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      Player 1

      Moin habe ne Frage suche wie Blöde die AudioTapes in Bioshock und hab immer das gefühl ich renne an ein tape immer Vorbei wenn jemand weiß wo alle sind oder ne Link kennt wo alle Orte gezeigt werden wäre das ne große hilfe.

      Danke im Voraus

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      TTC Baxter

      These are in order as they appear in the levels.

      1. New Year’s Eve Alone (Diane McClintock) – Kashmir Bottom Floor, on table.
      2. Hole in the Bathroom Wall (Steve Barker) – Kashmir Restaraunt, in „Dames“ Restroom.
      3. Released Today (Diane McClintock) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, on the reception desk.
      4. Adam’s Changes (Steinman) – Emergency Access, on the desk.
      5. Higher Standards (Steinman) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, on the wall near the entrance
      6. Parasite Expectations (Andrew Ryan) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, on the reception desk near surgery.
      7. Limits of Imagination (Steinman) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, on the wall near hall towards Eternal Flame.
      8. Love for Science (Tenenbaum) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, in lobby near Health Station
      9. Vandalism (Andrew Ryan) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, near vending machines.
      10. Freezing Pipes (McDonagh) – Medical Pavilion Foyer, near base of stairs.
      11. Surgery’s Picasso (Steinman) – Eternal Flame, in the entrance room near the memorial.
      12. Enrage Trial (Suchong) – Kure All, on the floor in the corner of the main room.
      13. Plasmids are the Paint (Suchong) – Painless Dental, on the desk in the corner near the stuffed bear.
      14. Useless Experiments (Tenenbaum) – Dandy Dental, on the floor near the entrance to the offices.
      15. Testing Telekinesis (Suchong) – Dandy Dental, on the floor near the Gatherer’s Garden vending machine.
      16. Symmetry (Steinman) – Surgery Foyer, on the wall beyond the pile of debris.
      17. Aphrodite Waking (Steinman) – Surgery, on a desk in the operating room to the north.
      18. Not What She Wanted (Steinman) – Surgery, search the corpse that Dr. Steinman was operating on.
      19. Gatherer’s Vulnerability (Steinman) – Lounge, on ground near Gatherer’s Garden vending machine.
      20. Bathysphere Keys (Sullivan) – Lower Wharf, under the boardwalk on the south end of the wharf.
      21. Timmy H. Interrogation (Sullivan) – Lower Wharf, in the interrogation room in the water.
      22. Fontaine Must Go (Andrew Ryan) – Lower Wharf, crawl under the metal grating near the pipes.
      23. Finding the Sea Slug (Tenenbaum) – Upper Wharf, on the table across from the stairwell entrance.
      24. Masha Come Home (Mariska Lutz) – Upper Wharf, on the floor in the corner where Little Sister was.
      25. Picked up Timmy H. (Sullivan) – Upper Wharf, search the corpse in the corner near Little Sister.
      26. Watch Fontaine (Andrew Ryan) – Upper Wharf, next to Circus of Values machine.
      27. Have My Badge (Sullivan) – Wharf’s Master Office, on the desk in the office.
      28. Adam Discovery (Tenenbaum) – Upper Wharf, in a crate below the ledge in the Wharfmaster’s office.
      29. Eden Leaking (McDonagh) – Upper Wharf, in hallway on way to Jet Postal.
      30. Fontaine’s Smugglers (Tenenbaum) – Jet Postal, on the bench in the glass tube.
      31. Death Penalty in Rapture (Andrew Ryan) – Jet Postal, on the desk near the vending machine.
      32. Smuggling Ring (Sullivan) – Fighting McDonagh, on the bar of table near the center of the room.
      33. Working Late Again (Andrew Ryan) – Fighting McDonagh, on a bar table near the windows.
      34. Rapture Changing (McDonagh) – Fighting McDonagh, on the desk in the large office in the basement.
      35. Meeting Ryan (McDonagh) – Fighting McDonagh, crawl through the water-filled ventiliation back towards the Gene Bank and entrance.
      36. Arresting Fontaine (McDonagh) – Fighting McDonagh, in room #6 upstairs.
      37. Saw Masha Today (Mariska Lutz) – Fighting McDonagh, in room #7 upstairs.
      38. Putting the Screws On (Peach Wilkins) – Freezer Bottom Floor, in the freezer next to the safe.
      39. Meeting with Fontaine (Peach Wilkins) – Storage Cave, on the ground near the numerous crates.
      40. Kraut Scientist (Frank Fontaine) – Control Room, in the locked storage cave on the lower floor.
      41. Offered a Deal (Peach Wilkins) – Submarine Bay, on the dock leading towards Arcadia.
      42. Seeing Ghosts (McDonagh) – Tea Garden, on the ground off to the left.
