Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Fotomodus mit neuem Update ausgerollt

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order wurde mit dem neusten Update um einen Fotomodus erweitert.

Spieler von Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order können ihre schönsten oder coolsten Momente jetzt noch genauer festhalten. Denn mit dem neusten Update wurde ein Fotomodus hinzugefügt.

In einem ersten Tweet zeigte Ben Walke von Respawn Entertainment bereits einige Funktionen des Fotomodus, der euch verschiedene Spielereien und Einstellungen erlaubt.

In einem weiteren Tweet hat er dann einige seiner Schnappschüsse, die er mit der neuen Funktion festgehalten hat.

Welche Änderungen und Neuerungen sich im Update noch befinden, verraten euch die Patch Notes.

Patch Notes vom 11. November 2019

Release Notes

New Features

  • A Photo Mode has been added and can be accessed from within the game by pressing L3 and R3 at the same time.
  • Functions:
    • Camera Height
    • Camera Rotate
    • Zoom
    • Tilt
    • Focal Distance
    • F-Stop
    • Exposure
    • Vignette
    • Film Grain
    • Chromatic Aberration
    • Hide player
    • Hide AI
    • Filter
    • Filter Strength
    • Place Spotlight
    • Remove Spotlight
    • Spotlight Brightness
    • Spotlight Warmth
    • Hide UI
  • Implemented a toggle that will allow you to remove a specific part of Cal’s lightsaber from within the customization menu.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve made a pass of the game in an effort to reduce the number of crashes you should encounter. The end result of this is now a more stable game.
  • Fixed collision issues across several planets in the game
    • Collision within the caves and temple on Zeffo have been improved, reducing clipping issues and lowering the possibility of Cal becoming stuck.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Cal to become stuck in a floating state below the train on Bracca.
    • We identified a few areas on Kashyyyk where Cal could fall out of the world, this will no longer happen.
    • We’ve fixed some collision on Dathomir, preventing Cal from falling through the ground.
    • Collision on Illum has also been improved, making sure that Cal doesn’t become stuck.
    • During a fight with the Second Sister, it was possible for her to get stuck in a door. She has been freed.
    • Bogano has had its collision improved, preventing Cal from becoming stuck on world geometry.
    • In some rare cases, Cal was floating while on Kashyyyk. He has since been grounded.
  • BD-1’s ability to slice panels was sometimes not working as intended, preventing you from progressing. This has been fixed and should no longer occur.
  • A mural scan on Bogano wasn’t working properly, this should now be fixed.
  • The train on Bracca could get stuck in a state where grates would fall off too early, preventing progress. We’ve fixed this so that Cal can continue climbing.
  • On rare occasions Bounty Hunters would stop hunting Cal, we’ve now re-enabled their trackers, so be careful.
  • For some players, BD-1 had gotten left behind on Bogano, preventing further progression. This should now be fixed.
  • The chest count on some planets was not working as intended, this has been fixed.
  • On rare occasions Greeze would refuse to open the ship doors and expose Cal to the sunlight on Dathomir. We’ve fixed this so that the story can continue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Holomap areas and gates from not working properly on Dathomir, Kashyyyk and Bogano.
  • An issue would sometimes occur that would cause the Holomap tutorial on Bogano to remain on-screen. This has been resolved and it should no longer occur.
  • An elevator on Zeffo could lead to Cal getting stuck in an infinite loop, our maintenance crews have fixed this particular elevator.
  • A dropship on Zeffo wasn’t showing up as intended, preventing the player from progressing further. We’ve ensured all landing zones are clear for arrival and this should no longer occur.
  • PC players were having issues selecting difficulty with the mouse, this should now be resolved.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where Cal could avoid enemies on Zeffo, to the extent that gameplay events wouldn’t trigger, halting progression to the story.
  • On rare occasions cinematics on Dathomir get stuck in an error state, preventing progress. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause world loading issues on Kashyyyk for players with double jump. We’ve optimised the level to ensure loading completes properly.

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  1. Darth Monday 91100 XP Posting Machine Level 1 | 11.12.2019 - 19:45 Uhr

    Vielleicht gönnt mir das ja jemand zu Weihnachten. 😎 Dann verbringe ich Stunden damit, mir ein neues Hintergrundbild zu basteln.

  2. scott75 43100 XP Hooligan Schubser | 11.12.2019 - 22:20 Uhr

    Fotomodus in einem Spiel ist mega unnötig , wenn ich mir die Grafik genauer ansehen möchte dann mach ich erst die Gegner platt und dann in Ruhe umsehen .

  3. Bo4suchti 2500 XP Beginner Level 2 | 11.12.2019 - 23:24 Uhr

    Irgendwie ist das völlig an mir vorbei gezogen mich interessiert das irgendwie nicht


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