ARK: Survival Evolved: Content Update 730 für Xbox One veröffentlicht

Die Macher von ARK: Survival Evolved geben bekannt, dass das Content Update 730 für Xbox One veröffentlicht wurde.

ARK: Survival Evolved hat ein neues Update auf der Xbox One spendiert bekommen. Mit dabei ist auch der Procoptodon, während der Dung Beetle und Dimetrodon noch auf sich warten lassen und vorerst nur für PC veröffentlicht werden. In einem der kommenden Updates werden diese beiden Dinosaurier aber auch zur Xbox One-Version hinzugefügt. Außerdem wurden viele neue Xbox One-Server bereitgestellt, um das Spielvergnügen zu verbessern. Folgend die Änderungen in den Patchnotes.

Up to date with PC v231.9

This patch brings the Xbox users up to speed with the PC version of the game (up to v231.9), which means that for example the Fireplace, Procoptodon and Dino Rebalance will be coming to you. Unfortunately, this will not include the Dung Beetle and Dimetrodon that will be released for PC this week.

Fix for Caves

A lot of people experienced problems (e.g. crashes) when entering caves (especially on single player). This patch includes a fix that should resolve the problem.

More Servers

It’s a pain to join a server on Xbox, as everything is full.. always. Anyway, this patch will come with another 100+ servers added, which hopefully makes it easier to join a one. For people wondering which server they should choose to get on a new one: every server with a number higher than 399 should be one of the new servers!

Full notes

All the PC Functionality, Fixes, & Content up through PC version v231.9 (Fireplace, Procoptodon, Dino Rebalance, etc)

Fixed Cave Loading crash/fall-thru

Improved performance: better framerate, less stalls

Fixed crosshair not appearing

Fixed some cases where you could lose character save data in local mode

Fixed fur armor colorization

Added 100+ more Official Servers

Improved speed of server listing

Fixed Taming Dinos losing Inventories/messed-up-Inventories upon reloading singleplayer save game

Fixed a memory leak that was typically causing crashes around the Volcano area

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