Vigor: Kostenlose Season 8: Trappers mit neuen Inhalten gestartet

Für das Survivalspiel Vigor ist ab sofort die kostenlose neue Season 8: Trappers auf Xbox One mit neuen Inhalten verfügbar.

Bohemia Interactive hat die kostenlose Season 8: Trapper in Vigor gestartet.

Zum Spielen der neuen Season benötigt ihr das aktuelle 2,3 GB große Update auf eurer Xbox, um zwei neue Loot-Events spielen oder die PH M82 als neue Waffe nutzen zu können.

Außerdem gibt es auch ein neuen Battle Pass sowie Premium Outfit-Pakete.

Mit dem Update wurden auch Fehler bzw. Verbesserungen bei Unterkunft, Waffen und mehr vorgenommen.

Werft für mehr Details einen Blick in die Patch Notes und schaut euch den Launch-Trailer zu Season 8: Trappers an.

Season 8: Trappers – Patch Notes

Main New Features & Things

  • Battle pass – Season 8: Trappers
  • Legacy Seasons Tab
  • New Weapon: PH M82
  • Hunter Pack
  • Prey Pack
  • There are two Loot Events present in every Encounter
  • The Anti-camping Mortar Strike leaves along with Mercenaries
  • A booster description panel was added to Shootout and Encounter lobby
  • The trigger range on the Alarm Trap is doubled to make it more useful when compared with the contact bomb
  • Desynchronization fixes –  A player flickering and shrinking with a weapon in their hands is invisible to other players
  • Exploit fixed: A player starts loading into the map with 29 seconds left, not before, even when he presses the „ready“ button
  • XP rebalancing
    The XPs for Resource and Military crates were significantly lowered
    The XPs reworded for actions in the Encounters now award double the amount in average
  • Shootout rewords rebalanced

Shooting, Weapons & Tools

  • Fixed: Using the last consumable you have of that type doesn’t equip your weapon back
  • Fixed: Missing LODs for Gal
  • Fixed: ADR-97 have no animations
  • Fixed: Ammo from loaded weapon disappeared after getting to the Shelter
  • Fixed: La Chiave 12 and KS-23 missing rechambering sounds
  • Fixed: Weapons floating next to the archetype while aiming and moving in the crouch position
  • Fixed: Discard operation – Destroying ammo adds more ammo
  • Fixed: The player can now use any number of painkillers he wishes
  • Fixed: A few weapons spawned without ammo
  • Fixed: Exploit – Amount of ammo that game returns at the end of Encounter
  • Fixed: Game freezes while shooting in full-auto
  • Fixed: Bolt-Action rifles having to chamber after reload – this was previously hotfixed through animations, but the player was still unable to shoot for a while after reload, but now the chamber is skipped after reload and the animation/functionality is smoother
  • Fixed: Interrupting reload by melee attacking didn’t stop the WPN reload animation and sound effects
  • Added: Every WPN now has assigned a value, which determines how fast it can be equipped and unequipped. Smaller WPNs are faster, so changing between two Heavy MachineGuns is a lot slower then between SMG and a Pistol for example
  • Tweaked: Improved behavior when getting down to prone with a rifle
  • Tweaked: Ammo offered with equipping the weapon
  • Modified: The kills feed row is properly showing killers and the type of tool (icon) that killed the player
  • Optimized: Memory optimization – Dynamic change of a weapon mesh


  • Fixed: Interaction marker in Viktorsen Station
  • Fixed: Barred House broken references
  • Fixed: User is now notified after interacting with the Disruptive Tower
  • Fixed: Misplaced memento lighter
  • Fixed: The message about unlocked safe should now be visible to everyone, not only to the unlocking player
  • Fixed: Barred house and Timed safe don’t spawn all items at once
  • Fixed: A wrong booster application
  • Fixed: Inventory operations – When deleting a weapon with the „destroy“ function in an encounter, the model stays static in the airy
  • Changed: All Weapon parts now stack to 5, some of them used to stack to 1 only
  • Changed: The Crashed Container crate now switches mesh based on the lootable state (it looks open while the player is looting it or when it’s empty)
  • Changed: Unlocking a Duo Vault now gives the player a notification
  • Changed: The way loot is spawned for container
  • Changed: Made Shootout boxes always open UI
  • Changed: Objective flag now has a little collider on the bottom to push the player out, so he does not get stuck
  • Changed: Increased hitbox of a lock on the Timed Safe, so it’s a bit easier to shoot down
  • Added: Now ammo will spawn with weapons in the loot events
  • Added: New loot in Loot Events
  • Added: The loot is now properly boosted for the Timed Safe and Locked Container
  • Tweaked: A few nodes in the Locked container loot manager
  • Tweaked: The exits, POIs, geometry, piers, village center
  • Tweaked: Loot, clear movement paths
  • Tweaked: Loot for Barred house and Timed safe