      43. Mass Producing Adam (Tenenbaum) – Tea Garden, on the ground near the chairs.
      44. Big Night Out (Dieter Sonnekalb) – Tea Garden, on the ground near the park bench and ghosts.
      45. Arcadia Closed (Langford) – Tea Garden, up the stairs on the desk near the Gene Bank.
      46. The Market is Patient (Andrew Ryan) – Waterfall Grottos, on the park bench near the U-Invent machine of the upper level.
      47. Early Tests Promising (Langford) – Waterfall Grottos, near the water wheel in the lower level.
      48. Offer a Better Product (Andrew Ryan) – Waterfall Grottos, on the lower level near the water wheel.
      49. Heroes and Criminals (Diane McClintock) – Waterfall Grottos, in the locked machinery room atop the stairs.
      50. Shouldn’t Have Come (Mariska Lutz) – Lower Rolling Hills, on the bench near the stairs.
      51. The Saturnine (Langford) – Lower Rolling Hills, in the cave behind the waterfall.
      52. Arcadia and Oxygen (Langford) – Tree Farm, near the crate on the landing entrance.
      53. What Won’t They Steal (Langford) – Research Laboratories, just inside the entance.
      54. Teaching an Old Hound (Langford) – Research Laboratories, on the table inside the 2nd room.
      55. Lazarus Vector (Langford) – Langford’s Office, search Julie Langford’s body.
      56. Lazarus Vector Formula (Langford) – Langford’s Office, inside the wall safe in Julie’s lab.
      57. Maternal Instinct (Tenenbaum) – Tree Farm, on the steps heading to Farmer’s Market.
      58. Bee Enzyme (Tasha Denu) – Farmer’s Market Entrance, on the ground near the pneumo tube.
      59. First Encounter (Andrew Ryan) – Farmer’s Market, near the Bouncer corpse in the lower storage room.
      60. Hatred (Tenenbaum) – Farmer’s Market, on a desk in the lower storage room.
      61. Desperate Times (Andrew Ryan) – Farmer’s Market, in the crawlspace that links to the freezer.
      62. Pulling Together (Andrew Ryan) – Farmer’s Market, on the counter of the meat market.
      63. Water in Wine (Pierre Gobbi) – Farmer’s Market, upstairs near large winery sign.
      64. Adam Explained (Tenenbaum) – Silverwing Apiary, on the counter near the entrance.
      65. Functional Children (Tenenbaum) – Winery, on a table in the rear of the room.
      66. The Great Chain (Andrew Ryan) – Arcadia Metro Station, on the bench to the right of the entrance.
      67. Musical Insult (Sander Cohen) – Fleet Hall Theatre, upstairs storage room near the guitar.
      68. The Doubters (Sander Cohen) – Cohen’s Collection, on the table downstairs.
      69. Come to the Record Store (Cobb) – Southern Mall, outside the restroom, on the table near the alcohol.
      70. The Wild Bunny (Sander Cohen) – Sophia Salon, in the closet around the back of the counter.
      71. Artist’s Feud (Sullivan) – Cocktail Lounge, on the bar above the safe.
      72. Fancy Cigarettes (Albert Milonakis) – Le Marquis D’Epogue, in the downstairs humidor near the corpse.
      73. The Iceman Cometh (Martin Finnegan) – Frozen Tunnel, in the entrance corridor on the left-hand side.
      74. Stood Up Again (Diane McCormick) – Upper Atrium, at the top of the stairs near the entrance to Fleet Hall.
      75. Guns Blazing (McDonagh) – Robertson’s Tobaccoria, on the table just inside the main door.
      76. Pregnancy (Jasmine Jolene) – Eve’s Garden, under the bed in the room behind the stage.
      77. It’s All Grift (Hector Rodriguez) – Eve’s Garden, on the bar.
      78. Fontaine’s Army (McDonagh) – Sir-Prize, in a crate on the floor to the left of the stairs.
      79. Bump Culpepper? (Sullivan) – Pharoah’s Fortune, on a pool table upstairs.
      80. Ryan’s Stabbleboy (Anna Culpepper) – Rapture Records, behind the counter inside the entrance.
      81. Requiem for Andrew Ryan (Sander Cohen) – Projection Booth, on the table in the office.
      82. Ryan Takes F Futuristics (McDonagh) – Hepheastus Bathyspher Station, in a crate near the Circus of Values machine.
      83. Scoping the Gate (Kyburz) – Outside Ryan’s Office, near the Circus of Values machine.
      84. Stopping Ryan (McDonagh) – Ryan’s Office, search the first corpse on the right-hand side.
      85. Going to Heat Loss (Anya Andersdotter) – Outside Ryan’s office, search the fourth corpse on the right-hand side.
      86. A Man or a Parasite (Andrew Ryan) – – Hepheastus Core, on the desk outside the room with the bunks.
      87. Fontaine’s Legacy (McDonagh) – Hepheastus Core, on the edge of the walkway, near the Vita-Chamber.
      88. Assassin (Anya Andersdotter) – Hepheastus Core, near the Gatherer’s Garden.
      89. Kyburz Door Code (Pablo Navarro) – Heat Loss Monitoring, on the floor in the corner.
