XIII Remake: Weiteres großes Update mit Verbesserungen und Korrekturen verfügbar

Für das XIII Remake wurde ein weiteres großes Update mit vielen Verbesserungen und Korrekturen ausgerollt.

Die Veröffentlichung des XIII Remake sorgte unter Spielern im November für große Kritik.

In technischer Hinsicht befand sich das Spiel von Entwickler PlayMagic in keinem sehr guten Zustand.

Mit einem weiteren großen Update steuert der Entwickler jetzt dagegen und geht nochmals  viele der Baustellen an, die im Spiel vorhanden sind.

Das jetzt veröffentlichte Update nimmt Verbesserungen bei den Waffen vor. So wurde dort das Balancing, Animationen, Sound Effekte, der Granaten-Timer und auf dem PC die Tastenbelegung überarbeitet.

In vielen Zwischensequenzen nahm man sich der Animationen an und verbesserte dort die Qualität.

Auch das Gameplay wurde geändert, in dem man Checkpoints nach Flashbacks anlegte, Munition und Medikits anpasste, an den Bossen schraubte und am Sound.

Die vollständigen Patch Notes könnt ihr einsehen, wenn ihr auf den Link zum Aufklappen klickt.

Dezember-Update #2 Patch Notes


  • Added screen shake to weapons..
  • Increased the projectile speed of makeshift weapons.
  • Increased the recoil of the Uzi while aiming down sights.
  • Increased the noise radius of the M16, AK-47, M60, Pistol, Shotgun, Hunting Shotgun,
  • Sniper Rifle, and Grenade.
  • Increased the damage of the M60.
  • Increased the projectile speed and weight of the M16 grenade.
  • Reduced the accuracy of the Pistol
  • Fix wheel selection
  • Added hold throw to glass shard, statue and brick
  • Fixed turret material turning blue after overheating
  • Fixed turrets idle breaker happening way too often
  • Fixed turret overheat bar not going down when holding the fire button
  • Fixed burst fire not ending correctly when weapon gets removed during it
  • Added animation canceling to hunting shotgun
  • Fixed swapping dual wield weapon for another causing the left arm to be missing
  • Fixed the military arms not picking up bodys and corpses correctly
  • Added a limit to the medkits
  • Added single reload to hunting shotgun when you only have 1 ammo left
  • Fixed turret placing the player in the wrong position when exiting
  • Fixed makeshift weapons not always taking out enemies
  • Added grenade ui timer
  • Fixed turret UI overlap
  • Fixed debris on makeshift weapons
  • Fixed entering the turret while sprinting not being immediate
  • Fixed missing pickup sound for keys and keycards
  • Fixed Grenade Explosion
  • Reduced Broom impact
  • added IR send to all fire 2D weapons, boosted IR tail for indoor on revolver
  • New Revolver SFX
  • Tweaked enemies weapon attenuation curves


  • Adjusted the speed of enemies’ Bazooka projectiles.
  • Adjusted the time it takes for marksmen-type enemies to lose the Player.


  • MacCall
    • Increased the health and damage of MacCall on all difficulties.
    • Adjusted the speed of enemies’ Bazooka projectiles.
    • Adjusted the time it takes for marksmen-type enemies to lose the Player.
  • Helicopter
    • Increased health and damage of the Helicopter ​on all difficulties.
    • Increased the movement speed of the Helicopter.
    • Increased the fire rate of the Helicopter’s missiles.
    • Reduced the fire rate and the accuracy of the Helicopter’s machine gun.
    • Reduced the accuracy and area of effect of the Helicopter’s missiles.
  • Standwell
    • Increased the health and damage of Standwell on all difficulties.
  • Mongoose
    • Increased the health and damage of the Mongoose on all difficulties.
    • Reduced​ the stun duration and accuracy of the Mongoose on all difficulties.