  • Fixed: The Armory WPN placement issues introduced after the memory optimizations, and added a new way to place WPNs in Shelter Armory so that we don’t have to hide some of their parts (magazines, bipods, etc..) to retain their visual identity
  • Fixed: The rotation symbol/r-stick is now greyed out when you hit a vinyl memento in the collection tab
  • Fixed: The Reward Screen – Some secondary weapons are not visible as equipped by a mannequin on the reward screen
  • Fixed: RM14 is now found, where the player would expect it – on the wall rack
  • Fixed: The logic now checks if the conditions for the challenge/save (Shooter) aren’t met already
  • Fixed: The user doesn’t get spammed with challenge progress UI notifications, done via boolean checks on cloud updating function
  • Fixed: The focused item slots no longer trigger opening the store from the details panel if the player already owns a one-time bundle
  • Fixed: Upon purchasing one-time packs, the player should not be able to enter exit again right after purchase
  • Fixed: The focus now stays on the „Challenges“ widget of the Shelter map UI even when the maps rotate
  • Fixed: The plates and bottles are appearing black in the Shelter Shooting range
  • Fixed: The pumpkin head is bleeding when shot
  • Fixed: Rubiks Cube – Cube overlaps with a column from some angles
  • Fixed: Set season 6 Title as „Visible When Not Owned“-false, so that it doesn’t show in the „Available“ column of the Titles. As per the design, old AND unobtained titles should not be listed as Available
  • Changed: UI for more items present in the Store
  • Changed: Only not owned items are displayed in the store
  • Added: Holding „X“ now opens the shop
  • Added: Shelter Store notification window
  • Added: A more specific description of Boosters
  • Added: A waiting time to check all of the max players are ready in the lobby
  • Added: Infinite cycle of all shop items (should be once for every item which is not owned already)
  • Tweaked: Set correct rarities for the facepaint bundles
  • Tweaked: UI Shelter, Collectables, and Reward screen
  • Modified: The SM Shelter Foundation by adding two additional simple box collisions for the wooden beams that were blocking the view
  • Modified: UI in Shelter Shop so that the „Transaction in progress“ widget appears with a slight delay and it actually gets focus
  • Modified: The rubrics cube interaction by slightly lowering the interaction distance

Movement & Camera

  • Fixed: Movement bugs, blocking volumes preset
  • Fixed: When some wild edge case conditions were met the user could lose focus when jumping, opening reward crates, and having the onboarding tips on
  • Fixed: Vegetation collisions, iceberg bug
  • Fixed: Terrain LOD bugs
  • Fixed: Animation from Prone to Stand no longer raises the arm when in aim mode
  • Fixed: A missing collision for glass – the character is going through the door when the glass is shattered
  • Fixed: A collision issue as stated in the Plant Box Collision box set was wrong
  • Fixed: Artifacts that happened when going prone to stand/crouched in aim and interrupting the animation are mostly gone now
  • Fixed: Issue-specific to getting into aim after interrupting standup animation and stand to crouch
  • Fixed: Hip fire animation of other players is not synchronized in match
  • Fixed: Added notification keys when going into aim. When getting up in aim rifle mode and inverted views player won’t now help himself with his hands (like he normally does)
  • Changed: It’s possible to climb over the wooden fence on Viktorsen Station now
  • Added: A new additive animations for better grip when aiming, prone and idle
  • Modified: The character animation to lower the transition time when switching between mirrored and not mirrored animations (reloading is never mirrored)
  • Modified: Human Animation so that the transition doesn’t get changed to false when interrupting stance transitions with another transition
  • Modified: The Animation Character so that the heavy machine gun stance doesn’t mess up some of the transition animations
  • Modified: The jiggle physics by tweaking the physics body and constraints positions + their weight
  • Modified: The transition montages by adding notifies that should minimize the unnatural hand behavior when rapidly transitioning. The character still moves his left hand a little when transitioning crouch->stand->crouch with pistols, but that seems to be something a little bit different as it can’t be solved with the notifies added.


