Xbox One Dashboard: Über 100 neue Features in weniger als 12 Monaten


Mit den monatlichen Updates für Xbox One hat Microsoft viele Käufer sehr glücklich gemacht und mit jedem System-Update wurde die Konsole ein Stückchen besser.

Seit der Veröffentlichung der Xbox One hat Microsoft über 100 neue Features umgesetzt und sich dabei stets das Feedback der Spieler zu Herzen genommen. Dazu wurde das Beta-Programm stetig erweitert und in diversen Umfragen, könnt ihr immer euren Senf zu den Neuerungen abgeben. Welche neuen Funktionen euch seit Februar 2014 alles auf die System-Festplatte der Xbox One aufgespielt wurden, seht ihr jetzt.

Februar Updates

  1. See and manage your storage space
  2. Control your install lineup and more easily manage your download queue
  3. Separate My Games and My Apps lists so you can easily create separate queues for both
  4. Track how much battery life is left on your controller
  5. Support for your USB keyboard with your Xbox One

März Updates

  1. Friends list moved to front and center on the homepage of the Friends app
  2. Party chat turns on by default
  3. Chat with friends playing different games
  4. “Invite friends to game” option available in your multiplayer titles
  5. See a list of “Recent Players”
  6. Twitch live streaming support
  7. Optical out supports 5.1 Dolby Digital
  8. Support for Dolby Digital surround sound over HDMI
  9. Support for 50Hz output for TV
  10. Tailor the number of volume up/down adjustments
  11. SmartGlass updates: Receive notifications of Xbox Live messages, check out what your friends are doing, see their latest highlight clips, and unsnap apps with SmartGlass
  12. Support for new Xbox One accessories: Xbox One Stereo Headset and Adapter, Xbox One Media Remote, and third party headsets
  13. Browser improvements: Direct link to IE, new gesture and controller features for Bing and Google maps, and search improvements
  14. IR blasting of power and volume to TVs/AVRs for all regions
  15. Easy sound bar setup
  16. View Game Clips in Snap mode
  17. Passkey feature to protect user settings

April Updates

  1. Support for 50Hzoutput for Blu-ray
  2. Controller and headset adaptor firmware updates that reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity
  3. Silent reboot after system updates and system update on demand
  4. Improved GameDVR video quality through compression algorithm improvements
  5. Kinect voice and motion improvements for quality and reliability of Xbox One commands
  6. Game save progress bar shows the status of your game saves
  7. See what games and apps are being updated or have been updated recently
  8. Notifications to see when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live
  9. Friends who are in multiplayer are identified in the friends list

Mai Updates

  1. Sound Mixer for apps in Snap mode
  2. Volume control when using Kinect with chat
  3. Opt-in to help improve speech recognition
  4. Take the next system update when you want

Juni Updates

  1. External storage support
  2. The ability to add your real name
  3. OneGuide and Universal Remote Control added to SmartGlass
  4. Select an account for automatic sign-in
  5. For Xbox One owners in Canada and Europe, access to OneGuide and more TV, SmartGlass, and voice features
  6. Games with Gold & Deals with Gold
  7. All Xbox Live members can access popular gaming and entertainment apps without a Gold membership

Juli Updates

  1. Snap Mode for Achievements
  2. Double-tap to launch Snap Center
  3. Choice of spoken language in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria
  4. Background updates for future digital bundles and compilation discs
  5. Ability to like GameDVR clips

August Updates

  1. Activity feed updates: New ways for you to interact with friends in the activity feed
  2. Mobile purchase from SmartGlass or
  3. Low battery notification
  4. Disable notifications during video
  5. Enabling 3D Blu-ray
  6. OneGuide in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland
  7. Last seen time in Friends list
  8. Pre-order and pre-download titles

September Updates

  1. Expanded Friends area on Home
  2. A new Media Player app for USB and DLNA playback
  3. Improved Party app with party leader settings
  4. New features for SmartGlass: Post status messages from the Activity Feed and comments, share items from both your Activity Feed and Game Clips, personalized Activity Feed added to your profile, threaded messages, record game clips directly from the Now Playing bar, What’s New page highlighting the features of each release
  5. “Xbox On” capabilities in Australia, Canada (French), Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil
  6. Boot directly to television when coming out of connected standby
  7. Manage controllers and other accessories under Settings – Devices & Accessories
  8. Bandwidth Usage shows users how much bandwidth their Xbox One is consuming over a period of time
  9. Choose multiple GameDVR clips to delete at once in the Upload app
  10. Save Avatar Gamerpics to users’ OneDrive

Oktober Updates

  1. Snap Center updated to include quick access to Friends, Messages, Achievements, Game DVR, clock and battery indicator
  2. Friends Snap App
  3. Messages Snap App
  4. Achievements App
  5. See a list of top games in your profile and your friend’s most popular games in the Friend’s section of SmartGlass
  6. Improvements for TV and video
  7. Media Player DLNA and MKV support
  8. Live TV Trending based on your country and OneGuide settings
  9. USB-attached Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain)
  10. Stream TV to SmartGlass with the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner
  11. Live TV MiniGuide for markets where OneGuide is available
  12. OneGuide in 12 new countries
  13. Apps with live TV channels include their TV listings within OneGuide and other Xbox TV features work with these apps
  14. Universal remote control in SmartGlass
  15. Live TV initial setup experience
  16. Live TV cable & satellite box auto-detection
  17. Updated Devices & Accessories page
  18. Firmware updates
  19. Find my Controller to easily find (or identify) a controller by making it vibrate
  20. Hide Games & Apps on your console
  21. Password resets and added protection made easier

November Updates

  1. Custom backgrounds
  2. Share your location and bio as part of your profile and select a set of showcase items that are displayed
  3. Tweet about your favorite game clips
  4. Live TV Trending
  5. Twitter TV Trending
  6. Xbox TV Trending
  7. Tweets in MiniGuide
  8. Recents and Favorites in MiniGuide
  9. Store pages on Xbox One improved to quickly browse and find content
  10. Friends’ game activity on SmartGlass
  11. Games with Gold & Deals with Gold on SmartGlass
  12. SmartGlass Store improved to easily find and download apps for your Xbox One, and a Coming Soon filter for Games and Add Ons
  13. Easily snap from a full screen experience and move Internet Explorer into snap mode
  14. Internet Explorer featured sites
  15. My Stats shared in Preview dashboard
  16. Leaderboard added that shows how you stack up against your friends
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    Mehr als die hälfte sollte die konsole von begin an scho können

  2. Foxy Chaos 0 XP Neuling | 05.11.2014 - 19:56 Uhr

    Ich wär bei der Aufzählung nicht so euphorisch.Eine übersichtliche Struktur haben die immer noch nicht hingekriegt.Ich muss mich durch zig Add Ons blättern,weil das Ordnungssystem einfach Sch****e ist.Wärs echt ein Problem eine Kachel pro Spiel über die man direkt zu den nur für dieses Spiel erhältlichen Inhalten kommt.Eventuell mit Hinweis:X neue Inhalte für Spiel y?Stattdessen muss ich bis ganz nach hinten blättern weil hunderte Tracks für ein Spiel erschienen ist,was mich nicht mal interessiert.


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