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Alpha Update beseitigt Dolby Atmos Sound Bugs

Xbox Insider im Alpha Ring haben ein neues 1804.180316-1900 Update erhalten.

Mit dem neuesten Xbox Insider Alpha Update 1804.180316-1900 werden die Dolby Atmos Sound Bugs entfernt, die sich seit der letzten Aktualisierung eingeschlichen haben. Weitere Bugs wurden vorerst nicht entfernt.


  • If your console is in Instant-On mode and you have been selected to receive the update, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.
  • NOTE: Once the update is available to you, you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Updates.
  • If your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 3:00 AM PDT 3/20/2018 (10:00AM GMT 3/20), you will be prompted to do so at that time.
  • This update has a shorter than usual amount of time before it becomes mandatory.


OS version released: rs4_release_xbox_dev.180316-1900

Available: 6:00PM PST 3/19 (2:00AM GMT 3/20)


  • Audio

We have resolved issues with Dolby Atmos for Home Theater and certain AVR models that did result in random sound cut outs. The receiver should now correctly display with the ATMOS stream is detected and accurately reproduce ATMOS channels.


  • Pi-hole

Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default. Workaround: Add to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.

  • Netflix

Netflix on Monitor only works at 1080p and does not support 1440p – Netflix is aware of the issue. Workaround : If watching Netflix on a Monitor/LCD please set the display output to 1080p.

  • System

We are investigating an issue in which some users are experiencing the console shutdown after you turn it on. Workaround – Simply turn the console back on.

  • Virtual Keyboard
  • The virtual keyboard disappears randomly when inputting text.
  • Chinese virtual keyboard not working in this build. Workaround plus in a USB keyboard.
  • HDR Issues

Some users are discovering that some games are not showing in HDR – Please file feedback when you encounter this to help in the investigation.

  • Spotify Search

Some users are discovering that the search function in Spotify is not working. Please file feedback when you encounter this to help in the investigation. Workaround – Type in a search hit enter and nothing happens. Click the left stick twice and it searches properly.

  • Controller sharing/ Co-pilot vibration issues

Some users may experience a problem with a controller vibrating non-stop when using the share controller or the co-pilot feature.

  • Audio
  • Loss of center channel when Windows Sonic enabled
  • Audio lag in various games and apps being tracked
  • Mixer – Games UWP Games
  • There is an issue with broadcasting UWP Games. If you start a game then proceed to load Mixer and the broadcast fails we are tracking this issue. Workaround – Start Mixer to broadcast then start the game and you can broadcast while the game is running.

5 Kommentare Added

  1. GURK3NS3PP 39975 XP Bobby Car Rennfahrer | 20.03.2018 - 09:34 Uhr

    Na ich hoffe mal der Soundbug ist weg. Hab aber noch so einige Bugs. Aber ne Preview ist ne Preview ist ne alpha ist ne beta 🙂

      • GURK3NS3PP 39975 XP Bobby Car Rennfahrer | 21.03.2018 - 11:25 Uhr

        Hatte bzw. habe, muss ich erst noch testen, das Problem mit meinem Headset (Dolby Atmos) und mit meiner HK Soundbar. Die Soundbar kann aber kein Dolby Atmos von daher weiss ich jetzt nicht was da für ein Signal hingeht.

  2. TheMisfit1979 17940 XP Sandkastenhüpfer Level 4 | 20.03.2018 - 10:05 Uhr

    Hoffe das ist der Soundbug bei dem der Quittungston ab und an wegbleibt wenn ich durch dir Kacheln und Seiten scrolle im Dashboard.Supernervig.


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