  • Fixed: Side Cap is clipping with female heads and uniforms
  • Fixed: Several backpacks are clipping with uniforms
  • Fixed: Facepaint looking weird on some faces
  • Fixed: Several gloves were clipping with uniforms
  • Fixed: Transparency priority issue on several materials
  • Fixed: Some weapon skins applied only partially to a weapon model in the encounter
  • Fixed: The crates have no material type in Shootout
  • Fixed: T-pose after fall death
  • Fixed: A strange position of the weapon on the back
  • Fixed: The animation issues with weapons grip when going from prone to stance
  • Fixed: Dead bodies blinking
  • Fixed: A priority of a transparent object and sun flare
  • Fixed: Airdrop animations
  • Fixed: The new cap is too big for female archetypes
  • Fixed: The inside of the Tactical Balaclava is transparent
  • Fixed: Added missing value for the Shark facepaint
  • Fixed: The gloves are clipping with hands for the Hunter uniform
  • Fixed: Clipping issue with Goggles
  • Fixed: Stickers are not appearing correctly for a Canvas bag
  • Fixed: Notifications shouldn’t spawn over each other
  • Fixed: The materials are not having proper surface type on Sagbruk – Several assets are missing audio-visual effects upon shooting
  • Fixed: There was an element trying to visualize „none“ as a material instance in the Armory and Fallkniven A1 had its weapon’s plan/“blueprint“ spawning twice
  • Fixed: A missing water surface
  • Fixed: The phone booth is missing a surface type
  • Fixed: Bugs, levitating players at the start of the locations
  • Fixed: Instances where light machineGuns were using stance of heavy machineGuns
  • Fixed: Shooting secondary WPN while in left shoulder view would move the whole gun
  • Fixed: 1PV ADS gun model for MGV-176 by removing the see through holes in the model
  • Fixed: Some weapons were ejecting empty casings after every shot, even though it didn’t make sense for that weapon (shotguns, sniper rifles)
  • Changed: Filetype of textures
  • Changed: Enlarged textures
  • Added: A logic for the handguns to stay „open“ after expending all the ammo
  • Added: New poses for the empty handguns
  • Added: New animations for around 70% (Most of the Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, SMGs and MachineGuns) of the WPNs. Both character and WPN animations
  • Added: New prone and crouch WPN reload/actions animations for around 95% of the weapons so that the WPN parts do not levitate and correspond with the hand movements
  • Added: New animations for (un)equiping primary weapons in a right slot, so that the character doesn’t pull both weapons from the left side/slot.
  • Added: Gestures now have facial animations
  • Added: The logic for offsetting Holstered weapons based on sockets in their skeletons, making it possible to specifically offset and rotate every weapon in both holster slots (each slot has its own offset socket) – ADR-97, MP-5 and few others were adjusted to not stick out as much
  • Added: Military mask skeletal mesh, materials, and textures
  • Added: A new jump animation from crouch for the unarmed/knife + pistols (by combining standing jump animation with the crouch idle one)
  • Added: A new prone additive animation for the Suomi KP/-31 to fix the weird grip/elbow position when aiming up
  • Added: A new empty reload animations for the M249, because the original animations were missing the some of the hand movements, when the bolt was being pulled back
  • Added: A new idle holding animations so that the right-hand doesn’t overlap as much with the gun
  • Added: A new prone grip/aim additive for the Scharfschützengewehr 82
  • Added: A few new idle animations to individual weapon classes so that the idle animations don’t repeat as much
  • Tweaked: The Gewehr 3 by slightly lowering the time it takes to fade out the magazine so that the magazine doesn’t „blink“ when reloading
  • Modified: The Mosin Nagant and Scharfschützengewehr 82’s reload animation montage by adding a particle effect – ejection of the empty casing and added new particles for the bolt action rifles because the original ones initial velocity was too big, and in real life, the empty casings don’t fly that far from the bolt action rifles
  • Modified: The La Chiave 12 & KS-23 animations by smoothing out the parts that are playing in a loop so that they are more symmetrical and less „choppy“. More modifications should be done in the future
  • Modified: Animations for pistols so that the left-hand bone is in a more sensible spot to prevent the weapon from flying off while blending between mirrored aiming and  reload animations
  • Modified: The animation blueprints of some weapons to fix the issues introduced after recent weapon optimization (magazines not moving while reloading etc..)
  • Modified: MP5-K SD3 skeleton by adding sockets to change the holster positions
  • Modified: The notify timing for the M249 reload, so that the hand movements better fir the WPN movements
  • Modified: The Pill Consumable animations, because the character never actually put them in mouth as the use time was too fast and the animation too long. Not they use shorter animation.
  • Tweaked: New cap material fix
  • Tweaked: Veteran uniform skin hand issue
  • Modified: Adding lines that play the Map gesture animation on the head as well, and then it skips the animation the same way the torso does so that the body parts are in sync
  • Modified: Lootbox UI by rotating the wooden rocking horse to prevent clipping
  • Modified: The head animation by changing the transition type of one of the blends from initialization to Standart blend so that it doesn’t throw errors/warnings
  • Modified: Animation logic of characters for playing gestures so that it also plays the animation on the head
  • Modified: Some of the gesture animations by adding smaller/simple facial movements so that they don’t look that robotic
  • Modified: The Human Animation Collection by adding one new field to the struct in the vertical category for the crouch jump start. And then modified the function that returns the correct jump animation, so that it now has another argument for the current stance
  • Modified: Animation blueprint character by slightly lowering the MAX pushback value when coming too close to an obstacle
  • Modified: The human animation instance  by adding an additional condition for enabling IK, so that the IK doesn’t get activated while doing gestures
  • Modified: The animation for moving tile is now in tile graph instead of notification graph