Level Design

  • Winslow Bank
    • Adjusted collisions in an area where the Player could get stuck. Rooftops
    • Fixed Level Complete objective appearing incorrectly.
    • Fixed a Grenade that couldn’t be picked up.
    • Fixed AI being able to walk out of the main combat area in the exploded warehouse section.
    • Blocked off the Player from being able to walk inside the exploded warehouse.
    • Adjusted the way the Checkpoint before the exploded warehouse section activates.
    • Adjusted the way the focus marker at the second jump appears.
  • Emerald Base 02
    • Enemy next to the ladder now uses a Shotgun.
    • Fixed Player being able to get stuck outside the fence in the last section.
  • Emerald Base 03
    • Removed incorrect dialogue texts from cutscene.
    • Added medkit in the red room.
  • Mountains 02
    • Adjusted the way the final Checkpoint and combat sequence are activated.
    • Fixed several areas where the Player could clip through geometry.
  • Lake 01
    • Fixed some poor collisions before the first zipline.
  • Prison
    • Improved behaviour of elevator objective marker.
    • Improved objective behaviour.
    • Changed activation method for first checkpoint to prevent sequences from getting broken.
    • Added knives in the first hallway.
  • Asylum
    • Added a Checkpoint after the flashback.
  • Spads Base 03
    • Added Tactical Crossbow to starting inventory.
  • Spads Base 04
    • Replaced glass shard and brick in the first area with an ashtray and broom respectively.
    • Moved the checkpoint next to the lockpick door to be after the door.
  • Resolute Base 01
    • Improved enemy patrol paths.
    • Disabled gravity on M60 pickup.
  • Sanctuary 01
    • Added a Checkpoint after the flashback.
    • Removed some of the objective markers at the end of the level.
    • Improved enemy patrol routes.
    • Added an additional enemy at the start of the level.
  • Sanctuary 02
    • Fixed objective marker on keypad not disappearing correctly.
    • Adjusted Level Complete objective.
  • SSH1 Base 01
    • Adjusted the position of the last Checkpoint.

Text – ​All Languages

  • Added localization for Boss names.
  • English
    • Fixed punctuation and grammar mistakes in some of the texts.
  • Spanish
    • “¡Atajo de inútiles!, to “¡Hatajo de inútiles!”
    • “Opciones de guardado” to “Guardar Cambios”
    • “Mostras los objetivos” to “Mostrar los objetivos”
  • German
    • Shortened several texts that did not fit inside their boxes properly.
    • Corrected Mongoose’s name in texts for Collectibles.


  • Fix issue when player still has gun during flashback
  • Fix Pause / fail Menu SuperImposed
  • Fix Arrow position in dialogue system
  • Remove Controller Vibration when player use keyboard
  • Add localisation for Continue / quit button in main menu
  • Fix issue when player had to press Escape twice to open pause menu
  • Pause the game when a controller is disconnected on PC
  • Don’t transmit the suspicious position when an AI is alerted for getting hit. Have AIs investigate around randomly
  • Have an automatic two dead detection
  • Camera shake effect
  • Fix body dropping issue (going through geometry)
  • Fix ragdoll falling through floors (most cases)
  • Fix ragdoll reaction for explosions and shotguns (most cases)
  • Change Keys 1-6 to select a specific weapon
  • Fix impact direction of makeshift weapon on a character (i.e. throwing glass will push character in the direction of throwing)
  • Fixed being able to escape the Prison escort sequence.
  • Fixed blocking issues with the Prison escort sequence.
  • Fixed guard teleporting in the Prison escort sequence.
  • Fixed being able to push the front guard after the end of the Prison escort sequence.
  • Fixed guard not getting alerted by the player carrying a hostage in SSH1 Base 01.
  • Fixed alert detection issues in the beginning of SSH1 Base 01.
  • Fixed animation of FBI agent in FBI HQ not getting interrupted when he was taken hostage.
  • Made the boss display name that is shown in the Boss HP bar be localized.
  • Fixed the VO line playing again after restarting from checkpoint in Winslow Bank after the vault explosion.
  • Fixed guards in the hostage section of Winslow Bank not staying close to the player.
  • Fixed enemies in Sheridan sequence of SSH1 Base 02 not being able to shoot at the player.
  • Fixed Standwell getting stuck idling when pushed into a corner after getting stunned.