      90. Genetic Arms Race (McDonagh) – Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, on the desk in the flooded area.
      91. Getting a Break (Pablo Navarro) – Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, on the desk near the tonic.
      92. Impossible Anywhere Else (Andrew Ryan) – Hepheastus Core, at the very bottom walkway, on the desk.
      93. Running Short on R-34s (Pablo Navarro) – Hepheastus Core, on the desk outside the entrance to the Workshops.
      94. Device Almost Finished (Kyburz) – Lower Workshops, on the desk in the office at the bottom of the stairs.
      95. Great Chain Moves Slowly (Andrew Ryan) – Kyburz’s Office, on the desk in the back of the room.
      96. The Dream (Kyburz) – Lower Workshops, search the corpse lying in the center of the floor.
      97. Assembling the Bomb (Kyburz) – Lower Workshops, on the desk in the secret crawlspace office.
      98. Market Maintenance Code (Pablo Navarro) – Lower Workshops, in the crawlspace that leads under the stairs.
      99. The Vita Chamber (Suchong) – Control Room, on the desk to the left of the entrance.
      100. Mind Control Test (Suchong) – Control Room, on the table beneath the clippings and photos.
      101. Baby Stratus (Suchong) – Control Room, on the table beneath the clippings and photos.
      102. Mozart of Genetics (Suchong) – Olympus Heights, in the Bistro Square snack bar.
      103. Artist Woman (Sullivan) – Culpepper’s Apartment, on the corner table just inside the main room.
      104. Fontaine’s Human Jukebox (Suchong) – Suchong’s Apartment, on the floor in the southernmost room.
      105. Mind Control Antidote (Suchong) – Suchong’s Apartment, on his desk next to the tonic.
      106. Fontaine’s Breakup (Paparrazi) – Mercury Suites, on the upper walkway near the U-Invent machine.
      107. Sad Saps (Frank Fontaine) – Fontaine’s Apartment, on the coffee table near his collection of cigars.
      108. What’s Happening Here? (Diane McClintock) – Apollo Square, on the ground near the Circus of Values machine.
      109. Atlas Lives (Diane McClintock) – Apollo Square, near the Gatherer’s Garden machine.
      110. Protection Board (Suchong) – Artemis Suites, on the floor of Suchong’s office in the clinic.
      111. Meeting Atlas (Diane McClintock) – Hestia Chambers, just inside the entrance on the right.
      112. The Longest Con (Frank Fontaine) – Atlas‘ Headquarters, right on the desk next to the tonic.
      113. Today’s Raid (Diane McCormick) – Atlas‘ Headquarters, search the corpse near the safe in the corner.
      114. Changing Employers (Suchong) – Main Hall, melt the ice to enter the closet upstairs and search the trash can.
      115. Why Just Girls? (Tenenbaum) – Atrium Balcony, on the desk in the second floor of the orphanage.
      116. Extra Munitions (Suchong) – Plasmid Prototyping, on the ground next to the RPG Turret.
      117. Marketing Gold (Andrew Ryan) – Test Subject Storage, on a machine on the right-hand side of the room near the cascading water.
      118. Missing Boots (Suchong) – Candidate Conversion area, on a desk in the rear of the room.
      119. Protector Smell (Suchong) – Suit Assembly, on the machinery in the second floor southwest room.
      120. Protecting Little Ones (Suchong) – Suit Assembly, on a desk in the southeast room upstairs.
      121. Mistakes (Andrew Ryan) – Suit Assembly, near the Gene Bank machine.
      122. Cheap Son of a **** (Suchong) – Storage, on a desk in the small storage area of Suit Assembly.

      Offiziellen Englischen Guide, gibt es von BradyGames.

      Dachte erst du willst die offizielle CD haben.

      Manchmal wäre es einfacher mir ne PM zu schreiben. Dann erspar ich mir das Threadsuchen 😀

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      Player 1

      Na hoffentlich kann ich das übersetzen bin nicht so gut in Englisch aber wird schon schief gehn nicht

      Edit: Alles Klar Baxter dann schreibe ich dich das näschte mal an bist echt das WIKIpedia von XBOX360 und XD ^^

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      TTC Baxter

      Try this!
      An when all Hell’s breaks loose, write in here again, and i’ll help you.

      Versuch es hiermit

      Und wenn alle Stricke reissen, schreib hier wieder rein, dann helf ich dir.

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      Player 1

      Alles Klar Wikipedia XD ^^

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      TTC Baxter

      Die CD

      Extra als Link, nicht das es wieder auf den Deckel gibt.
      Offizielle exklusive CD mit AudioLog’s, die nicht im Spiel enthalten sind.

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