  • Fixed: UI related sound issues – radiation and airdrop sound ques
  • Fixed: The La Chiave 12 pump SFX fixed (played 2 times instead of 1)
  • Fixed: Sound cues are faded out when a round ends in Shootout
  • Fixed: Sample track in memento/vinyl collection doesn’t get drowned by ambient music now
  • Fixed: Exit door sound
  • Fixed: Missing Geiger counter sound in tutorial area
  • Fixed: Using „Take All“ when picking up mementos not producing the right sound effect for the memento pick-up
  • Added: SFX for the exit door on Fjellkanten
  • Added: A missing confirm sound for Shooting Challenges
  • Added: Sounds to the chamber and reload of weapons


  • Fixed: „Leave team“, „invite a friend“ and „start matchmaking“ is not working after using the „Kick“ function in the matchmaking monitor
  • Fixed: Openable Exit in Fjellkanten-  It is possible to exit map outside the exit area
  • Fixed: Missing morphs the Side Cap
  • Fixed: Quick switching with Y doesn’t update wheel selection UI
  • Fixed: Errors in the English localization
  • Fixed: A wrong/missing Russian translations
  • Fixed: New description for the event of Disruptive Tower
  • Fixed: Low lod appearing
  • Fixed: Exit area, levitating props, bugs
  • Fixed: Reward screen issues in french, asset name clashes in different languages than English
  • Fixed: Various localization errors fixed
  • Fixed: A new cap looking scuffed
  • Fixed: A tree collision
  • Fixed: Focused and the selected amount is now correctly set on the stack from the beginning
  • Fixed: The killer info is no longer missing for the players that do not trigger the boobytrap but were killed by it
  • Fixed: The FPS drops when a red flare signalizing incoming bombarding appears
  • Changed: Increased Network Bandwidth Limits
  • Changed: Flares now emit light only after they stop moving, mortar shell explosion effect now emits only one light instead of 4
  • Changed: We made all points of interest to be hidden in Shootout
  • Changed: Fixed up combination chest redirectors
  • Added: A more complex collision to doors
  • Added: Social media icons
  • Added: New QA testers into the Credits
  • Added: Expose list of players on the server to the blueprints
  • Added: A little bit of logic that checks if the character isn’t dead and has ragdoll disabled. The issue was/is happening because for some reason the notifies set up in the death animation montage aren’t triggering in some cases…
  • Added: A physical material to door on Fjellkanten – Openable Exits – Doors are missing a physical material
  • Tweaked: Exits and geometry
  • Tweaked: The landscape LOD distances
  • Modified: The logic for the notification
  • Modified: Animation blueprint Character to simplify the handling of ragdoll upon falling death
  • Optimized: Got rid of the unnecessary variables from the data table
  • Optimized: Datatables
  • PlayStation specific optimization

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          Nein es macht wirklich Spaß aber ist auch zeitintensiv. Man kann sich sehr gut im Gebüsch oder hohen Gras verstecken. Andere Spieler kann man auch anlocken z.b. mit der ausgelösten Alarmanlage eines Autos. Kleiner Tipp zum Anfang, nehm am besten erstmal nur eine Pistole mit, wenn du stirbst geht deine gesamte Ausrüstung flöten.


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