Xbox Insider: Beta & Delta Update veröffentlicht

Für Xbox Insider im Beta & Delta Ring steht ein neues Update bereit.

Xbox Insider, die sich im Beta oder Delta Ring befinden, erhalten ein neues Update für ihr System. Delta Ring Tester werden nach und nach bedient. Somit ist das Update nicht für alle Delta Tester auf einen Schlag erhältlich, sondern wird über die nächsten Wochen verteilt.

Was euch alles erwartet, könnt ihr den Patch Notes entnehmen.

Build Notes:

Xbox Avatar Store (Beta Ring)

Xbox Insiders in the Beta ring now have access to the Xbox Avatar Store, where they can search for and try out new apparel and accessories. Find something you like, preview it on your very own Avatar from within the store and complete the “Try the Avatar Store” Quest to give feedback! Please keep in mind that the Avatar Store is live and all purchases will be charged to your Microsoft Account.

We’ve also pushed a new Avatar Store feature, which can be enjoyed by Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha and Beta Insiders starting today. Now, when trying out new items in the Avatar Store, you can customize and preview different color options in real time – try it out!

We’re continuing to expand Avatar Store items and Avatar Editor features, and we appreciate the early feedback provided by our Xbox Insiders.

Xbox Avatar Editor (All Delta Ring users 1810 & 1806)

While only a subset of Delta users will receive today’s 1810 build, all Xbox Insiders in the Delta ring will have access to the New Avatar Editor starting today. If you’re a Delta Insider, check for the new Avatar Editor in your “Games & apps,” give it a try and be sure to leave feedback via the “Create a new Avatar” Quest in the Xbox Insider Hub!

Ready to Install

In this update, we’ve simplified “My Games & apps” by making it easier to see what games and apps you have installed vs. what games and apps are ready to install. You’ll no longer see a “Ready to install” tab when you interact with “My games & apps” and will instead be able to toggle between “Installed” and “Ready to install” when viewing either games or apps. We’ve also placed all filter options under one button, so that you can easily view your games and apps by size, letter, last update and more. Try it yourself and be sure to provide feedback!



  • We have fixed the bug where people that need to enter a PIN on Console couldn’t buy content in the Avatar Store.


  • Fixed an issue in which banning a member in a Club would freeze the UI.


  • Fixes to the Guide to show the correct Notification Inbox counts.

My Games & Apps

  • Memberships –  We have resolved the issue in the Membership sections for Game Pass and EA Access not showing the correct titles.
  • We have resolved the issue in which some titles were showing the incorrect icon/art.
  • We have resolved the issue in which some users in My Games and Apps collection filters were unable to dismiss the Filter menu after launch in [Groups] page.


  • Fixes to the Narrator feature to correctly read the chat and camera position correctly.

Known Issues:


  • We are aware that some users are experiencing issues where mics do not work. Please ensure that your controller is running the latest Firmware (Settings – Kinect & Devices – Devices & Accessories) and be sure to file feedback using the “Report a problem” tool when you experience this issue.


  • We are aware that, in some instances, Avatar limbs (feet & hands) are pointing in unexpected directions and facial hair is appearing where it should not. Please file feedback should you experience this.
  • It can take up to 10 seconds to view an Avatar on the profile screen after creating a new Avatar.

My Games & Apps

  • Ready To Install – When looking at the Membership sections for Games for Gold you will not see the correct listing of Installed titles.
  • Workaround: Look for Ready to Install titles under the Games tab in My Games & Apps.
  • Memberships – When viewing the Games for Gold Memberships section some users may see all available Ready to Install titles and not just those that are included with their membership.
  • EA Access App – We are aware that the EA Access app will crash when navigating in the app and become unresponsive.
  • Shudder App – We are aware that the Shudder app may become unresponsive.

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge crashes for some users at random times.
  • The cursor may disappear when exiting and re-entering the app.
  • Workaround: Press Y when re-entering the app to make the cursor re-appear


  • Sometimes users may encounter stuttering when launching straight into Oneguide after the console is turned on from Instant on. Please file feedback when you see this.
  • Here is a workaround to resolve temporarily:
  • If you have a Kinect sensor connected to the console, try disabling it by going to Settings>Kinect & devices>Kinect and toggling the Kinect sensor off. Then re-launch OneGuide.


  • We are tracking an issue in which the console is fully powering off when it is placed into Instant On mode.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

Settings – Network Statistics

  • We are aware that the Detailed Network Statistics feature is not showing any data.  This does not impact the consoles networking performance at all it is a UI bug.

Virtual Keyboard

  • We are aware that some characters appear incorrectly when using the Virtual Keyboard in conjunction with a chatpad. Workaround: Disconnect the chatpad.

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  1. Appelsaft38 0 XP Neuling | 31.08.2018 - 09:23 Uhr

    Kam schon gefühlt mehrere Jahre nichts mehr für den normalen Nutzer.. 🤔

    • kaepteniglo 21765 XP Nasenbohrer Level 1 | 31.08.2018 - 09:50 Uhr

      Du meinst für die „Nicht-Preview-Teilnehmer“?
      Da kam das letzte Update im Mai.

      Diese User sollen ja auch immer das endgültige Update bekommen um nur max. 2x im Jahr zu updaten.

      Die Preview-Updates sind zwar, aus meiner Sicht, sehr stabil aber haben trotzdem Macken. Vor allem im Bereich der Übersetzungen.

      • Appelsaft38 0 XP Neuling | 31.08.2018 - 10:02 Uhr

        Ja ich weiß. War ne Weile im Preview Programm, daher komme ich mir jetzt etwas vernachlässigt vor. 😀

      • Brokenhead 28755 XP Nasenbohrer Level 4 | 31.08.2018 - 10:02 Uhr

        Ja klar meint ich die, du hast ja den normalen Nutzer gemeint.
        Naja die macken an der Übersetzung sind halt dadran geschuldet das sie noch fehlt. Ansonsten ich bin alpha skip ahead nutzer und hatte bis jetzt nur ein einziges mal probleme gehabt. Bin in der rangliste auf platz 104. bin sch ganz lange mit dabei


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