Xbox Insider: Alpha und Alpha Skip Ahead Update 1810.180801-1920

Für Xbox Insider im Alpha und Alpha Skip Ahead Ring ist das Update 1810.180801-1920 erhältlich.

Wer Xbox Insider und im Alpha bzw. Alpha Skip Ahead Ring registriert ist, der hat am Wochenende das Build 1810.180801-1920 für seine Xbox One Konsole erhalten.

Das Update sorgt für mehr Stabilität bei den Audioeinstellungen PCM, Dolby Atmos und DTS und hat weitere, nicht näher spezifizierten Performanceverbesserungen und Bugfixes.


We’ve received feedback that the integration of Avatars on console has been a bit confusing due to the use of phrases like “Avatars on Home” and “Avatars on Dashboard,” so we wanted to clear up a few things. Currently, Avatars are visible to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha Rings in the following places: the Avatar Editoractivity feed, leaderboards, and the Profile.



  • Stability fixes to address failures with various console sound settings of PCM, Dolby Atmos and DTS.

System Performance

  • Various Performance and bug fixes.

Known Issues:


  • We are aware that some users with HDMI audio are hearing no audio at all and working to resolve ASAP.  This build allows us to gather more data to help diagnose the issue.


  • It can take up to 10 seconds to view an Avatar on the profile screen the first time after your console has flashed.

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge crashes for some users at random times.
  • The cursor may disappear when exiting and re-entering the app
  • -> Workaround: Press Y when re-entering the app to make the cursor re-appear


  • Sometimes users may encounter stuttering when launching straight into Oneguide after the console is turned on from Instant on. Please file feedback when you see this.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


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