Wreckfest: Update mit Fehlerkorrekturen und mehr

Ein neues Update mit zahlreichen Verbesserungen und Korrekturen zu Wreckfest behebt verschiedene Fehler und bringt 60 FPS auf Xbox Series X/S.

Entwickler Bugbear Entertainment gibt bekannt, dass mit dem neuen Update zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Korrekturen für Wreckfest bereit gestellt wurden. Auf Xbox Series X/S wird das Spiel mit 60 FPS laufen: Series X in 4K und Series S in 1080p. Außerdem wurde die Handhabung des Upgrade-DLC’s und des Bonuswagens verbessert, sodass beide nun automatisch heruntergeladen und installiert werden, sobald der Upgrade-DLC gekauft wurde. Darüber hinaus wurde auch die Stabilität des Titels verbessert.

Patch Notes


  • The second Wrecking Madness seasonal event starting on 6th of July features multiplier coins that will multiply your score for a while once collected.
  • The Dirtshot bundle is now correctly received the first time purchasing it.


  • (PS4/PS5) Implemented crossplay functionality between PS4 and PS5 on 16 player lobbies.
  • (PS5) It is now possible to migrate existing PS4 save data to PS5. Please read below for more details.
  • (XSX) The download of the Upgrade DLC now starts automatically.
  • (XSX) The free Bonus Car now appears correctly in the garage.
  • (XSX) Improved performance on both Series X and S.
  • (PS4) Implemented enhanced lighting.
  • (PC) Implemented enhanced lighting and effects.
  • (PC) Launcher now offers a choice of graphical presets that matches those in-game.
  • (PC) More robust save data handling.
  • Improved memory handling.


  • (PC) Updated Steam Networking API to the latest version and improved networking error resiliency.
  • Corresponding loaner vehicles are now eligible whenever there’s a non-loaner vehicle restriction in place.


    • In Paint Shop, pressing (A) now confirms the selection and changes to the next tab.


  • (PS4/XSX) First gear is now correctly engaged while on the start grid, eliminating launch delay.
  • The front wheels no longer detach as easily when using the Extreme damage mode.
  • Exhaust now deforms along with the rest of the vehicle body when using Extreme damage mode.
  • Sweeper can be now tuned in the tournament mode even when not owning the DLC.
  • Step Van gearing tuning options are now in correct order for real.
  • Bumper Car (TL) no longer appears in the garage.
  • Improved Speedbird GT competitiveness.
  • Fixed Speedbird GT license plate normal map.
  • Removed plate from the Speedbird GT right side door.
  • Only base Speedbird GT roll cage now has a window net.
  • (PC/PS4) All Speedbird GT paint styles and liveries are now displayed correctly.
  • (PC/PS4) On Wrecking Playground, the free camera is now allowed to go higher.


  • General: Updated Wwise SDK to version 2019.2.9.
  • (PC) Modding Package: Update project to Wwise SDK version 2019.2.9.
  • (PC) Modding Package: Update audio mix bus layout to match the in-game Wwise configuration.
  • (PC) Modding Package: Add new example objects and assets for basic engine loops. Enable in-game ‚Example Car‘ (under mods) to edit and mod your own!
  • (PC) Modding Package: Add new example objects for simple vehicle RPM-based synthesized sounds.
  • (PC) Modding Package: Update documentation for a new tutorial flow, improved readability and additional content.
  • (PC, PS4, XB1) Mixdown: Adjusted audio mixing chain to use Wwise Mastering plugin introduced with SDK version 2019.2.
  • (PC) Mixdown: Re-calibrated output levels so that in-game audio settings of „all 80%“ results in average loudness of about -16 LKFS.
  • (PS4, XB1) Mixdown: Re-calibrated output levels so that in-game audio settings of „all 80%“ results in average loudness of about -23 LKFS.
  • In-game: Increased AI vehicle volume in free & trackside camera views.
  • In-game: Added more dynamic variety to vehicle contact sounds.
  • In-game: Fixed a bug where AI vehicle wheel hub collisions would trigger player collision sounds.
  • In-game: Fixed an issue where vehicle wheel landing sfx would play on chassis contact.
  • In-game: Fixed an issue where car window crack and break sounds would play even if windows were not damaged in a collision.
  • In-game: Fixed virtual voice leaks with some exhaust backfire sound effects.
  • In-game: Fixed incorrect 3D positioning of some player damage sounds.
  • In-game: Fixed issue where time penalty notification sound would sometimes play in post-race screens.
  • In-game: Implemented a generic acoustics simulation (non-vehicle model specific) of stripped-down vehicle interior in cockpit camera view.
  • In-game: Fixed Ambisonics channel order configuration issue with source sound assets for wind ambience.
  • Vehicle Damage: Implemented camera angle based automation of loudness and tone for damage sfx of each subsystem (brakes, engine etc.). F.ex. damage sound of engine pistons will appear more sharp and pronounced on hood/bumper cam etc. etc.
  • Wrecker: Fixed audio sync issue with single and grouped Bumper machines.
  • Wrecker: Machine mixdown balancing tweaks.
  • Race: Added faint wind and distant traffic noise ambiences. Configure in-game music volume to 0% to play these sounds.

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  1. FoXD3vilSwiLd 35860 XP Bobby Car Raser | 02.07.2021 - 18:12 Uhr

    Lohnt sich aber für alle, die gern Rennspiele spielen und das Spiel nicht so ernst nehmen. Macht echt Laune, mit mehreren Freunden vermutlich noch mehr, vor allem dann das Destruction Derby

  2. Ranzeweih 78355 XP Tastenakrobat Level 4 | 02.07.2021 - 18:36 Uhr

    Ich glaub, das muß ich am WE auch mal wieder für die ein oder andere Runde rein schmeißen. Ist immer wieder recht spaßig…

  3. De4thsp4nk 54844 XP Nachwuchsadmin 6+ | 02.07.2021 - 19:09 Uhr

    Meine series x zeigt mit nur n leeren Screen wenn ich beim Spiel auf Upgrade gehe komisch

  4. Markus79 45630 XP Hooligan Treter | 03.07.2021 - 09:03 Uhr

    Finde das Spiel echt super. Rotiert bei mir immer noch des öfteren auf der XSX. Finde es auch optisch durchaus gelungen. 👍🏼

  5. Lord Hektor 38380 XP Bobby Car Rennfahrer | 03.07.2021 - 12:42 Uhr

    Zock das aktuell und muss sagen es ist absolut geil und lustig. Das sage ich der normal keine Rennspiele Spiele 😁


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