Reverb implementation and update

  • Reverbs Update
    • Yacht
    • SSH1_Base_01
    • SSH1_Base_03
    • SSH1_Base_04
    • Hotel
    • Sanctuary 2,3
    • Submarine 1,2
    • Winslow Bank
    • Brighton beach 2
    • Rooftops
  • Added reverbs
    • Brighton beach 01
    • FBI Headquarters
    • Spads Base 1,2
    • Mountains 1,2

Fixed Audio bug

  • Loud explosion of the gas tanks
  • Amos End line in FBI first cutscene
  • Brighton beach 01, Flashback gunfire sound
  • Hote, missing voice lines between Winslow and his guards
  • Fix Dialogue Volume
  • Fix Footsteps Volume
  • Fix Bodyfall Volume
  • Fix Explosion in Winslow Bank
  • Fix Cutscene Async in Rooftops

Weapon Animation

  • Turret animation polishing update, including fixes on fire (normal and ADS)
  • Shovel animation polishing pass and overall fixe
  • Glass Shard polishing pass and overall fixes
  • Screenshake pass on each of the weapons
  • Shotgun Hunting animation polishing pass


  • Improved lighting, worldbuilding, post processing in Canyon cutscenes
  • Improved lighting, worldbuilding, post processing in spads 01 cutscenes
  • Improved lighting, worldbuilding, post processing in Asylum cutscenes
  • Polishing fixes in Spads 02 cutscene
  • Fixed issue with the cutscene 41 in ssh1 base 01 (black background, issues in the shader)
  • New versions of cutscenes 27, 28, 29 ( three of them pre-rendered) and 31 ( in-game)


  • Hide enemies getting enable from the beginning of the level
  • Emerald base 01 polishing settings and animations. Sequence with the heavy soldier redone.
  • Deleted the first checkpoint of the level.
  • Lake 01 polishing settings for sequences, and fixed sequence with the snowman, right now the soldiers react properly to the player. Created new sequence at the end of the level ‘’give me your compass’’
  • Updated culling mask in the static cameras of all the game to hide the player in those cameras.
  • Fixed issues with static cameras (culling) in ssh1 base 04, the camera was showing some parts of the background that were disable because of the occlusion. Now it’s fixed
  • Fixed Jones with facial animation in the flashback Winslow bank
  • Lake 02, changed position in the screen of the static cameras to don’t overlap with the objective message.
  • Emerald base 03 polishing settings in sequences and fixed minor bugs
  • Spads base 02, changed viewcone of the bosses so they can detect you in some visible spots inside the tent.
  • Yacht make Sheridan disappear after the cutscene with Carrington and Amos


  • Fix on FBI structures related to Audio bugs
  • Fix on the safe’s LODs in Asylum
  • Fix stretch UVs in Mountains 01
  • Fix on LODs in Sanctuary 01
  • Fix on Maze’s stairs colliders in Sanctuary 01


  • optimized sobel-edge-detection performance on the static cameras
  • fixed black-artifacts issues on static cameras

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  1. DanXtheSmanX 14605 XP Leetspeak | 24.12.2020 - 06:27 Uhr

    Ich hab von damals nur positive Erinnerungen an das Spiel.
    Aber nochmal dafür zu bezahlen wo ich eh so viel zu daddeln hab…… eher nicht.

    • Tony Sunshine 38340 XP Bobby Car Rennfahrer | 24.12.2020 - 14:06 Uhr

      Ich auch. War einer der wenigen Shooter die auf meinem PC liefen. Aber das Remake ist mir aktuell noch zu teuer

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    Da fragt man sich doch, warum nicht gleich so. Aber spätestens seit Cyberpunk werden sich Firmen einen unfertigen Release 2x überlegen (außer Ubisoft). Das Spiel war damals wirklich gut. Habe es glaube nie beendet. Aber habe auch keine Ambitionen es nochmal zu kaufen.

  3. Gnilk 18430 XP Sandkastenhüpfer Level 4 | 24.12.2020 - 12:03 Uhr

    Großartiges Spiel! Schade, dass die Neuauflage so einen schweren Start hatte.


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