Xbox One Dashboard: Preview Update verfügbar

Xbox Insider können sich über ein neues Update freuen.

Alle Xbox Insider, die das neueste System Update bereits erhalten haben, können sich über ein Update freuen.


• If your console is in Instant-On mode and you have been selected to receive the update, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.
• NOTE: Once the update is available to you, you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Console info & updates.
• If you have been selected to receive the update and your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 1:00 AM PDT 2/3/2017, you will be prompted to do so at that time.

OS version released: rs_xbox_dev_flight.170128-2057
Available: 6:00PM PST 2/1 (1:00AM GMT 2/2)


New Quests are now available in the Xbox Insider Hub!
• Party & Multiplayer
• Activity Feed-back
• Game On!

• Cortana
Resolved an issue which caused some See-It-Say-It content to fail to display on Home, Community, OneGuide, and Store.

• Store
• You should now be able to purchase in-game content for Battlefield 1 and Happy Wars.

• When attempting to launch a pre-ordered title from the Game Hub, the title now displays the correct „too early“ error message.

• Audio
In-game and headset audio should work normally when switching between apps or resuming app from connected standby.

• Trove
Trove now launches correctly when the console is set to a locale other than en-US\USA.

• Dishonored: Definitive Edition
Fixed an issue which caused Dishonored: Definitive Edition to crash after launch with the console set to pt-BR\Brazil

• Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
Fixed an issue which caused in-game text to fail to display in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition.

• Ubisoft Club
When launching the Ubisoft Club app, the screen automatically starts scrolling down, and prevents the user from scrolling back up.

• Sign-in
With profile sign-in settings set to “Lock it down”, you may be unable to sign-in again after playing a game, then signing out.
Workaround:  Hard reset the console (hold down the button on the front of the console for five seconds until it fully powers down, then power it back on).

• EA Access
The EA Access app may indicate you are not an EA Access subscriber when you are. This does not affect your ability to download or play games from the Vault, or receive discounts on EA titles.

• Jump
Microsoft Edge webpages which have been pinned on the Jump tab fail to launch the webpage.

• Screen Dimming
The screen may dim after a short amount of time while viewing videos in certain apps (Hulu Plus).

• Settings – Ease of Access
When enabling the Mono output setting in Ease of Access – Audio, Settings becomes unresponsive, crashes, and fails to launch on subsequent attempts.
Workaround:  To launch Settings, perform a hard reset (hold down the button on the front of the console for five seconds until it fully powers down, then power it back on).

• Settings – Display & sound
The Audio output page is under construction and some of the new settings are not yet functional. New support is planned for Dolby Atmos for home theater, Dolby Atmos for headphones, and more in upcoming builds. An announcement will be made when these new features are ready to try out; enabling these settings now will have no effect.

The IGN app launches and immediately crashes to Home.

• Wireless Display
The Wireless Display app fails to launch and immediately crashes to Home.

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  1. GxF MCM 1805 XP Beginner Level 1 | 02.02.2017 - 08:12 Uhr

    Wann ist den das erste Update ausgerollt worden, ich hab noch keins erhalten und bin fast seit 2 Jahren preview Member. Ist das normal???

    • Ash2X 179520 XP P3P3 L3 P3W P3W Shot 4 | 02.02.2017 - 08:27 Uhr

      Das ist normal – ich kenne einige Leute die auch noch keins bekommen haben (oder zumindest später) obwohl sie auch halbwegs regelmäßig Quests absolvieren.

    • GURK3NS3PP 40325 XP Hooligan Krauler | 02.02.2017 - 15:03 Uhr

      Schau mal in die Insider App, da kann man sich für die Alpha anmelden. Einen Tag später bekommst du vielleicht das Update.

      Hab das Update auch erst gestern bekommen obwohl ich schon fast 3 Jahre dabei bin…

  2. kaepteniglo 23185 XP Nasenbohrer Level 2 | 02.02.2017 - 12:53 Uhr

    Ha hoffentlich brauch ich die Ubisoft Club-App nicht, wenn ich die Beta von Ghost Recon anteste 🙂

    • Ash2X 179520 XP P3P3 L3 P3W P3W Shot 4 | 02.02.2017 - 13:38 Uhr

      Die App braucht man für kein einziges Spiel von Ubisoft,es ist nur das „Bonusprogramm“.Die Uplay-Dienste an sich sind nicht betroffen.

      • kaepteniglo 23185 XP Nasenbohrer Level 2 | 02.02.2017 - 14:42 Uhr

        Ja, schon klar…..
        Aber manchmal schau ich dort halt bei Spielen mal kurz rein, welche Dinge ich für die Ubi-Erfolge noch machen muss 😉

        • Ash2X 179520 XP P3P3 L3 P3W P3W Shot 4 | 02.02.2017 - 17:17 Uhr

          Ich habe gerade mit AC Syndicate angefangen…XD


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