VIGOR: Patch Notes für Update 0.6.30146

Heute erhält die Xbox One Game Preview Version von VIGOR das Update 0.6.30146.

Das Survival-Spiel VIGOR erhält heute ein neues Update auf der Xbox One. Das exklusiv für Xbox One erhältliche Spiel befindet sich seit Ende Juli in der Game Preview und kann für 19,99 Euro erworben werden.

Mit dem heutigen Update nimmt Entwickler Bohemia Interactive eine Reihe von Verbesserungen und Änderungen am Spiel vor, die in den folgenden Patch Notes aufgelistet sind.

Update 0.6.30146 Patch Notes

  • Added: ActionMachine – Action validity – Fire action
  • Added: Optimization of Footstep component and all sounds
  • Added: Button to equip screen for emptying backpack
  • Added: Empty variant of dead body container
  • Added: New sounds for movements in the deep water
  • Added: Overlay and warning Message Box in case of unreachable Vigor servers when opening the wood box
  • Changed: Working with Roman numerals in all shelter related UIs
  • Changed: Different shoulder offsets in the crouch
  • Changed: Made camera forward offset more direct
  • Changed: Additional height for a stance change check, there are two cases the character can get stuck.
  • Changed: a Non-hold version of icon added for instant interactions
  • Changed: Enable joining to other player groups via Friends list
  • Changed: Interaction dot performance optimized
  • Fixed: Loot of dead player properly change mesh and disable interaction if empty
  • Fixed: Shelter Status analytics event being sent before player’s stash is loaded from the cloud
  • Fixed: Removed redundant audio content from the sample
  • Fixed: a Weird position of onboarding messages
  • Fixed: Cases where the camera can clip in water
  • Fixed: Improper FOV initialization
  • Fixed: Character toggle prone/crouch not being triggered sometimes. This makes the character drown in some cases
  • Fixed: Knife cooldown timer is consistent between regular and melee attack
  • Fixed: Attacking without a weapon would cause the character to stop sprinting
  • Fixed: Vaulting, climbing, or having a weapon make sure the player is not in ADS
  • Fixed: ADS weapon transitions
  • Fixed: Some actions possible in first person view
  • Fixed: Knife „combat stance“ triggered by LT
  • Fixed: Possibility to submerge your character
  • Fixed: Game crashed when loading shelter after Encounter
  • Fixed: The box doesn’t remain opened anymore if the player was killed during the looting.
  • Fixed: Water splash and foam not visible in MP
  • Fixed: Door makes a sound at map load
  • Fixed: Jump/Land animations sounds not working
  • Fixed: Run to Sprint blend omits one footstep sound
  • Fixed: Prone to sprint animation played slow and freezes
  • Fixed: Server crashes
  • Fixed: World Map Onboarding Exclamation Mark
  • Fixed: Melee weapons – wrong physical material when you stab someone because invisibility channel you’re hitting his clothes
  • Fixed: Onboarding messages being shown in unintended UI’s or outside of the shelter builder
  • Fixed: Wood Box Opening Sound Effect
  • Fixed: Footprints appear even in Encounters
  • Fixed: Typos corrected and also the rarity of some items fixed
  • Fixed: Airdrop parachute sometimes did not collapse
  • Fixed: „Black Screen“ issue should be gone now
  • Updated: Missing notify keys in transition animations
  • Updated: Jump voice grunt to be playing only sometimes, not on every land
  • Updated: Sound notify keys in healing consumables animations
  • Tweaked: Camera – Prone behavior
  • Tweaked: Footstep component optimization and fixes
  • Tweaked: Movement sounds optimization
  • Tweaked: Resources mins and maxes in containers adjusted to increase the number of spawned loot nodes containing more common resources

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    • ORO ERICIUS 50855 XP Nachwuchsadmin 5+ | 07.11.2018 - 14:49 Uhr

      Finde es auch cool. Duo Modus hab ich leider noch nicht spielen können. Falls mal Bedarf besteht und dein Partner gerade nicht da sein sollte kannst dich gerne melden 😉

  1. Thonichi Ssj 1475 XP Beginner Level 1 | 07.11.2018 - 18:11 Uhr

    Der moment wenn man „nur“ 10kabel und 5Nägel hat und vor Panik aus Verlust, die map fluchtartig verlässt. ;D

  2. Commandant Che 35400 XP Bobby Car Raser | 08.11.2018 - 07:34 Uhr

    Mich hat die Steuerung gleich am Anfang dermaßen abgeschreckt, dass ich das Spiel genervt sofort wieder deinstalliert habe.

    Einem Spiel, bei dem ich vor einer Kiste stehe und mich zig mal um die eigene Achse drehen muss, bis ich endlich den extrem knapp ausgelegten Punkt erwische, mittels derer ich die Kiste öffnen kann, gebe ich keine weitere Chance.
    Erst muss eine derartige Steuerung überarbeitet werden.


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