Xbox Insider: Preview Build 1806.180621-1929 für Beta und Delta Ring

Xbox Insider im Beta und Delta Ring haben das Preview Build 1806.180621-1929 erhalten.

In der vergangenen Nacht das das Xbox Team eine neue Preview Build für Xbox Insider im Beta und Delta Ring veröffentlicht. Mit dem Build 1806.180621-1929 wurden vornehmlich einige der bestehenden Fehler beseitigt. Unter ihnen etwa die Fehlermeldungen beim Standby-Betrieb und dem Drahtlosnetzwerk.



  • Fixed a UI bug with groups that resulted in the inbox apps showing a generic pin icon rather than the Application artwork.

 My Games and Apps

  • Fixed an issue with various Games failing due launch or update correctly after a title update and users found that they had to reinstall the title.

Home – Alerts

  • Fixed an issue in which the clear all button/shortcut on the Alerts page was doing nothing for some users.

Home – Content

  • Fixed an issue in which the User was unable to navigate the add suggestions content on Home.


  • Various localization fixes across the console.

Networking – Wi-Fi

  • Fixed the network Wi-Fi drivers so that when a user resumes the console from Instant on they no longer experience the following Wi-Fi network issues:
    • Your Wi-Fi SSID is missing and/or
    • Your console having no Wi-Fi on resume and /or
    • Your console was unable to obtain an IP address from your Wi-Fi network.

System Performance

  • Misc. performance fixes in the platform.

Known Issues:


  • You may see issues with Groups if you frequently switch between your non-Preview console and your Preview console. Workaround: Reset your Groups locally on the Preview console through “My games & apps” > Groups, then using the “Reset groups” button at the bottom of the page to resync from the service.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

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