Vigor: Update 2.2 bringt Schneevariante der Karte Batterie

Für Vigor wurde das Update 2.2 ausgerollt, welches eine Schneevariante der Karte Batterie enthält.

Das Survival-Spiel Vigor hat ein neues Update erhalten, welches unter anderem eine Schneeversion der Karte Batterie hinzufügt.

Zu den weiteren Neuerungen zählt eine Schnellspiel-Funktion mit einer Feature-Karte, eine neue Bestenliste und Waffenstatistiken sowie zahlreichen Anpassungen und Verbesserungen.

Auf Xbox One hat das Update eine Größe von 818 MB.

Es folgen die Patch Notes.

Update 2.2. Patch Notes

Main New Features

  • New Featured map added: Batterie: Snodekt (snow version)
  • Quick Play + Featured Map
  • Leaderboards in Stats screen added
  • Season 2 Extention
  • New weapon stats added
  • Occupied Slots in Customizations
  • Bullet damage over distance revised
  • Challenges distribution tweaked
  • Camera improvements
  • Russian localization

Shooting, Weapons & Tools

  • Fixed: Hits from dead players weren’t ignored, therefore they resulted in a larger number of trade kills
  • Fixed: Machinegun stance, machinegun arm additive for aimed
  • Fixed: Tools – Player’s position shifted after placing a Tool
  • Fixed: Tents are now more penetrable
  • Added: Aimpoint adjustment for weapons
  • Tweaked: Camera Aim point of ADR
  • Updated: Aim assist on regular scarecrows is disabled


  • Fixed: Deconstruction – Stash UI not updated after deconstructing
  • Fixed: Spawned loot is now distributed correctly


  • Fixed: Survival rate in Personal Stats is displayed as a percentage instead of a decimal number.
  • Fixed: Charity box – rewards are now properly ordered
  • Fixed: French localization of the Battle Pass level indicator
  • Changed: build shelter improvement challenge will no longer be given to players with a maxed out shelter
  • Changed: Enabled localization and fixed layout related issues from long strings
  • Changed: Added sale label to individual list items
  • Changed: Made sale labels look better
  • Added: Discount Label on Selling Point Button
  • Updated: Craft X consumables challenges now properly responds to tools

Movement & Camera

  • Fixed: Initial prone angle is wrong when entering prone in ADS
  • Changed: Move camera further back
  • Changed: Tweaked exit 1PV camera transition to clipless with the uniform whilst left shoulder
  • Added: Female versions of some gestures


  • Changed: Different pose in the lobby after buying the first booster
  • Tweaked: PA md. 86 reload animations polish
  • Tweaked: Skorpion reload animations polish
  • Added: RPK reload animations polish
  • Added: Steyr AUG A1 reload animations polish
  • Added: M16A2 reload animations polish
  • Added: Silver Pigeon shotgun reload animations polish
  • Added: New animations for different match outcomes (won, died, crushed etc)
  • Added: A new set of prone animations for new prone behavior for RFL PST and UNA


  • Fixed: Lowered volume on waterfall in the Shelter
  • Added: Female variant for some gesture sounds
  • Added: Sounds for headgear and outfit sets equip
  • Tweaked: Audio volumes in the Shelter


  • Fixed: Crashed fixes (memory)
  • Fixed: Player stuck in spectator when killed on match start
  • Changed: A map is now correctly showing teammates movement on the map too

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