Stardew Valley: Patch 1.4 behebt weitere Bugs

Stardew Valley bekommt bald ein neues Update, das weitere Bugs entfernt.

Stardew Valley bekommt einen neuen Patch. Mit Version 1.4 werden weitere Bugs entfernt. Der Patch soll, wenn die Testphase gut verläuft, ab dem 01. Februar 2017 erhältlich sein.

Die Änderungen gibt es in der folgenden Liste:

Xbox One & PS4

  • Fixed potential loss of item in cursor slot when clicking the bundles tab in the pause menu.
  • Fixed crash when hatching / buying baby blue chickens.
  • Fixed crashes that sometimes occur when clearing quests out of the quest log.
  • Petting a fully-happy animal no longer wraps happiness around to 0.
  • Animals with a deluxe product no longer produce less at higher happiness.
  • Fixed a golden pumpkin duplication exploit.
  • Fixed ‚Exit to Title‘ causing some values and bits of world state to be ‚carried over‘ between games. This affected, among other things, the availability of chests in the mines.
  • Fixed crashes while saving.
  • Possible fix for fertilizer boxes being placed instead of fertilizer.

Xbox One

  • The bug that causes crashes while looking for save files has been fixed.
  • Most saves that couldn’t be loaded before should now load. In some cases there may be lingering minor graphical issues in save files that previously couldn’t be loaded.

The following issues are also fixed by the above, but may continue to affect save files they’re already present in:

  • Crash when speaking to Gunther.
  • Incorrect item / object graphics.
  • Objects that should be interactive not being interactive.
  • Crashes when walking into specific parts of the farm.
  • Crashes while harvesting specific crop tiles.
  • Crashes while hovering over specific items in your inventory.
  • Crashes while shipping specific items.


  • Share overlay image in PS4 streams has been removed.


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  1. thekidrocker 36190 XP Bobby Car Raser | 24.01.2017 - 15:39 Uhr

    All diese Fehler konnte ich bisher nicht feststellen, bei mir erscheint aber dafür ab und an der Cursor nicht wenn man z.B. in eine Truhe schaut, abbrechen und wieder reinschauen hilft aber 😉


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