D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die: Details zum Patch V1.1


Zu D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die ging vor ein paar Tagen ein neuer Patch online. In dieser News erfahrt ihr, was sich mit diesem alles verändert hat.

Vor ein paar Tagen ging der Patch 1.1 zu D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die online. Was dieser für Änderungen mit sich bringt, verrät die neu veröffentlichte Patch-Liste:

– Young’s stamina does not deplete as fast as it used to when investigating the past (during a Dive).
– Changed some food items in the airplane to help regain more stamina without the need to go to the shop and buy food.
– Made adjustments to parameter boosts on clothes so players don’t feel penalized by changing into clothes they were given or
– Added “change clothes now” feature at the shop so players can change clothes without the need to go to the closet.
– Added help text pop-up that explains how to change clothes when you first receive new clothes.
Adjusted controller settings for a better user experience in action scenes when playing with the controller.
– Players do not need to release the A button to perform ‘Hold/Grab’ gestures in QTE’s and doing A+LR triggers will perform the gesture.
– Trigger input in QTEs will be recognized even if you don’t release the trigger.
– Adjusted diagonal input for the thumbsticks.
– Adjusted controller input for “follow the circle” interactio
– Adjusted controller input for rapidly moving the thunbsticks (i.e wake-up Young gesture).

Major improvements to Kinect including:
– Significantly improved seated lock-on for skeletal tracking. Lock-on is faster and more reliable.
– Improved hand state accuracy. Hand states (open/close/lasso) with front facing hands are more reliable.
– Improved seated reliability. More reliable when leaning back, close to other people etc.
– You can now say “Go to D4” at the Home menu to start the game.
– Edited the Kinect Safety Guide to help inform players about good Kinect placement and to face their palm to the sensor for better open/close hand state recognition.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a potential progression blocker where you could not collect evidence (puzzle pieces) from Duncan if you triggered and didn’t finish the “collect red bottle” side quest.
– Fixed a potential progression blocker where the game enters a black screen and doesn’t come back when you are told to look at Kaysen’s Notebook PC in Episode 2.
Fixed minor text typos and spacing issues in the UI.

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