ehrlich? Ich hab das Spiel bisher noch gar nicht auf dem Radar gehabt. Vielleicht schau ich’s mir aber mal an.

  3. JAG THE GEMINI 67695 XP Romper Domper Stomper | 12.12.2019 - 14:55 Uhr

    Hab das Game manchmal in der Werbung gesehen.
    Ist das gut? Scheinbar wohl auch eine Art Battle Royale Game oder?

    • oOStahlkingOo 37395 XP Bobby Car Raser | 12.12.2019 - 15:04 Uhr

      Das ist ausschließlich ein Battleroyal dem Unterschied das du da auch deine Heimatbasis bauen und erweitern kannst.

        • eruvadhor 68935 XP Romper Domper Stomper | 12.12.2019 - 15:16 Uhr

          Nicht ganz !! Du kannst jederzeit die „Battleroyal“ Map (wovon es 7 gibt wenn ich mich richtig erinnere) verlassen und zu deinem Shelter wechseln wo du allein bist. Man kann eine Runde ganz ohne einen Kill und nur mit loot beenden. Kämpfen ist optional.
          Dazu kannst du auch mit anderen interagieren und zusammen arbeiten was aber meist nicht klappt da sie dich übern Haufen schießen 😀

          Klassisch BR ist es definitiv NICHT !

    • Filippo scialfa 540 XP Neuling | 30.12.2019 - 17:19 Uhr

      Der spiel ist zwar gut aber nach den update 1.2 stürzt der die ganze zeit ab.und das beste ist das die leute 3 oder oder sogar mehr sich in der gleiche map treffen bei solo modus und erschafen sich riesen vorteile was macht da bohemia dafür nichts also dieses spiel ist nichts wen sie des nicht verbessern ist des schrott viel spass beim spielen

  4. Filippo scialfa 540 XP Neuling | 14.12.2019 - 04:32 Uhr

    Der spiel ist zwar schön gemacht aber das sind voll viele probleme des wird langsam unspielbar komplett verbugt die zocken nur das geld ich hau kein geld mehr rein und seit den update 1.2 keiner boostet mehr ich auch nicht weil dich server raus hauen und verlierst alles aber das ist ja nicht das einzige problem da sind mehrere probleme ich weiss net mal von wo ich anfangen muss echt entäuschend bohemia macht was bevor die ganze communiti weg ein paar sind schon weg traurich aber wir gamer sind nicht blöt


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